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FIRE!! FIRE!! FIRE!! – Krystal Beall

January 2, 2022 Krystal Beall

My beloved little weary flock I AM with you. Fear not. Forsaken you I have not. Never will I forsake you. I have listened, I have heard and I have answered your prayers. Your tears have I collected in my bottle. Stand firm in me. I have you engraved in the palm of my hand. I have overcome the world, thus have you. Victory. I have gone before you. I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also. I have made all things new and the moment of unveiling has come.

I have increased the darkness upon this most wicked, evil and corrupt generation. A generation that has rejected me and has caused me so much agony. Woe to you. I AM merciful and long suffering, willing no man to perish but all men to REPENT and live. Cry out to me. Return to me. How few, How few do just this. I mourn and weep. My pain is great. My agony has given birth unto my wrath. How few can see the hour that has come. The end of all things has come. Blind and deaf, full of sin, completely fallen away from me as is written. I increase the darkness upon humanity. Vengance is mine. I will repay.

Fire. Fire. Fire. Much fire is to fall from the heavens and explode from the pit in one accord. I have grown weary in my calling to a profane generation whom shows no desire for me.

I AM NOT MOCKED. America… Woe to you. WOE. Woe to the nation whom has rejected me and robbed me. Woe. Woe. Your nation is hell before me and remains blind. I was rejected in America and I have risen up in my fury. You shall run from a lion in the field to be met by a bear in the house. Hearts failing from fear. The rod of correction. The iron rod of oppression. Give back to America double upon double what she has given out. Pour out in full the cup of VENGANCE. My fiery indignation. America is fallen. Fallen. And the smoke of her burning shall be seen by all. Woe!!! Total destruction is in America. Desolation and destruction. I will look no more upon a country whom has hated me . In whom I have found no where to lay my head. America was not in the least moved by my tears, my calls or my warnings. She will be moved by fire. It is finished. America besieged. America is filthy and completely defiled. I have had enough. I will spare not nor will my eyes show pity upon a people whom are unclean and love it so. I will be terrible unto them.

Look up my faithful rememant who have listened to and obeyed me. Who are following me at all cost, ye even your own lives. Loving not your own lives unto death. Faithful. True. I AM. A wedding banquet. A restored garden. The desires of your hearts. What is written in revelation reveled and known fully by all men. My heart poured out and exposed. Behold I come. Quickly. I AM in the midst of thee. My face shall you see. Expect me.

A day of darkness and not light. ..but you my faithful are not in darkness. Set apart. Called into my marvelous light… chosen. A Holy people refined by me.. My cross bears. My crown receivers My few. MINE. Resurrection. My gift to you as I told you. I keep my word. I AM the way. I AM the TRUTH. I AM the life. I Am eternal. I AM that I AM. I AM the Alpha and Omega. The first and the last. The beginning and the end. A white stone. A new name revealed. I AM JESUS.


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