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Forerunners – Patti Young

JULY 24, 2021 9:46 AM PATTI YOUNG

I woke up at 5:40….

I later began hearing words in my spirit.

I saw fire, fire going down a pathway. I heard ” forerunners“. Then God said “I shall send these forth.” I then saw his hand and it was huge. His hand came through their backs and he took over their flesh he had complete control of these people. They were like emptied gloves that he fitted on his hand and he had control to do everything through them. When they spoke it was him. When they walked it was him. He completely took them and he began to do everything in the earth…it was all him. He directed, led, there was no ” person, no identity, it was God covered by flesh. 100% him walking, talking breathing, seeing…everything. God had completely consumed them. And GOD was in the earth…..It was soooo powerful. It was like fire walking on the earth. POWERFUL

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