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(TRANSFIGURATION!!!) "In the Twinkling of an Eye ~ pt 2" - Christine Beadsworth


In the Twinkling of an Eye ~ pt 2

Precious Remnant, I just want to pray before we start. Father, You've been sharing such weighty matters with me, and I feel completely inadequate to transmit them with clarity to your people. Father, I do not want to just give information. I ask that there would be an importation and I yield my tongue to You and my mind. Would You order it according to the mind of Your Spirit? And would You put Your words in my mouth and cover me with the shadow of Your hand that I may communicate clearly and accurately the things You have been sharing with me. Amen.

Sometime last year, I shared a message on the breadcrumb trail and how the Lord often gives us puzzle pieces or crumbs of the Bread of Life in leading us on a journey to the fullness of a revelation. And what I want to stress and make really important to you is that on a breadcrumb trail, you must pick up and chew EACH breadcrumb. Don't just rush on to find the next one because you're desperate to get out of the dark forest. Have you ever seen a child opening presents at a birthday party? They tear it open with great gusto, hardly glance at the present, throw it down and then grab the next one. And the mother is saying, “That's lovely. What do you say? Aren't you going to say thank you? Show us what it is…” And all the child wants is to see what the next one and the next one is. And we can be a bit like that on the breadcrumb trail. I want to say to you that each breadcrumb has nourishment. It is not an arrow pointing you in a direction. It's not a road sign. It is a breadcrumb. There is food for your spirit in it, and God expects you to get to the end of the trail, strengthened and fully nourished with the fullness of the loaf of revelation that He has been breaking and dropping for you along your path. So, each bread crumb has nourishment and light and truth, and we do well to chew it thoroughly. Even though we may already have the next breadcrumb in our hand, what we already have in our mouth needs to be thoroughly chewed and understood and become a part of us before we pop the next one into our mouth.

Now, from the 1st of August 2022, I have been on a breadcrumb trail with the Lord. It has been an incredibly intense and exciting journey, and I have just been completely overwhelmed with what He has opened up for me out of the Word, but I fell into the trap of just rushing ahead to the next one and the next one. He kept having to press the pause button and say, “Go back to the first breadcrumb and chew it properly…”

So, I'm going to attempt to share with you my breadcrumb trail as the Lord leads me to, and in the order He leads me to share it. And I pray that there would be much light, revelation, encouragement and confirmation imparted to you in that. Now on the 1st of August, which is the 2nd of Elul, for those who are following the early ripeness Barley Ripeness calendar. I awoke in the night at 1:42 a.m., and when I did so, the Spirit immediately reminded me that it was the second time that week I had woken at that time, and when I woke at 1:42 a.m. the first time, I thought to myself in the night, I must look into that. Then I fell asleep and in the morning I did not remember. So, when I woke the second time, at exactly the same moment in the third watch, I switched on my light and I wrote it down. This was the second time in a week that the Spirit had woken me at that time.

So, I looked it up. H142 or the Hebrew word numbered 142 in the Strongs Concordance means ‘to make glorious or honourable or great’. And the Greek word number 142 means ‘to bear up, lift up, or to loose and bear away’. And immediately, those two meanings, the Hebrew and the Greek, took me to Revelation 12, where the man child was made glorious and honorable and lifted up, and where the woman was also lifted up and borne away on eagle's wings.

Then, the Holy Spirit said to me, “You've received this number twice - that's important,” and He took me to Genesis 41:32, where Pharaoh was telling his dreams to Joseph, and Pharaoh had had two dreams. And Joseph said to Pharaoh, “Because the dream was given to Pharaoh twice, it is because the thing is established by God and God will shortly bring it to pass.” In other words, whatever revelation is being given, it has been decided, established and completely settled in the mind of God. And He is going to very shortly - in the near future, bring it to pass. The word ‘shortly’ is ‘mahar’ and it means ‘to be liquid or flow easily, to hurry or to be prompt’. So that reminded me of the word ’abar’. Do you remember that in Song of Songs, when the woman had got undressed from the day of hard labor, locked her door, got into bed, and then the Beloved came to the llattice of her door, and he put his hand through the hole in the door, and he left myrrh on the handle of the lock? And when we looked into the name of that myrrh in the Hebrew, it was ‘abar’ myrrh, liquid myrrh, and abar means ‘to transition, to cross over, to flow easily, to impregnate’. So, here we see that the word ‘shortly’ also is connected to the word transition, ‘abar’, because it means ‘to be liquid and to flow easily and to hurry’, and we see in Song of Songs that she hurriedly unlocked her door and ran off to find the bridegroom.

So, I was very much aware that the Spirit was emphasizing twice that the time 1:42am had a hidden message. It was a breadcrumb that I needed to digest and have broken down for me by the Holy Spirit. And I also needed to be aware that whatever revelation it contained, it was going to very shortly manifest in the earth. Now I have a small group fellowship of two other remnant saints where we share the things that the Lord shows us. And one of these friends found a key in the grass outside her house. And she had been sent to look for the key by the person who had dropped it there, who said it was the key to her dressing room. In other words, it's the key to the room where garments are changed. So, she sent us a photograph of the key that she found, and the key was lying there, plain as day in the grass, and it had two numbers on it: number 4 on the front and number 2 on the back. And we mulled over the possibility that the Lord was giving a key in the number of 42, as in the 42nd generation. But as I looked at the picture of that key, I saw 4 and 2. And immediately the Holy Spirit put before my eyes the situation on the mountain of transfiguration, where there were four people - Peter, James, John and Jesus, and another two from Heaven, Moses and Elijah. So, the number four and two, the Holy Spirit was telling me that when they appeared together, represented code for what happened on the mountain of transfiguration. And let's just read that quickly.

Mark 9:2 ‘6 days after this, Jesus took with him Peter, James and John, and led them up to a high mountain apart by themselves. {In other words, what was going to happen was a private affair. It was not going to be done in front of a big crowd,) and He was transfigured before them and became resplendent with divine brightness, and His garments became glistening, intensely white, as no fuller on earth could bleach them. And Elijah appeared to them, accompanied by Moses, and they were holding a protracted conversation with Jesus’.

So, there we see the 4; Peter, James, John and Jesus and the 2; Moses and Elijah. Then the Holy Spirit took me back to my original breadcrumb, which was the time I had woken up twice, and it was 42 minutes past 1 in the morning. And He said to me, How do you write it? And I wrote 1:42am and He said, How else can you write it? And I wrote 1h42am, and the Holy Spirit said, “Yes, in one hour, the 4 and the 2 will take place. In one hour, there will be mass transfiguration worldwide and it will be happening very soon.” I was utterly astonished at what He was showing me, that so much could just come out of a simple awakening time!

Then, He took me back to look at that picture of the key again, because a key always opens a door. And I'd mentioned to you that it was the key to a dressing room, a room where there were garments. So that obviously links to Jesus being clothed over and His change of garment during the transfiguration. And, you know, a key has a part that you hold; a shaft, and at the end is the key part that works in the lock. And all keys have different shapes for that part. And this particular key had a part that looked like a ‘capital E’. And the Spirit said to me, “Transfiguration is the key to open the door to the Eternal realms.” Now that is a profound connection as well, because Jesus FIRST became transfigured and then Moses and Elijah appeared from the Eternal realms to converse with Him.

The next morning as I sat with the Holy Spirit asking for further revelation on this transfiguration that would be shortly taking place, He prompted me to look up all the instances where the Greek word G142 appeared, remember g142 means ‘to bear up, to lift up or to loose and bear away’. And the very first scripture that He highlighted for me was used in the feeding of the 5000. You remember that it was late in the day and the crowd was hungry and Jesus got them all to sit down. And he took the available food, which was the five loaves and the two fishes, blessed it and broke it, gave the loaves to the disciples, and they fed the multitude. And Matthew 14:20 says,

‘and they did all eat and were filled. And they took up of the fragments that remained, 12 baskets full’.

The word translated ‘took up’ in that verse is G142. They lifted up and carried away the fragments that remained. And then the Holy Spirit just opened my eyes to the fact that these fragments that ‘remained’ represented the remnant. They were what was left over; the broken pieces - the remnant that was broken and lying in the dust were lifted up. They were gathered together and they were lifted up together. And I want to say to you, Remnant, that the Lord has laid hold of your life, and then after blessing it, He broke you and He used your life to feed a multitude right up to this point. And now you find yourself as broken remnant lying in the dust. But there comes a point; a moment when the broken remnant is taken up, gathered together and lifted up, and there are 12 baskets full, which is very significant.

The breaking of bread is a profound thing - do you remember on the road to Emmaus when the disciples asked Jesus to stay with them a bit longer as they went to their lodgings? He broke bread and as He did so, they eyes were opened to see Him. So, in the breaking of your life as bread, the eyes of others have been opened to see Jesus. And it has been a costly breaking for you, because you have borne the breaking time after time, but the result of it has been the opening of the eyes of others to see Jesus as never before. The word for bread, ‘lechem’, also means ‘fruit’ and it also means ‘war’. So, the broken bread; the broken remnant are the broken fruit. Doesn't that sound like the crushing and the breaking of the olives and the grapes which we have spoken of recently?

In Exodus 16:22, on the sixth day, God's people in the wilderness were instructed to gather twice as much of the bread of Heaven. A double portion was gathered to sustain and feed the people in the wilderness on the day of Sabbath rest - which is the day where no man can work. And precious remnant, those that find yourself lying in the dust, broken, your gathering and your lifting up is to feed the church in the wilderness on a day when no man can work. Now, what is the purpose of the gathering and the lifting up of the broken remnant? Well, there is a key in the fact that there were 12 baskets. 12 is the number of authority and government and the word in there for ‘basket’ is a small wicker hand basket. It's a different word for ‘basket’ used in the second feeding of the 4000. But this one that we are focusing on here in Matthew 14, was a small hand basket. Those 12 baskets were hand- picked, chosen, broken remnant pieces that were gathered together. And I also want to say to you that in the gathering together, there is a dealing with the loneliness that the broken remnant feels at this time. Many, many of the remnant have been lying in the dust, waiting for the lifting up. And there has been such a loneliness because of the isolation and not being in touch with other members of the broken remnant. And I want to say to you that there is coming a gathering together, there is coming divine connection between one broken remnant piece and another. There is a gathering together in a basket by hand and a lifting up.

The Holy Spirit showed me that Jesus fed a multitude twice because there is a message and a key for the endtime company in the two gatherings - and we see it in Revelation 12 with the lifting up of the manchild to the throne and secondly, the raising up and the carrying of the woman with the wings of the great eagle to the place prepared. I believe the first feeding of the 5000 and the gathering of the 12 baskets of broken remnant represents the gathering and the lifting up of the manchild and the next feeding in Matthew Chapter 15 of the 4000, which yields seven baskets of broken remnant is the gathering and the lifting up of the woman that is taken to the wilderness to be fed and kept safe for three and a half years.

So, I want to first focus on the gathering and the lifting up of the manchild company, once they are lifted up to the throne or manifested as the sons of the right hand. And the ones known as sons of the right hand were the firstborn who received a double portion. And I want to go to Zechariah 9:13, which speaks about what God is doing.

For I have bent Judah for Myself, (and that word ‘bent’ means ‘threshed’. In other words, separating the chaff from the wheat or the barley stalks from the barley grains).

I have bent Judah for Myself. I have filled My bow with Ephraim and raised up thy sons o Zion against thy sons o Greece, and made you as the sword of a mighty man.’

So, here we see that Ephraim, who is pictured as the arrow in the bow is mentioned as being ‘the sons of Zion, or the Sons of God. And the word ‘Ephraim’ means ‘double fruit’. So here again we see twice mentioned or double and therefore, Ephraim in this verse also represents the sons of the right hand because they are the ones receive a double portion of inheritance. The word for ‘bow’ in the scripture Zechariah 9:13 also means ‘iris of the eye’. And I did do a message about the manchild being the apple of the eye and the iris of the eye being Judah, the Judah company. So, Judah is depicted as the iris muscle or the string of the bow, and the iris muscle in the eye expands and contracts or expands and pulls together depending on the amount of light in the environment. In order to increase the amount of light that is available to the Body as it gets darker, the iris muscle contracts and enlarges the place of the manchild company (the little man of the eye; the apple of the eye or the pupil). So we see that Ephraim, the arrow released against the sons of Greece is enlarged and we witness it in the movement and expansion of the pupil of the eye as dense darkness comes over the earth.

In Zachariah 9:14, it says that God is going to come with whirlwinds of the south. The word for ‘south’ in Hebrew also means ‘right hand’. The sons of the right hand are going to be released from the right hand like a whirlwind, and God is going to use them to scatter the enemy. Now, Ephraim was one of Joseph's sons. Manasseh and Ephraim were from the seed of Joseph's loins or you could say they were the ‘fruit’ of his loins, or we know that the word for ‘fruit’ can also mean ‘bread’. So Manasseh and Ephraim were two loaves that came forth from the bakery of Joseph. Remember that Joseph was elevated or lifted up and placed at Pharaoh's right hand and given great authority and power in the land of Egypt. We will talk about them more shortly.

I want to now take you where the Holy Spirit took me, which is the most amazing unfolding of the word. He took me to Exodus 15:6, which is the song of Miriam after the crossing of the Red Sea and the destruction of Pharaoh's army.

And it says, ‘Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power. Thy right hand, O Lord, has dashed to pieces the enemy.’

The word for ‘right hand’ is ‘yamin’. It's H3225, and it means ‘the right hand or the south’. So, we see here that the moving of God's right hand or those who are God's right hand men (more specifically, the operation of the right hand company) once they have become glorious in power, is used to dash to pieces the enemy. THIS is the reason for the glorification and the lifting up of the manchild company - to equip them with God's glory and power (that SAME transfiguration and clothing-over with the glory of God that happened to Jesus on the mount of Transfiguration, where His garments were changed). There is an equipping with light and power and glory, and the reason for this is given in Exodus 15:6. It is in order to dash to pieces the enemy.

Exodus 15:7 ‘In the greatness of Your excellency, You have overthrown them that rose up against you.’

Now, when you read Revelation 12, after the woman has been taken away with the two wings of a giant eagle to the place of protection and provision, the dragon is very angry and it says he goes to make war with the remnant. Some translations say ‘he remnant of her seed’, But in the Greek it doesn't say ‘of ‘her seed, it says ‘the remnant seed’. So, the dragon is making war with the remnant. The sons of the right hand are at war with the dark side. The sons of the right hand; the manchild company, become filled with glory and power and are used to dash in pieces the enemy that has risen up against God. The enemy is the sons of Greece. In Zachariah 9:14, where it says that he's coming with whirlwinds from the south to ‘scatter’ the enemy and overthrow them, that word is ‘to pull down and break in pieces’. God is going to use the broken remnant whom He gathers in 12 baskets. He is going to give them governmental authority, glory and power - and He's going to use them to break in pieces the ones who have risen up against Him, praise God.

In Exodus 15:9, the enemy declares his intentions, and there are actually six things he says he will do. And I want you to read carefully, because in this time we find ourselves living in the enemy has once again openly declared and decreed that he wants to do this to the people of God as they come out of the world's system and out of Egypt. The enemy said:

  1. I will pursue,

  2. I will overtake,

  3. I will divide the spoil.

  4. My lust shall be satisfied upon them.

  5. I will draw my sword

  6. my hand shall destroy them.

That is the purpose outlined by the enemy against the people of God. In fact, just a day or two ago, Yuval Harari, who is the right-hand adviser of Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, said that we have no need for the majority of the world population. You see the enemy has sons of the right hand too…. The enemy is not hiding his schemes anymore. He is beginning to openly declare his desire to pursue, overtake, draw his sword and destroy most of the world's population. But Exodus 15 tells us that God's right hand is used to overthrow and break in pieces those who rise up against Him.

Now, I want to just speak a bit more about Ephraim, the double fruit, or representing the the firstborn from among the dead company; the broken remnant. In Genesis 45:13 when Joseph took his two sons, his two little loaves, to his father, Jacob, for a final blessing before he died, Jacob put his hands on the children's heads and he put his right hand on Ephraim’s head and his left hand on Manasseh's head. And Joseph was quite upset by this because Manasseh was his firstborn. In other words, he was the son of the right hand and, rightfully, he should have received the blessing of the right hand as the firstborn, but Jacob was led by the Spirit of God to put his right hand on Ephraim, the Double Fruit Company, and make him the son of the right hand. So, why is the right hand on the head of the son of the right hand? It is for impartation of blessing, power and, most importantly, inheritance - a double portion inheritance.

Psalm 8417 Let thy hand be upon the man of thy right hand, upon the son of man who you have made strong for yourself’.

The putting of the right hand of the head on the head of the firstborn is for an impartation of strength and might and authority and glory. That is why the manchild in Revelation 12 is caught up to the throne - to be given the impartation from the right hand of God. Do you remember that Benjamin was the second born of Rachel, and she died in childbirth? Joseph was the firstborn, and Benjamin was his little brother. But when his mother died in childbirth, she named him Benoni, meaning ‘son of my sorrow’. And so, broken remnant, here is a season of experiencing the sorrows and the grief of Jesus - a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, despised; one from whom men turned their faces, and they considered him of no worth… But on the eighth day after Benoni's birth, his father had him circumcised and named him and he elevated him from being a broken son of sorrow to being a son of the right hand. Now, in actuality, he was the 12th son born to Jacob, but Jacob elevated and lifted him to the position of the firstborn - Benjamin, meaning ‘son of the right hand’. In doing that, he was saying that Benjamin would receive a double portion inheritance. So, I want to encourage you, broken remnant, that there is coming a day of lifting up, a day of placing at the right hand, a day of naming and a day of manifestation of the sons of the right hand.

Psalm 110:1 Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.’.

In Matthew 25:34, when Jesus is dealing with the sheep and the goats, He says to those at the right hand, “Inherit the kingdom prepared for you”. The sending to the right hand and the positioning as part of the right-hand company releases inheritance. The Word says that our inheritance is stored up beyond the reach of change or decay, but when there is a positioning and an adoption or placing of the sons of God, there is a release of the fullness of that inheritance, and it is accessible to you.

Transfiguration is the key to accessing the eternal realms of your full inheritance. And I want you to note that Jesus’ transfiguration took place on Earth. You do not need to be caught up and disappear off the face of the earth in a rapture to be transfigured. It can happen to you in one hour worldwide, wherever you are, privately - just like it happened with Jesus. He told the disciples not to tell everybody else what had happened, but transfiguration had taken place and the eternal realms will be accessible to you.

I read a dream that a woman had: she and her husband and daughter were in the kitchen just doing what one does in a kitchen, making coffee, washing dishes or whatever. And suddenly there was this incredible pulse of energy or frequency that they all felt go through their bodies. And she said to her husband, “What was that?” And then she discovered afterwards in her dream that she was able to move into the spiritual and eternal realms; visit the throne room, go to other planets, do all sorts of amazing things, and come back again into the earthly realm. In other words, her dream was about transfiguration. And it happened in her own kitchen. It did not happen that she vanished off the earth and there was a little pile of clothes left behind. That's very important to remember.

Another scripture that the Holy Spirit laid me to about the gathering of the broken remnant is in Micah 2:12 it says, ‘I will surely assemble, o Jacob, all of you. I will gather the remnant of Israel. I will put them together as the sheep of Bosrah, as a flock in the midst of their fold, and they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude.’

What a beautiful scripture! Now I want to share with you some other scriptures about the lifting up of those in the dust and the setting in place. The broken remnant were gathered and lifted up in Hannah's song in 1 Samuel 2:4-10, Hannah prophesies after placing her firstborn, her son, who received a double portion inheritance in the temple before the ark of God, and she said, ‘those who stumbled are girded with strength. He makes low and he lifts up. He raises the poor out of the dust, and He lifts up the needy from the ash heap to make them sit among princes and inherit the throne of glory. The adversaries of the Lord shall be broken to pieces. Against them, will He thunder from heaven’. So, this passage has some steps mentioned: it describes a lifting up, a setting in place, and then inheritance and glory being released. And then the adversaries of the Lord being broken in pieces, just like Exodus 15:6 told us, the right hand of the Lord will do it.

So, twice there are broken remnants gathered. Firstly, 12 baskets are lifted to the throne. This is the manchild glorified and set in place; the manifestation of the sons of God and small hand baskets are used to gather this portion of the broken remnant. And then in Matthew 14, seven baskets of broken remnant pieces, are gathered and lifted up. And the baskets used here are lunch hampers. Lunch hampers are different to little hand baskets. And these 7 baskets represent the woman lifted on eagle's wings and carried to the place prepared where she is fed. That's why it was a lunch hamper that was used to put them in.

Now, after the 12 baskets of broken remnant pieces were gathered together, the disciples got into the boat and He sent them across the Sea of Galilee. And then he came walking to them on the water. And Peter asked Jesus to call him to come to Him. And he stepped outside the realm of the temporal, no longer being governed by earthly laws, and walked upon the waters. And here we see a depiction of transfiguration. Stepping out of the boat that the other disciples were in and suddenly not governed by gravity or anything else; his mortal body putting on immortality and walking upon the water, just as Jesus could do. During the transition over the water and during the storm, Peter stepped into the eternal realm and began to operate in the power of the age to come. And in the same way, it will be during the storm that rages in the dense darkness upon the earth that transfiguration will take place amongst a sector of the broken remnant. When dense darkness is upon the peoples and the dragon is in action, His glory will arise upon the manchild. When His disciples are transitioning across stormy waters, (the word for transition is ‘abar’), it is at this time that the manchild will be transfigured and step into the powers of the age to come.

Now, in contrast, in Matthew Chapter 15, after the seven baskets were gathered, they also crossed over the lake, but there was no supernatural experiences that took place during that transition journey. This is significant because it tells us the difference between transfiguration and transformation. You remember I had spoken about that before. Transfiguration is the portion of the manchild company. Transformation is the portion of the woman given the wings of a great eagle and carried to the place where she is fed and kept safe for three and a half years.

On the 4th of August, I went out in the early morning and looked at the sky and there before my eyes were five little round clouds in a row. And immediately I thought of the five loaves that were used to feed the 5000, and I ran inside to fetch my camera. But by the time I came outside again, those five little loaves had begun breaking up and they were being scattered all over the face of the sky. The five loaves were broken and scattered, just as the broken remnant is scattered all over the earth, waiting to be gathered. I watched the sky that morning and those original five loaves that were broken up and scattered all over the sky began to to move together and form into a giant rain cloud. The broken remnant that is gathered into 12 hand baskets, all gathered together form a cloud that brings the heavy latter rain. We are going into the day of the latter rain and the word of God says ‘ask for rain in the time of latter rain’.

What is the difference between the former rain and the latter rain? The former rain in nature falls to compact the earth and water the seed that has been planted in the earth, so that it is not swept away, so it begins to take root and grow. The latter rain falls in the short season before the harvest, and it falls in order to fully mature and ripen the harvest. That is what the latter rain does and as the broken remnant is gathered up in 12 hand baskets, given governmental authority to rule with glory and power, they will be used to bring the heavy latter rain that brings the harvest of wheat to maturity. There is a harvest that will be taken for the kingdom in these end times. The word for ‘latter rain’ means ‘eloquence’. The word for ‘early rain’ in Hebrew means ‘teaching’. So, it is teaching originally that causes a seed to take root in people's hearts, so that they begin to grow. But it is the eloquence that flows; the inspired speaking and teaching of the latter Rain Manchild company that brings the harvest to full ripeness and growth for harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

I want to just say something to you about being a part of the double portion company. There has to be a desire. There has to be an asking. Elisha asked for a double portion inheritance. He coveted the ‘shenayim’ That's what ‘double portion’ is in Hebrew. And he asked for it out loud. Peter asked out loud for the Lord to call him to come to him on the water. And because he expressed the desire of his heart to operate in the powers of the age to come, Jesus granted it to Him. There has to be a hunger and a thirst. Paul spoke of groaning and yearning to be clothed over. I discovered that the word for ‘loaf’ in Matthew 14:17 is ‘artus’, but it comes from a root word ‘auro’ and it is the Greek word. G142. So even in the depths of the word for ‘loaf’ is hidden the spiritual nugget that in one hour, transfiguration will take place worldwide.

I was driving along the road during this time of receiving these breadcrumbs, early on in in the month of August. And a great big brand-new white double decker long-distance bus was driving in front of me. On the back of it, it said. ‘Benjamin star transport’. And immediately I knew the Lord was telling me that the sons of the right hand; those who shine like stars and share their wisdom, will be transported, carried, lifted up and brought to the place of receiving their clothing over. In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul speaks about this clothing over, and he says that the mortal must put on immortality. We have to be clothed over with seven-fold light. That speaks of an impartation of the seven spirits of God. There is an immortal garment stored up in heaven for you. And we yearn, we hunger, we desire to be clothed over. In 1 Corinthians 15:42, it says that the corruptible must put on incorruption and the mortal must put on immortality. Now those two things are different. The mortal speaks of being earthly, immortality speaks of being heavenly and operating in the eternal realms. Corruption putting on incorruption speaks of the complete halting of the work of death in one's body and in one's life. The last enemy to be defeated is death. Our bodies die, they age, they deteriorate, and eventually our organs fail and we die. That is corruption. But when we are clothed over, corruption puts on incorruption. There is a halting of the operation of death that entered when Adam and Eve lost their garments of light. The mortal body becomes a spiritual body, verse 44 says. And verse 49 says, ‘We have borne the image of the earthly and now we must bear the image of the heavenly’. That word where it says The mortal must ‘put on’ immortality The word is ‘enduo’, and it means ‘to sink into a garment’. And when you sink into a garment, it implies moving into a place of rest from striving. The garment is there and you just ‘shmooze’ into it. I don't know what a better word is. 2 Corinthians 5:2 says, we yearn to be clothed over with our heavenly dwelling; with the body of light. And verse four says ‘so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life’. Wow. This is how I'm praying these days. Lord, I want the mortal to put on immortality. Let that which is corruptible in me put on incorruption. I yearn to be clothed over so that death may be halted in me, so that what is mortal in me may be swallowed up by life.

Now I want to just share one more instance where it speaks about the bread and the fish. In John 21, the disciples were fishing all night, and Jesus stands on the shore, and He shouts to them, “Have you got any meat?” And they say, No. And He says,” Cast your nets on the right side. And this huge haul of fish comes in, 153 fish, actually. Now 153 is the gematria for ‘the sons of God’. If you add up the numerical value of all the letters in the phrase ‘the sons of God’, it comes to 153. So those fish that were hauled into the net, which miraculously did not break, represent the sons of God. They were separated out from all the other fish in the sea, gathered together like the broken remnant, and lifted out into plain sight. And here we see the manifestation of the sons of God. Where were the sons of God found? They were found on the right-hand side. On the right hand at the right moment in time, these large or mighty fish, the sons of the right hand, are brought to shore.

Now, once again, Peter was separated from the rest of the disciples and had the first face to face appointment with Jesus on the shore. He heard the voice that spoke, and when he saw what obedience to the voice manifested in the miraculous catch, he immediately knew that it was Jesus that was speaking. Remember, it was Peter was the first one who had the revelation that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God. And again, remember, it was Peter who had a hunger to walk in the powers of the age to come and be called out of the boat, onto the water. And here again, in John 21, it is Peter who goes ahead of the other disciples in his experience of a face-to-face moment with the Lord. And it says that he put on his garment and dived into the sea and swam to Jesus because he was naked for fishing. Now when we look at the scriptures in 2 Corinthians chapters 5 and 15, where it speaks about being clothed over and the mortal putting on immortality, it speaks about this happening so that we may not be found naked. Now, Peter put on a garment so that he would not be found naked in his face-to-face encounter with Jesus. The forerunners are clothed over and appointed for a first fruits taste and experience in the powers of the age to come.

You know, the interesting thing is they were out there fishing on the sea and Jesus was on the shore and He already had a fish on the fire when Peter arrived there. Where did that fish come from? Well, I believe that fish represents those believers, the broken remnant, who have been in the fire, turned and prepared and refined by Jesus’ own hand ahead of time in order to be food for the disciples that are coming. Peter himself represented that fish. Remember, Peter had denied the Lord and had been pretty much in torment ever since, unable to forgive himself for what he had done. He had undergone a great repentance. And Jesus has this face-to-face encounter with Peter, and reorients him. He resets his compass needle and He releases him to feed His sheep and lambs. The fish on the fire, plus some of the fish that came out of the net (The sons of God) were used to feed the disciples as they met with Jesus on the beach. In the same way, the woman that flees to the wilderness will be fed and kept safe - and that feeding will be done by some of the sons of God. You have been prepared and brought together and lifted to light and to manifestation for such a time as this.

You know, the Spirit reminded me of a song that He gave me years ago. And it goes like this:

Christ in me is the hope of glory.

Christ in me is bread to feed the world.

Christ in me is healing for the broken,

living letter, good news for the poor.

Christ in me is a promise still unfolding

given for the suffering of the world.

Grow in me, Live in me.

Living Word come forth in me.

Every day, I'm growing smaller.

Every day You're growing greater.

You're the living Word coming forth in me.

The remnant has been bread to feed a multitude, but there's coming a third feeding that is only for the disciples. There were seven disciples that went fishing that day in John 21. The final feast of bread and fish was for seven disciples and not for the multitude. There comes a time when Jesus sends the multitude away. And only those who are true disciples are fed. Now, somebody asked me, well, if the five loaves represent the man child company and the seven loaves represent the woman, what do the fish represent? I asked the Spirit that, and he took me again to the mount of Transfiguration, where Jesus, the Bread from heaven was. And Moses and Elijah, the two witnesses were there. So, there's some connection between the fish and the two witnesses. Jesus asked for fish after his resurrection, when He showed himself to the disciples. He was given fish and honey, which speaks of revelation. At that time, His body was clothed in a resurrection garment, and the mortal had put on immortality and corruption had put on in corruption. When Jesus appeared to his disciples, He just appeared in the middle of them. There's no record that He went through the door and He appeared next to the two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus. So, Jesus was operating in the powers of the age to come! These had been fully restored to Him after resurrection. I'm still chewing on this. I do not have full revelation of it at all. But the two fish seem to be connected to the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation, the sons of oil. So, I will probably be sharing more on that later when I am given more understanding. But be encouraged. Broken Remnant. There is appointed very shortly, a gathering together and a lifting up - and a clothing with inheritance and with glory. Isn't the Lord amazing? From 1h42 a.m., and a key that lies on the grass with 4 and 2, the Spirit says in one hour, worldwide transfiguration will take place. Oh, hallelujah. Let it be, Lord Jesus.

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