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It Commences Now – Teri Hennessey

October 7, 2021 2:19 PM Teri Hennessey

October 7,2021 1:00PM

My daughter write My words,

(omitted from here, a personal word at the start of the message for the Bride)

Daughter, events are about to proceed forth. Tell My Bride I AM coming soon. Don’t ever get tired of hearing those words My Bride, for they are where your hope lies. Things are about to get tough and you will all need to be reminded of those words so that you can and will hold on tight and not let go of the hope that I AM coming. My timing is perfect and soon you will have full understanding of why I have waited and why you will experience some things many, actually most, thought they would avoid. I have always carried My people through trials. I have always blessed My people with strength and endurance as well My word reminds you to run the race set before you. You will rejoice and will be relieved when you know all you will come to know. You will be grateful for My ways.

My Bride, be steadfast. Do not fear anything you see or hear in this world for I have each of those who I created, yes all, even those who are yet to know Me, for they are the ones you will harvest. All is in My control and you have nothing to fear from men. Lean into Me. Lean on Me. Press in and hold on. Here we go. I love you My Bride, My Remnant, My Warriors, My Watchmen. Sound the alarm!! It commences now.


ABBA Father

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