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Gorbachev And The Three Bears – Bro. John in Mo.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 12:43 PM BRO. JOHN IN MO.

On March 26, 2021 I had a dream which I strongly believe was of the Lord. At the beginning of the dream, I, and someone else, (who I can’t remember) were standing outside my house, and when I looked into my front yard, I saw three large Brown Bears. As soon as I saw them, the other person and I quickly moved to the back of my house, and ran into the back door.

One of the bears followed us up to the back door, and began rummaging around on my back porch, tearing things up. At this point, I was in the kitchen, holding my rifle… just keeping an eye on the bear, when suddenly the bear stuck his head into the open window of my kitchen. As soon as the bears head came into my kitchen window, it had instantly changed into the head of a man.

It then had the full, round, puffy face of a very elderly bald headed man, that looked just like former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev. (only I do not remember noticing the strange looking birthmark that Gorbachev has on his bald head) I saw his face close up, and both of his eyes were totally bloodshot red. For some reason, I felt like I should not shoot this “thing”… so I very loudly yelled at it to leave. When I yelled at it, it seemed startled, and utterly confused, as it slowly withdrew it’s head from my window.

After this, the dream changed. I, and several other people, were in a different place, no longer in my house. All of us were armed with weapons. There were two large very thick glassed windows that were in a wall, like they were placed there for observation. (like an interrogation room) When I looked into the window, I saw all three of the bears, and what I guess you could call “animal control people” all in the room together.

The animal control people were beaten and bloodied, and all of their faces were horribly bruised… black and blue, from tangling with the bears. They were trying to jab the three bears with poles that had needles on the end of them, and trying to put collars with leashes on the bears. All of a sudden I heard a loud gunshot ring out, and one of the animal control people walked over to one of the bears that he had just shot and said:I think “Big Red” is dead.” That was the end of the dream. It is interesting to me that this dream had THREE bears in it, and on the same day that I had the dream (Fri. 3/26/21) the news came out that THREE Russian nuclear submarines had surfaced up in the Arctic region of the North Pole.

I also find it interesting, the patterns that I see concerning the color RED, (Gorbachev’s red bloodshot eyes) and I also heard the color RED spoken in my dream (“I think big RED is dead”) Red is the color symbol of international Communism. I am wondering if what I heard (“big red is dead”) has something to do with Gorbachev possibly dying soon, and his death being a sign, or signal that war with Russia is close?? (I don’t know, pure speculation on my part) One other thing just occurred to me. In this dream…where the bear stuck his head through my kitchen window… this is the same window that in actual reality… (not a dream) I was looking out into my back yard last year (Sun. April 19th 2020 at 6:53pm) when out of the blue the Holy Spirit spoke to me: “The RED Horse is coming” This word of wisdom I received was one of the clearest words I have ever received from the Lord, and the RED horse means war! (Rev 6:4)

Nearly one month after I had the dream about bears, on April 21, 2021, out of the blue, the Holy Spirit spoke two words to me. In my spirit I clearly heard the termREARING ATTACKI began to pray about this word I felt I had received from the Lord, but the Lord was silent to my prayers, I heard nothing. I then went to my dictionary to see what I might find.

Rearing” is an interesting word that is derived from the word “rear” meaning “to rise on the hind legs, as a horse” or to “rise up in anger” also “the part of an army the farthest from the battlefield.”

These are just some of the definitions that I found in my Webster’s Dictionary. I was then curious what I might find on the computer, so I went to a search engine and typed in the two words that the Lord spoke to me, (“Rearing Attack“)

The very first thing that came up was a sculpture of an angry bear standing up on it’s hind legs, as if it were ready to kill. When I saw that, a cold chill went down my back. There are no coincidences with God. I absolutely got the message as to what the Lord was trying to tell me in the dream, and the word he spoke to me. (I believe the sculpture is called “Bear Rearing To Attack” you can purchase it at several places online) I have had many dreams over the last 12 years or so, of Russian President Putin, and my self, talking together candidly about one subject: Nuclear War. It is coming friends, war with Russia is coming. Prepare as best you can, above all spiritually. On that soon coming dark day, may we all be found hiding under the shadow of the wings of Almighty God. Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo. 9/15/21

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