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Following the frequency of his Fragrance - Christine Beadsworth

(KATHY'S NOTE: This is a BEAUTIFUL sister that was shared with us by our other beautiful sister Ursh! Thank you sister!! This sister, Christine is incredibly anointed, she is first fruits Rachel bride, and her messages will absolutely bless you!!! Please take a look at an subscribe to her Brighteon channel, as well I am putting a link to her website below.)

(Brighteon Video Below)

Christine Beadsworth

Following the frequency of his Fragrance

A journey into the threefold things

We're moving out of the two fold into the three fold. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh each has a frequency. Each has a spiritual fragrance. Can you hear the voice of the Beloved? He's coming. He's calling you, He's leaping over the mountains and running over the hills. He's calling you out of the twofold things, come up higher beloved. Coming up to the threefold things. It's time. Leave old things behind, reach forward to what lies ahead. "My beloved speaks and says to me, rise up my love my fair one, and come away", leave where you've been, leave where you've been planted, where you've become accustomed to things, turn your back on what has been, and face fully towards the future. Trust me I will lead you. Take my hand, let's come up higher. I have so many things to show you. Come up higher beloved, come up higher. A bundle of Myrrh is my beloved. There's a fragrance that comes from the bridegroom, as I take His hand and begin a new Journey with Him into the threefold things, deeper and higher than I've ever been before. There is no fear in this journey, I hold the hand of the One Who died for me. (NOTE: Myrrh has a frequency of 105 Mhz H105: a vessel, basin or charger) Cyrus gave a command, for all the gold and silver basins to be returned to the house of the Lord. (Ezra 1:7-11) Locked up in Babylon, they (the basins) were silent...and then this sound came. "RELEASE" the gold and silver basins...within you is a sound. "I rose up to open for my Beloved. I recognized His voice he's wooing me and drawing me. I can smell his fragrance. (Song Of Solomon 5:5) And my hands dripped with myrrh, and my fingers with liquid (sweet scented) myrrh. He's left a deposit for me, transition myrrh to carry me out of the twofold things. Where I am tired from labor. (NOTE: 'liquid' - 'abar'< to cross over, deliver, transition, sweet smelling, to emigrate, impregnante) to cross over, and transition, and emigrate into the threefold things. Saturate my senses with your myrrh. Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. Dense darkness is surrounding the people's. But the glory of the Lord will rise upon me. And in the night season, I will move towards the mountain of myrrh, and the hill of frankincense. I know that fragrance, it's the fragrance of the Bridegroom. I'm following the frequency of His fragrance. And the frequency of Frankincense called me higher and deeper, I'm moving from the holy place, into the Holy of Holies. I'm moving from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age. His lips are like Lily's, dropping sweet smelling myrrh. (Song of Solomon 5:13) Transition myrrh...words that bring change, words that move me. Where is the frequency of the Bridegroom's breath. I am carried by His breath, to a new season, and a new way of being. The old wineskin is gone, and the new is coming forth. Who is this...who is this that comes gliding out of the wilderness, like stately pillars of smoke? Who is this one so fragrant? So powerful. Perfumed with myrrh. Perfumed with his words, the very words He's spoken. Perfumes with frankincense and all the fragrant powders of the merchants. Frankincense has a frequency of 147 Mhz. (NOTE: H147 is 'threshing floors' appearing only ONCE, in connection with the stone that STRIKES THE GIANT STATUE on its feet and the broken pieces are like chaff on the threshing floor) Frankincense is the sound of worship war. And I saw a DOOR opened in the heaven, a door to the three-fold things...and I heard a VOICE calling me deeper...into the atmosphere of the SPEAKING PLACE...past the brazen alter and the elementary things of CHRIST... Drawing me into the HOLY PLACE, in the Light that should be found there. Here, the seven spirits shed fresh light on the BREAD OF HIS PRESENCE that is coated with frankincense. And passion for my beloved sets the incense aflame. Here at the golden altar, I forget what lies behind. And I fix my eyes on the One whom my soul loves. May the FRAGRANCE of My Sacrifice rise before YOUR THRONE. Zeal for YOUR HOUSE consumes me. The Spirit and the bride call "come Yeshua come"! May I be a bit of Honor in your hand. In the Holy of Holies, GOLDEN VESSELS/GOLD is permeated by The only VOICE present. (NOTE: GOLD gets its frequency from its surroundings) The Voice of BLOOD. SATURATE me in that Sound. May your Lightnings and Thunders be my portion. Fill my cup Lord. Make your messengers a flame of fire! Show me Your GLORY, I want to see your FACE, Lord! You O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongs, shine Force! (Psalm 91:1) you are in the midst of us. 'Then I beheld, and lo, a likeness of a MAN with the appearance of FIRE; from his waist down word he was like FIRE.' (Ezekiel 8:2) who can dwell with these Everlasting burnings? ('Our God is and Everlasting Fire.' (Hebrews 12:29) as for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like BURNING COALS OF FIRE. Seven lamps Before the Throne, seven eyes and seven horns, Lightnings, voices, holy sounds, for those who stand on Holy Ground. River of the BURNING SON, let YOUR FIERY BREATH now come. Come and set YOUR living stones on FIRE. "I enfill those I can trust. My love, My dove, My perfect one, she stands alone above the rest; and they will be my jewels (in the day when I openly declare them). And I will baptize you with the HOLY SPIRIT and with FIRE." A MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD arises...sons of the RIGHT HAND, His servant, the BRANCH (a holy Remnant, sealed and sent...His scepter extended in the midst of His foes) And those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. Is there a Three that bear witness; the Spirit, the WATER, and the BLOOD, and THE MANCHILD CARRIES THIS THREEFOLD SOUND! We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb (and the word of our testimony, and we love not our lives, even unto death) FILLED with the SOUND OF THE BLOOD! All our days are written in his book before one of them came to be, we offer sells willingly (in the DAY OF HIS POWER). You shall also be a crown of GLORY in the hand of the LORD, and a ROYAL DIADEM in the hand of your GOD. (Isaiah 62:3) SELAH.


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