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Message for the Bride – Teri Hennessey


“My daughter write these words”,

“Your enemy is fearful of the fulfilment of all I have ordained for the sons of God. My child, share this word with my precious children for their edification. “

“My children you are about to enter in. I will meet you at the door and with me is my reward. To each of you, the rewards prepared for you, have been according to your walk in faith, your perseverance, and your faithfulness. You did not give up. You continued to fight the good fight. Your reward is fitting according to each of the talents which I gave you, and what you did with the many or the few talents… Did you bury or did you multiply? Some of you think I only gave you one talent and that you buried it. But you don’t see the fruit, the return of the investment, nor do you see that I gave you many talents… These talents and the number given were based on what each of you were capable of giving, growing, and multiplying. Like the seven churches in Revelation, those who thought they were doing good were presumptuous, and those who thought they were not doing good we’re humble. I have given to each according to your strength, faith, and perseverance and I say come now and see what investment return your talents have achieved. The time is here, the time is now my precious Bride. Prepare your hearts, ask me to wash you clean that you may be spotless, blameless, and ready to receive your rewards.

With love everlasting, Your Bridegroom Jeshua

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