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(TRANSFIGURATION!!!) "In the Twinkling of an Eye ~ pt 2" - Christine Beadsworth


In the Twinkling of an Eye ~ pt 2

Precious Remnant, I just want to pray before we start. Father, You've been sharing such weighty matters with me, and I feel completely inadequate to transmit them with clarity to your people. Father, I do not want to just give information. I ask that there would be an importation and I yield my tongue to You and my mind. Would You order it according to the mind of Your Spirit? And would You put Your words in my mouth and cover me with the shadow of Your hand that I may communicate clearly and accurately the things You have been sharing with me. Amen.

Sometime last year, I shared a message on the breadcrumb trail and how the Lord often gives us puzzle pieces or crumbs of the Bread of Life in leading us on a journey to the fullness of a revelation. And what I want to stress and make really important to you is that on a breadcrumb trail, you must pick up and chew EACH breadcrumb. Don't just rush on to find the next one because you're desperate to get out of the dark forest. Have you ever seen a child opening presents at a birthday party? They tear it open with great gusto, hardly glance at the present, throw it down and then grab the next one. And the mother is saying, “That's lovely. What do you say? Aren't you going to say thank you? Show us what it is…” And all the child wants is to see what the next one and the next one is. And we can be a bit like that on the breadcrumb trail. I want to say to you that each breadcrumb has nourishment. It is not an arrow pointing you in a direction. It's not a road sign. It is a breadcrumb. There is food for your spirit in it, and God expects you to get to the end of the trail, strengthened and fully nourished with the fullness of the loaf of revelation that He has been breaking and dropping for you along your path. So, each bread crumb has nourishment and light and truth, and we do well to chew it thoroughly. Even though we may already have the next breadcrumb in our hand, what we already have in our mouth needs to be thoroughly chewed and understood and become a part of us before we pop the next one into our mouth.

Now, from the 1st of August 2022, I have been on a breadcrumb trail with the Lord. It has been an incredibly intense and exciting journey, and I have just been completely overwhelmed with what He has opened up for me out of the Word, but I fell into the trap of just rushing ahead to the next one and the next one. He kept having to press the pause button and say, “Go back to the first breadcrumb and chew it properly…”

So, I'm going to attempt to share with you my breadcrumb trail as the Lord leads me to, and in the order He leads me to share it. And I pray that there would be much light, revelation, encouragement and confirmation imparted to you in that. Now on the 1st of August, which is the 2nd of Elul, for those who are following the early ripeness Barley Ripeness calendar. I awoke in the night at 1:42 a.m., and when I did so, the Spirit immediately reminded me that it was the second time that week I had woken at that time, and when I woke at 1:42 a.m. the first time, I thought to myself in the night, I must look into that. Then I fell asleep and in the morning I did not remember. So, when I woke the second time, at exactly the same moment in the third watch, I switched on my light and I wrote it down. This was the second time in a week that the Spirit had woken me at that time.

So, I looked it up. H142 or the Hebrew word numbered 142 in the Strongs Concordance means ‘to make glorious or honourable or great’. And the Greek word number 142 means ‘to bear up, lift up, or to loose and bear away’. And immediately, those two meanings, the Hebrew and the Greek, took me to Revelation 12, where the man child was made glorious and honorable and lifted up, and where the woman was also lifted up and borne away on eagle's wings.

Then, the Holy Spirit said to me, “You've received this number twice - that's important,” and He took me to Genesis 41:32, where Pharaoh was telling his dreams to Joseph, and Pharaoh had had two dreams. And Joseph said to Pharaoh, “Because the dream was given to Pharaoh twice, it is because the thing is established by God and God will shortly bring it to pass.” In other words, whatever revelation is being given, it has been decided, established and completely settled in the mind of God. And He is going to very shortly - in the near future, bring it to pass. The word ‘shortly’ is ‘mahar’ and it means ‘to be liquid or flow easily, to hurry or to be prompt’. So that reminded me of the word ’abar’. Do you remember that in Song of Songs, when the woman had got undressed from the day of hard labor, locked her door, got into bed, and then the Beloved came to the llattice of her door, and he put his hand through the hole in the door, and he left myrrh on the handle of the lock? And when we looked into the name of that myrrh in the Hebrew, it was ‘abar’ myrrh, liquid myrrh, and abar means ‘to transition, to cross over, to flow easily, to impregnate’. So, here we see that the word ‘shortly’ also is connected to the word transition, ‘abar’, because it means ‘to be liquid and to flow easily and to hurry’, and we see in Song of Songs that she hurriedly unlocked her door and ran off to find the bridegroom.

So, I was very much aware that the Spirit was emphasizing twice that the time 1:42am had a hidden message. It was a breadcrumb that I needed to digest and have broken down for me by the Holy Spirit. And I also needed to be aware that whatever revelation it contained, it was going to very shortly manifest in the earth. Now I have a small group fellowship of two other remnant saints where we share the things that the Lord shows us. And one of these friends found a key in the grass outside her house. And she had been sent to look for the key by the person who had dropped it there, who said it was the key to her dressing room. In other words, it's the key to the room where garments are changed. So, she sent us a photograph of the key that she found, and the key was lying there, plain as day in the grass, and it had two numbers on it: number 4 on the front and number 2 on the back. And we mulled over the possibility that the Lord was giving a key in the number of 42, as in the 42nd generation. But as I looked at the picture of that key, I saw 4 and 2. And immediately the Holy Spirit put before my eyes the situation on the mountain of transfiguration, where there were four people - Peter, James, John and Jesus, and another two from Heaven, Moses and Elijah. So, the number four and two, the Holy Spirit was telling me that when they appeared together, represented code for what happened on the mountain of transfiguration. And let's just read that quickly.

Mark 9:2 ‘6 days after this, Jesus took with him Peter, James and John, and led them up to a high mountain apart by themselves. {In other words, what was going to happen was a private affair. It was not going to be done in front of a big crowd,) and He was transfigured before them and became resplendent with divine brightness, and His garments became glistening, intensely white, as no fuller on earth could bleach them. And Elijah appeared to them, accompanied by Moses, and they were holding a protracted conversation with Jesus’.

So, there we see the 4; Peter, James, John and Jesus and the 2; Moses and Elijah. Then the Holy Spirit took me back to my original breadcrumb, which was the time I had woken up twice, and it was 42 minutes past 1 in the morning. And He said to me, How do you write it? And I wrote 1:42am and He said, How else can you write it? And I wrote 1h42am, and the Holy Spirit said, “Yes, in one hour, the 4 and the 2 will take place. In one hour, there will be mass transfiguration worldwide and it will be happening very soon.” I was utterly astonished at what He was showing me, that so much could just come out of a simple awakening time!

Then, He took me back to look at that picture of the key again, because a key always opens a door. And I'd mentioned to you that it was the key to a dressing room, a room where there were garments. So that obviously links to Jesus being clothed over and His change of garment during the transfiguration. And, you know, a key has a part that you hold; a shaft, and at the end is the key part that works in the lock. And all keys have different shapes for that part. And this particular key had a part that looked like a ‘capital E’. And the Spirit said to me, “Transfiguration is the key to open the door to the Eternal realms.” Now that is a profound connection as well, because Jesus FIRST became transfigured and then Moses and Elijah appeared from the Eternal realms to converse with Him.

The next morning as I sat with the Holy Spirit asking for further revelation on this transfiguration that would be shortly taking place, He prompted me to look up all the instances where the Greek word G142 appeared, remember g142 means ‘to bear up, to lift up or to loose and bear away’. And the very first scripture that He highlighted for me was used in the feeding of the 5000. You remember that it was late in the day and the crowd was hungry and Jesus got them all to sit down. And he took the available food, which was the five loaves and the two fishes, blessed it and broke it, gave the loaves to the disciples, and they fed the multitude. And Matthew 14:20 says,

‘and they did all eat and were filled. And they took up of the fragments that remained, 12 baskets full’.

The word translated ‘took up’ in that verse is G142. They lifted up and carried away the fragments that remained. And then the Holy Spirit just opened my eyes to the fact that these fragments that ‘remained’ represented the remnant. They were what was left over; the broken pieces - the remnant that was broken and lying in the dust were lifted up. They were gathered together and they were lifted up together. And I want to say to you, Remnant, that the Lord has laid hold of your life, and then after blessing it, He broke you and He used your life to feed a multitude right up to this point. And now you find yourself as broken remnant lying in the dust. But there comes a point; a moment when the broken remnant is taken up, gathered together and lifted up, and there are 12 baskets full, which is very significant.

The breaking of bread is a profound thing - do you remember on the road to Emmaus when the disciples asked Jesus to stay with them a bit longer as they went to their lodgings? He broke bread and as He did so, they eyes were opened to see Him. So, in the breaking of your life as bread, the eyes of others have been opened to see Jesus. And it has been a costly breaking for you, because you have borne the breaking time after time, but the result of it has been the opening of the eyes of others to see Jesus as never before. The word for bread, ‘lechem’, also means ‘fruit’ and it also means ‘war’. So, the broken bread; the broken remnant are the broken fruit. Doesn't that sound like the crushing and the breaking of the olives and the grapes which we have spoken of recently?

In Exodus 16:22, on the sixth day, God's people in the wilderness were instructed to gather twice as much of the bread of Heaven. A double portion was gathered to sustain and feed the people in the wilderness on the day of Sabbath rest - which is the day where no man can work. And precious remnant, those that find yourself lying in the dust, broken, your gathering and your lifting up is to feed the church in the wilderness on a day when no man can work. Now, what is the purpose of the gathering and the lifting up of the broken remnant? Well, there is a key in the fact that there were 12 baskets. 12 is the number of authority and government and the word in there for ‘basket’ is a small wicker hand basket. It's a different word for ‘basket’ used in the second feeding of the 4000. But this one that we are focusing on here in Matthew 14, was a small hand basket. Those 12 baskets were hand- picked, chosen, broken remnant pieces that were gathered together. And I also want to say to you that in the gathering together, there is a dealing with the loneliness that the broken remnant feels at this time. Many, many of the remnant have been lying in the dust, waiting for the lifting up. And there has been such a loneliness because of the isolation and not being in touch with other members of the broken remnant. And I want to say to you that there is coming a gathering together, there is coming divine connection between one broken remnant piece and another. There is a gathering together in a basket by hand and a lifting up.

The Holy Spirit showed me that Jesus fed a multitude twice because there is a message and a key for the endtime company in the two gatherings - and we see it in Revelation 12 with the lifting up of the manchild to the throne and secondly, the raising up and the carrying of the woman with the wings of the great eagle to the place prepared. I believe the first feeding of the 5000 and the gathering of the 12 baskets of broken remnant represents the gathering and the lifting up of the manchild and the next feeding in Matthew Chapter 15 of the 4000, which yields seven baskets of broken remnant is the gathering and the lifting up of the woman that is taken to the wilderness to be fed and kept safe for three and a half years.

So, I want to first focus on the