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July 16, 2021 12:20 PM Grace

I had this short vivid dream on the morning of 15th July 2021.

Someone was showing me a series of images on a piece of paper. I could not remember the previous images and their descriptions. But when it came to the last one, the image began to zoom into full view.

As it expanded in vision, it also came to life. Suddenly I realized I was hovering high up in the sky and watching a scene below. I saw a vast sea or something that looked like an ocean.

Many different colors of metal cargo containers could be seen floating stranded helplessly in the water. They were all spaced out individually. I am not sure what are inside these cargo containers.

However, I did not see any human or ship around, neither did I see any animal. There was no sign of life everywhere, whether on or in the water.

Even though I did not understand what I was seeing, I could sense a major catastrophic event must had happened, but it was not made known to me in the dream.

Then I saw the alphabets “ELE” appear in front of me in the air. Immediately I spoke out loud these words:EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT“.

And I woke up right here.

I went to Google and searched for EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT. Some images of meteor or asteroid hitting the earth and falling fireballs were displayed in the search results. tells you 7 extinction level events that could end life as we know it.

I also find it interesting that godshealer7 shared a prophecy in 2019 on a coming EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT at

I live in Asia and very rarely dream in full vivid colors. Please pray about this and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment.

Thanks, Grace

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