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It Is At An End! – Pollox


July 14, 2021

Scriptural Reference:

Hosea Chapter 12 Verse 10“And I have spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and I have used similitudes by the ministry of the prophets.”

Now they will soon be silenced! I have used many sons and daughters to warn the nations, to Repent, to turn back, to destroy your idols, to prepare spiritually and then physically, to leave the cities and coasts, to pray and fast, to reconcile with your God, to abandon this exhausted dying world behind.

The time to warn the people is now coming to an end. My prophets will be shut down, silenced, disappear from sight as the Great Tribulation unfolds. The Summer Storms will give way to Fall Justice. “Be Still And Know That I AM God,” (Psalm 46 Verse 11). All will proceed, My Word will be fulfilled and those who mock and deride my true prophets will shut their mouths and grind their teeth. My own will be preserved and praise My Holy Name. This day of evil will be consumed in fire, water, shaking, war and storms unknown before.

As For My Own:

“The just shall shine, and shall run to and fro like sparks among the reeds.”

Wisdom Chapter 3 Verse 7

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