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Man & Animal Zombies & The Mark -- C. Anonymous

The other thing God did was to confirm this revelation about the vax by reminding me of a dream I had in 2019. It was so disturbing that I purposely tried to forget it. Anyway, I think I am supposed to share it with you. (Maybe you can give further clarification):

In the dream my husband and I had returned to our former church that we have not attended for several years, which was doing door to door outreach. We were assigned to a very rural community, we live in the country in Tennessee so this would be comfortable for us. We walked down a gravel road which led downhill towards a very old dilapidated house with old grey faded wood. It had a front porch and 3 steps which led up to the front door. My husband and I approached the door and knocked, no one answered. We knocked again and still no one answered. We then went back down the porch steps and my husband turned with his back to the house and looked around. I, however, was still looking at the house and got an eerie feeling as if there was a little girl in the basement that was being held prisoner. Just then I saw through the right front window an old man standing in the window looking back at me. I was startled. I told my husband that the man was home and he turned around. At the same time, I went behind my husband's right arm and held it, as if to be protected. The old man then came out of the house, he was walking as if only his right leg worked and dragged the left one, as if only one side of his body worked. He looked like a walking zombie!! His clothes were torn and dirty, his face was wrinkled, and his voice was deep and raspy. He began yelling at us to get off his property. We began to back up as my husband spoke kindly to him saying, “ok sir, we are just here to see if you needed anything and to pray for you.” As we were backing away, I turned around and saw the strangest thing. In the man’s yard were 7 cows (of course reminiscent of the Pharaoh's dream in the

Joseph story in Genesis) and a dog which seemed to show up out of nowhere. They were within a foot of us and were lined up side by side with the dog on the far right end. The reason it was so strange was that it was as if they were half normal cow and dog and half zombie cow and zombie dog. One half of them looked like a normal cow only it was very sad looking as if it had feelings and knew it’s other half was abnormal. The zombie side of the animals appeared dark with skin hanging off and some various reddish places like exposed flesh. It was so disturbing and gross. The animals just stared at us not moving, just standing there as if they were helpless. All the while, the man/zombie kept walking towards us as we kept backing away. We walked backwards all the way up the drive and the man followed us to the end. When I woke up from the dream I was very disturbed and slid over in bed towards my husband and just pleaded the name and blood of Jesus over myself and my family. I eventually went back to sleep and shared the dream with my husband the next morning.

The reason the dream is significant for me is that when I heard the two ladies sharing about crossing the DNA of humans and animals the Lord said that this is what I saw in my dream. God allowed me to see in the Spirit what this process does. Thus, the halves of the man and animals that looked like zombies were the physical representation of the spiritual reality, they were now only half of what they were intended (created by God to be). And now they were not human, not cattle, and not canine. The were a hybrid and had lost the ability to function normally. I also believe that the knowing I had about the little girl in the basement may represent all of the helpless experimental children and babies that have been used for the process.

Your sister in Christ

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