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Financial Collapse...Famine...Judgement - Matt M

Updated: Sep 9, 2021


First dream, I am in a bank and I am there to help clear it out or clean it out. I pull the bait money, which then activates the security company and the phone begins to ring. I didn't realize that the bait had not been deactivated. If you don't answer the call the security company will call the police. I am trying to find a phone, but all the phones have their handles missing.

Now comes the second dream. I at first thought that the first and second were just one dream, but after thinking about it they are actually separate from each other. The reason that I thought they were the same is because a former coworker at a previous bank branch that I worked at is in this dream. I do not know where I am. I only know that I am there to help clean up a closed location as in the first dream. We opened up a cupboard and in it were cereal boxes. The cupboards were full of cereal boxes. We start to empty the cupboards and the dream ends.

Third dream, I am in a hotel to help clean it out as I thought that it had been closed.The night before there were no guests in the hotel. Not one reservation. I find myself in the pool area and fall in. When I come up out of the water I see guests standing around the pool. I think to myself that this is strange as the hotel is supposed to be closed. I walk into the auditorium and it is packed full of people. They were there to witness a wedding. All the rooms in the hotel were taken. It was filled to capacity. The dining room is full of guests. Not one table was empty. There were so many people that they put up tables in the hallways to accommodate everyone. I'm trying to get through to the other side and I take off my shoes and walk across the tables with people eating at them. They don't seem to mind or even notice me going from table to table. When I get the one table a woman starts to complain. I then wake up.

As I was laying there thinking about the dreams. It was obvious that they all had a common theme to them. I was there to clean up or close up a location. I thought about the woman complaining and then I remembered Jesus' parable about a man at a wedding with no wedding garments. I think this woman represents this kind of person.

In Him, Matt M.


After presenting this to The Team, Jennifer got this Interpretation in the Spirit:

Money is going to become non existent and the person at the bank with the bait money is the fall guy. So, economy is in ruins and there will pointing of fingers on the cause. Second dream: Food will be scarce and very valuable. Famine. Third dream: Getting the hotel clean symbol of getting ready for Jesus. Seeking him, repenting, and coming out of the water is heart healing. The guests is the wedding supper of the lamb. Taking off shoes walking on holy ground. The woman complaining I think of this verse; James 5:9 Don’t grumble about each other, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. For look—the Judge is standing at the door!

ADDED 9/9/21 by Matt:

I read the interpretation and I thank you for your willingness to do that for me. The last part of the first dream kept coming back to me. After some more prayer over a couple of days God revealed to me it's meaning. The security team represents God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. The telephone is God trying to call us to Him. We have to answer the call before it's too late. Since the bank was empty, this signified that the transfiguration had already occurred. That is the reason why there was no handle on the telephone. It is going to be harder to answer the call of God in this time period., but not impossible.

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