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"It's Time!" -- Victoria Ang


I have been fasting and praying in the Spirit for the past three days. From morning till night. Carrying the burden of lost souls.

Upon awakening this morning I hear the Lord say THREE times “ ITS TIME! I felt led to look at the clock it shows 12:12 ( means clear, manifest, evident) Then this word came forth. …

ITS TIME, for ALL that I have warned and spoken of ,to many of my children.As a guide line and warning for ALL to follow for what is coming. It is TIME for these things to occur.

Buckle up your seat belts and brace yourselves my children.

For once things start it will be like a domino effect that cannot be stopped.

In my GREAT MERCY AND LOVE I have given ALL ample time to come to my ark of safety.

Some have decided to enter my ark at the last moment.While others have lagged behind.And procrastinated in listening to my calling and directions.Going their own way. And not heeding my call.

Hell has expanded like a volcanic pit. Waiting for many souls to fall in for eternity.

I take no pleasure in this, as it was not my desire. But I gave ALL free will.And poor choices have been made by many.

If only they truly knew how much my heart aches. As for some there will be no more choices.And their fate is sealed.Others will endure much ,for refining.

Some will die in the earthly shaking and just barely make it to heaven.

All this must come to pass.. FOR IT IS WRITTEN. But KNOW this my children. My GREAT LOVE for ALL never changes. And I have shed many tears. Over what now MUST BE…… FOR IT IS WRITTEN!!!

On completion of this word I walked into the other room and exactly at that time I hear the radio announce it is 1:11 ….which the Lord has shown me , He uses it to mean final moments till a judgement of some kind ! ( I felt the sadness and pain He was feeling as this was given)

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