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Last Of Our Sanctification & The Coming Change In Time, Space, Dimensions, Time Loop!! - Matt

Dream From The Lord Through....Matt


Started with my friend, Brandon, and I in a gym. Not our home gym but some other gym. (Kathy believes the work out sessions represent the last of the preparations in our sanctification process through everything we have to experience out in 'the world - "some other gym") This gym was connected to a larger complex of stores and our hotel we were staying in. This place was right next to a beach. I remember there being more people there than expected but not too many. Starts with me in the middle of the gym. I instantly realize I'm in a dream/vision. My innate desire to explore takes over and I start maneuvering through the machines, like a child lol, instead of walking around them. I remember bumping my head once misjudging the height of a mechanical piece. But, it wasn't just mindless exploring; I was headed toward the locker room. This locker room was massive. The locker room had more fitness machines inside, which is unheard of, at least to me. On one of the central columns, a giant flat screen tv was playing the NBA playoffs. The game had just ended. I can only remember one of the teams, the Miami Heat. I remember seeing the time 9:32PM (side note to pray on: 932 Greek Strongs means God's sovereignty & authority). I venture a little further until I end up in this hallway connecting the gym to what I believe was the hotel. One of the walls was this massive window overlooking the beach. The hallway was pitch black, no lights. I look out into the night sky, and I see the moon, somewhere between 3/4 full to full. The window was a rectangle, and the moon was in the upper right hand quadrant of the window. But, what really catches my eye are two smaller moons/planets, maybe half the size of the moon. Both were a light pink color, same phase as the moon, just below and to the right of the moon. I immediately run to tell Brandon. I yell across the gym to him which gets everyone's attention. Brandon and everyone else comes running to the window. As we get back to the window, we see the two smaller moons/planets coming together as if one was to eclipse the other. Instead they merge into one same size, but brighter pink moon/planet. Then this new, brighter pink moon/planet moves a bit quicker, under the moon, across the sky, from right to left. As it entered the middle of the window, a star comes from the clouds above, which were obscuring the rest of the sky, and seemingly escorts the pink planet/moon into the distance continuing it's trajectory from right to left. I remember thinking this is it, and I began to pray. The dream goes black.

I wake up, in the dream, in my bedroom of the hotel room we are staying in. I walk out to Brandon on a desktop computer, and the sky outside was sunset colors. My first thought was I went back in time. I immediately check the PC's time, and I was right. The time was 9:08PM. I leave the room, through the hallway, into the locker room, into the gym. I recognize some of the people from earlier, some that weren't there before, and some that were there before weren't there now. I remember trying to parkour through the machines, which is something I do in my dreams when I'm in the spirit.

But this time, I was struggling to do it. Regardless, I make it through the machines, I make a b-line out the front entrance of this gym into the mall area, toward a tall, beautiful woman. Caucasian, tan, brown headed. For some reason, without hesitation, I ask her if she remembered what happened before. I asked Brandon earlier in the hotel room, he seemed to remember it partially, but it was foggy to him. This woman however, responded with a resounding, oh yeah. I asked her if she understood the whole time loop, shift change stuff. She said yes. I remember asking her about believing in the existence of fallen angels, she said yes. Then, I ask her name, I extended my hand, she shook it and said her name was Meme (pronounced Mimi). In the dream, I instantly am reminded of a small child's bracelet that I found Thursday, I believe, with the exact same name, probably made by her grandmother. Somehow I end up outside, running against a mob. This time I can tell whatever was holding me back from parkouring before I was gone. (parkouring: the practice of traversing obstacles in a man-made or natural environment through the use of running, vaulting, jumping, climbing, rolling, and other movements in order to travel from one point to another in the quickest and most efficient way possible without the use of equipment.) before was gone. I was maneuvering like I usually do in my dreams, with precision and accuracy through this large crowd of panicked people. They were running away from the beach. I never turned around but from what I could see and from being given understanding, there was these white orbs that were shooting from the horizon behind me to the top of the sky. The first shape the first one took was a perfect half moon. I could hear in the distance, a crowd that was watching was ooing and aahing. This disappeared. Another shot up, but I didn't see the shape it took, nor was I able to see the other one after the second one disappeared. The clouds were obscuring. Plus the crowd had crowd had gotten thicker the closer I got to the beach. I remember praying, "Jesus have mercy" over and over. I passed by this family halfway to the beach, a dad, mom, and a couple kids. The dad was praying Jesus have mercy in perfect sync with me. But, he and his family were noticeably terrified. When I finally got to the beach, I was standing on a dock or boardwalk of some sort. The last white orb was behind the clouds up above but was illuminating the area, like the moon does. I remember scanning down the sky and in the distance on the horizon I see what looks like hundreds, if not thousands of fireworks going off, but no booms. I look back up, and this white orb comes down from the clouds, shrinks to the size of star, then continues downward. Then, it transforms into this pink anenome/jellyfish/cnidarian. It looked like a skinny pink rod with multiple same width tentacles as the center rod protruding from it. It was dancing in the sky. It was very beautiful. I remember at one point getting lost in its beauty along with the crowd in the distance that was still ooing and aahing. Then, it shoots across the sky, just like the pink moon, from right to left. It lands behind or on top of this mountain/hill. The fireworks have stopped, the light from this pink tentacled thing behind/on top of the mountain was gone. The ground under me began to vibrate. I've never been in a earthquake, so it's just speculation that's what I felt. I looked out over the ocean and saw the water begin to vibrate. I remember being extremely uneasy at seeing the entire ocean intensely vibrating. I remember saying to myself, oh boy, this is it. That's when I woke up. I immediately asked Father if it was from Him, as I do with all my dreams. Usually, I get a no. This one was a yes. I have no idea what to make of it. When I asked Father what the dream meant, the only Word I received was, "Time". He wouldn't give me anything else. (Forgive me for any grammatical errors.)

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