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My Mystery – Patti Young

JULY 2, 2021 1:35 PM PATTI YOUNG

The Lord spoke this to me this morning.

“There is a mystery that is about to unfold in the earth. The image of man is not what men will see, but MY presence, for I have chosen a people, a Holy Priesthood, who I have set apart who are cleansed by me. Cleansed not according to man’s ways or standards but by my standards which are higher than man’s. These are set apart unto me as a sacrifice, made Holy by my fires, and afflictions, and by many testings and trials. Many would have fallen by the wayside, but these who are mine, I have set aside unto me, a covenant of my promise. These have been withheld until the time of the end and my soon coming. These are birthed of the spirit, of my truth alone. They walk among many but are unknown and unseen for it is I AM in their presence. My glory shall fill my temple. Time has been fulfilled and shall be no more, my kingdom comes and my dwelling shall now be among men. Oh hearken ye heavens, let your trumpets blow, let the sounds be made known unto all mankind for I say unto them, my faithful ones, behold, your Lord cometh and with me are my rewards. Praise me from the temples, praise me with cymbals and songs, for my mystery shall soon be revealed in the earth.

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