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Aug 3,2021 4:00 AM

My daughter write my words,

I always have something to say child for I AM always speaking. My heart is that all My children would be in a continuous posture of prayer. Between all, all 24 hours of the day should be covered by your prayers. If there is anyone belong to Me who is not praying on a regular basis, it is time to get into this posture. Your free time should be in prayer. Witchcraft is ramping up against My church and body and I need My warriors to be repelling and countering all they are firing at all times throughout the day and night. They no longer only work at 3 AM but at all times, and have made themselves organized to be performing their evil deeds at all times throughout a 24 hour period. Please rise up NOW warriors, man your stations. Come against and bind up all they are practicing against My children. Be in a continual posture of prayer, warfare, praise and thanksgiving, and reading My word. At this point you should be focused on only these things in your spare time and should be doing these at all times you have available.

There is no more time for games, surfing, etc. Imagine what it would be like on the front lines of a (Civil) War if the soldier who was on watch was busy playing on his phone and the people he was supposed to be protecting were invaded because he was not in position, but instead busy with his own carnal desires. He has put all those he was protecting in danger; or worse.

Please share this message with my church.

Abba, Jeshua, Holy Spirit

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