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I received this 1:55 AM, July 3, 2021

After waking from pain, I remained up and praying about the things coming to the United States, praying that I will be used in my final hours of life as I know that I will die in the East Coast Tsunami (see prior prophecy’s on this site for more details).

Specifically, I have been hearing that something significant will happen here (U.S.) in July. Though I have had no specific details as I have prayed since April about this word of knowledge. When I awoke this morning, the Holy Spirit confirmed that weather events would be one thing (although I sense there is something else that will unfold). We are seeing weather breaking events all over the country and this is confirmation of see quote below.

As I continued to pray, here is what the Holy Spirit spoke:

America you have been warned and warned. I have given few empires the level of warnings I have given to you. You have been the modern day Israel, obedient only to become so out of the realm of your purpose, it is as if you never sought righteousness at all.

Your boasting of your grandeur has been heard in nearly every part of the world and yet, you are so decrepit and decayed within that you are a house of cards and soon you will fall and grovel like you have demanded of so many others.

Though you have claimed to be a Christian nation, and even claimed that you are founded on Christian principles, for the most part that has been an utter deception from the beginning. With your true roots based on Freemasonry, a truly corrupt set of beliefs that glorify the enemy of your soul, Lucifer, that whom you claim is the true light…I have protected your borders because there have been a true remnant dedicated to me, the Great I AM, and my son, the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! I have heard the prayers of the righteous and withheld the wrath for the evil ones. I have seen those who have crept within among the just; yet, most are still unawares and remain so even though the evidence of your evil doings are highly visible with those with spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear.

I have removed the veil of deception for those who truly seek me but many are still waiting for a man to save them! Oh, how this grieves me to no end. I have spoken through my true prophets that your Trump was not the new Cyrus the Great but many still remain captivated by this evil man and his agenda. It is not my will that people would be more dependent on any man, making him, the object of worship. You have history to reflect upon in this manner. I have allowed men to rise and their actions to guide nations into greater corruptions. I have allowed people to be so blinded by their own fleshly corruption that they can not see how such evil influences all their opinions and behaviors. Why? Because it becomes obvious to those around them that they are under these delusions and fallen for a great deception.

How can you have history and my word warning of the weakness of leaders, many who are under grand delusions of their own capabilities, that they fail to realize that they are merely tools of demons and principalities? Many wise men have even said that those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat it but you eschew wisdom seeking only after those who will tickle your ears and boast great things. Ah, America the Great, you still fail to see that you are Babylon the Great. Your fall is coming!

As I have forewarned about the famine coming to the land, it has begun. Drought in places that will be so devastating that many crops will yield only a small portion of its past abundance. People will now begin to witness huge price hikes and vast shortages for food they once had in abundance.

Other areas will have floods, which will also devastate their regions and what you have stored aside will be full of disease and rot. Some will try to eat it anyway, just to fill their empty stomachs but they will be rewarded with diarrhea instead and other distresses as a result. Those who once boasted of abundance will now worry and fret about survival.

You did not listen when I warned to set aside foods when the days of plenty ended. So, enamored with the past, the “good times” you felt untouchable and became blinded by the abundance itself, as if it was purely by your greatness, value and aptitude. Failing to say thanks to me for providing the proper balance of rain and sunshine and the seeds to grow in the ground I have given you. If you are so much in control and self-reliant, then you can fix the problems, right? I can and will remain on the sidelines as you have desired and will allow you to take care of these problems yourself. Good luck.

Meanwhile, a remnant does remain, small as it is. You have been mocked, resented, scoffed and abused by others. Do not expect that to end or change, as the time comes to a close, I will send even more evidence as to who serves evil thus those who do not will become more noticeable. You will suffer for your testimony. I never lied about the challenges and persecutions that were coming to all who followed me. I asked you to pick up your cross. I asked you to turn your plans and hopes over to me so that I could work in you and through you based on what was needed.

It is a blessing to suffer with me for your faith in and through me. Those you trust that tell you that you are sinning because you suffer reveal their own deceptions. Read my word, that is not what it says. These scorners and mockers will assuredly be dealt with for they sow dismay and fear, these are not from me. They are blaming you for the enemy actions, who is already persecuting you. I said that you will suffer persecution, it is a sign that you are mine.

Of course, if you are breaking the ten commandments and are reaping consequences for that sin, that is not suffering for the sake of your faith. Those who steal shall be punished for stealing. Those who confess me and are tormented and lied about because of sinfulness of another, will be strengthened by my Holy Spirit. Pray to me and ask for more courage, strength, fortitude and anything else you have need of in this season. When you seek me, you will be given all that you ask for and more.

As I end, I want you to seek me like you never have. I call all my children to fast and pray. These days will only be endured, when you do so. Answers you have awaited for years, even decades can only be delivered, brought to a breakthrough in this manner. The times of prayers at the dinner table and a few moments before sleep has long come to an end.

Now is the time to pray. This is your Getsemane hour! Total destruction is about to imperil each one in this land, I will protect my own as I see fit. What will bring about my kingdom and its purposes. Do not assume that the circumstances you will see is evil, there will be many things that I will set to right. The pollutions of great wickedness that your people have promoted and brought about is now going to be washed away, in amazing ways.

Behold the End of Days is upon you, as I have said last Spring through this prophet and others, the days many of my children since my son have hoped for, now is here. How blessed you are, though you don’t understand, one day it will make sense. Behold, prepare you lamps, the Bridegroom has already prepared the feast for his wedding!

As I was reading over this message, I was given a vision.

I saw United States map and superimposed upon it were an empty cup and plate. I saw the part of the arm below the elbow with a hand, take the cup and reach out further to S. America but there was no response (S. America is experiencing its own extreme weather problems particularly in Brazil). Then the arm reached out to Asia and in response there were a few grains of rice but not even enough to cover the bottom of the cup. Then the arm reached out to the African continent but again, no food was available. I knew next came Europe and Australian but again, what was provided was a tiny pittance as each Continent is suffering lack. What food there is to be had, it is kept for those within its borders, given among those who can pay the exorbitant prices.

Revelation 14:8 King James Version (KJV) 8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19


Paragraph 14 Troubles are quickly coming, famine, pestilence, financial collapse, earthquakes, flooding, drought will continue to escalate and bring great destruction into the lives of many millions throughout the world and here in your homeland. When the day of great poverty seems unending then you will be overtaken by your enemies, the very ones that you trusted to allow you to become fat and lazy on all your toys and possessions. You are literally possessed by your desires. America war is coming to your land!

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