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Just like Gideon’s 300 - A sister in The Lord

A message for the Remnant Bride!

DECEMBER 9, 2021 10:40 AM

Dec 9/21

Daughter write these words down,

I want you to know how much I love you. I wish you could see and understand just how unwilling, uncooperative, unloving, uncaring, and unconcerned the majority of this world is. It moves My heart so much that there is a group, though you are but a handful in comparison, your faith, love, zeal, and compassion for this world and those who are lost in it, makes you the majority. You are small in number, but so very large in love and willingness to march forward, right into the enemies camp and fight for your brethren and their sanctification, their healing, their deliverance, and their salvation. My Bride has done all, has laboured hard, has endured so much to give to the lost. The love inside of you for your brothers and sisters, I want you to know it is rare, uncommon. Just like Gideon’s 300, you are small in number, but what you carry inside makes you bigger, greater in stature than any amount of the enemy coming against you. Your love for the lost will prevail My Remnant Bride and I AM so very pleased at how far you have come to get here. Though you are little in size and number, you are mighty big to Me. You are ready. Yahweh

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