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Updated: Jun 4, 2022

(KATHY'S NOTE: I Felt the need to say this is NOT a "Mormon or New Age thing guys just something special The Lord has shown us)

Hi everybody!

So I wanted to open this up with a little bit of preface. So back in the late 90s, while I was still Catholic, believe it or not, I was in my late twenties, and all I wanted was a husband and children. I had been praying and waiting... And praying and waiting. Well, it was soon after that, the Lord began to tug at my heart and began to lead me out of the Catholic Church. During this time, many Supernatural things began to happen to me. I had gotten the gift of healing, and He began to wake me up to the fact that I did not have to be Catholic.

But around that same time, I was at a prayer meeting one night, and the Lord spoke to me. He wanted to give me a beautiful gift of excitement, and a little glimpse of what I would be experiencing outside of time. Of course this was very long before I understood anything about Transfiguration, or glorified bodies, or anything like that. I had just barely become aware that it was the end times, so I sort of knew what was coming but more like just a very general idea. So that night at the prayer meeting, I was on my way to the bathroom, and the Lord spoke to me audibly. He says to me..."As in the days of the Millenium, I will say to you be fruitful and multiply." so this word from the Lord stayed on my heart. I met Dan online, and a few years later we were married. If you haven't seen our testimony, you should go to our Meet the Team page on our website. But Dan had only really fully dedicated his life when he was 33 years old, 3 years before we got married. When I met him, the Lord began to show me, and then spoke audibly to me, that he was the one that Jesus chose for me...he was my "forever partner".

Now, as I grew closer to the Lord, and begin to walk in my relationship with Him, I read in the word of God that it says there is "no marriage in heaven", and I questioned The Lord about this at that time. However, the Lord explained to me that that just means that there will not be "earthly relations" with a man and woman as it is now, "inside of time", as we understand it. Remember, physical relations IS all that a wedding is...a spouse is created every time a man and woman have relations. Of course, that was why The Lord said to the woman at the well that she had 5 husbands...because she had relations with each of them. So...because once we are in our glorified bodies outside of time in heaven, we won't need any of that, God will simply create children for us outside of time! He is our creator. This is how he helped me to understand what he meant when he spoke that word to me.

Getting back to the story, before Dan fully gave his life to the Lord, he was very much in the world and did not walk with the Lord. So after his second marriage he decided he didn't want to have any more children, so had a procedure done so that he would never be able to. And believe me he'd made sure that it would never be able to be reversed. However, of course, he didn't realize that God was about to send his true forever partner. So, this was the beginning of my own refining process, in a very big way. Over the next 10-15 years, the Lord began to remove my own will for my life, so that I would understand His will, and the reasons He sets things up the way He does. As you can guess, we never had our own children, I had stepchildren, and spiritual children, but never gave birth myself. But after 15 years, I finally got to a place where I released my own will completely to the Lord in this regard, and I had total peace, because I knew that the call on my life was much bigger than being a mother and a wife. And once I began to realize and accept this before the Lord, I began to get excited to know what God had in store for me.

So in the last few years, when I started learning about Transfiguration, and the anointing and call the Lord has on my life, I realized that I could never have fulfilled everything the Lord wanted me to do, until this moment, if I had had my own children. He needed me to be available to Him and set up in a situation where He could use me in every way that He needed me. And I thank Him and I praise Him that my life has turned out the way it has, and Now that I have fully stepped into everything He's had for me here and now, I am so ready to step into everything he has for me outside of time! Glory to God!

I needed to explain this to you so that when I share this other word, you'll understand how exciting it is for me to hear this! This sister Juanita that many of you have heard us mention in her videos, she is not only a sister in the Lord but one of our spiritual daughters. She is very prophetic, and she got this word that fully confirmed what the Lord spoke to me 25 years ago!

Let me start by sharing that last fall, she had a vision where she saw a glorified man and woman who were forever partners, outside of time (in heaven) in the Lord. She saw how perfectly, and blissfully happy they were being together with Jesus forever. And then the Lord showed her they wanted a child, so they, sort of, spiritually came together as one and then separated and then suddenly there was a child between them!! The Father created a glorified child for them!! I was beyond moved by that tears. After all those years since The Lord spoke that word to me, to finally hear this amazing confirmation, was beyond comprehension for me!! I've held onto that with so much excitement!

Now...last night, she texted me and said she had a dream! And I will share it below...

"I could hear bells and trumpets as a voice announced "the first Kingdom Birth has taken place"! I could see newborns being taken care of and young children running everywhere. I then saw angels pairing young boys and girls together so they can grow up to their prime together as best friends. God literally had somebody for everybody, and there was no looking and searching for the right one. He had it all planned out perfectly, to where children's best childhood friend was their forever partner. The older couples who were already paired together perfectly on Earth, were conceiving miraculously, and instantly holding newborns. It was a big time for celebration! God was so excited for Kingdom birth because this was how He intended life to be for Adam and Eve!"

I just had to share this with everyone, because I know there's so many out there who have been waiting for their Kingdom partner for many years, and I hope this beautiful testimony and words from the Lord will encourage you, and get you excited to not only see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but you meet your forever partner, and be in ultimate peace and happiness forever and ever! Glory to God!

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