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Message for His Remnant Bride/Harvesters - Terri Hennessey


Oct 26th 10:00AM

Daughter write My words,

The days ahead are of great importance to be used in preparation of the transformation of My Remnant Bride. My Remnant, now is the time to draw close to Me, closer than ever before. Open yourselves completely to My will, surrendering all at My feet; opening every crack, crevice, and hidden place within your heart to Me that I may do a great and mighty work in you, healing all that is left to be healed; for you are at the precipice of the new leg of your journey and all dross within you must be removed that I may come and dwell fully in you. You are My Vessels unto Honour and will be My mouth, hands, and feet, as you go out to the lost and open their eyes and hearts to who I truly am, for you My Remnant, see Me as I truly am. You have made it to this journeys end and a new journey begins where you will be fully joined to Me and will go out for Me as you were willing to let go of all this world has to offer and instead were willing to become emptied so that My Spirit may fully indwell. My Anointing comes upon you and you will be My Ambassadors, My Remnant. You will make believers out of those who mock and scoff. You will heal the sick, raise the dead, and will teach My children about My way. You will be fearless in the face of the enemy and you will overtake the evil one in all his agendas, for they will have no place before Me as I dwell in you. They will run in fear and it will be a testimony of My power and authority in you My vessels. My Harvesters, prepare by spending all of your spare time with Me. Empty all that can be emptied. Fast and pray and expect My Anointing and the gifts I AM ready to shower on you. We do this together My Bride, My partner, My other half, for we will be one. Complete. I love and bless you with strength, courage, and perseverance to achieve All I AM asking of you now for the time to pour forth is now.

Eternally yours, ABBA Father

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