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Escape from Wal-Mart – Cassandra

Escape from Wal-Mart

and Washington Monument Hit by Lightning

August 17, 2021 8:49 AM Cassandra

Dear brothers and sisters in Yahushua, I had a brief dream last night of escaping a Wal-Mart. Others have mentioned that many of the Wal-Marts have been converted to FEMA camps, and I remember reading about that, Jade Helm, and even railroad tracks leading out of the Wal-Marts. Also people being sprayed with something when entering, and the hand scanners for MOTB payment. Wal-Mart/ Martial Law.

Ok, so my dream was brief, but my daughter and I were in a Wal-Mart, (which I would in real life never do, I stopped going to those places years ago, stay out of the Wal-Marts!) and as we went to leave I noticed HEAVY MILITARY TYPE SECURITY near the entrance and the check out areas. It looked sort of like the riot police, except it was even more advanced. Black colored armor, maybe some were even robots, hybrids, or nephilim. Scary looking, and 5-7 around each check out area. Some how we drove out the front door in a car, bypassing the checkout areas to escape. I took some different route as we left, in case I was being followed or tracked. Now that I think about it I have had another dream of escaping a Wal-Mart, but this one, I was just in the parking lot area and knew not to go in, but that I needed to escape the area. End of dream.

Note: I had a strong feeling others were unable to get out or escape from Wal-Mart.

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Dream: FEMA rounding up “radical Christians” into closed Walmarts – Jennifer Schultz

Jennifer Schultz

Had another dream last night.

It dealt with FEMA, walmart, and Trump and Obama. Started out with FEMA buses coming in every town.rounding up the “radical Christians” as the director told an agent who was rounding people up. They were taken to walmart more started closing due to “plumbing issues” like the ones down south did. The UN and FEMA were working together. Pastors were ratting out people in their church who didn’t vaccinate, who believed in the 2nd amendment and who were on fire truly for God. Then I seen obama talking to “isis” he threw down a picture of trump and told the sniper shooter I want him to be next. There was a bullseye in the middle of his forehead. before I woke up I seen dark clouds coming across America along with bugs that were huge and they had armor on with razor sharp teeth. When I woke up I asked God if it was from him. The verse about what is hidden in darkness will come to light came into my head.

Luke 8:17 King James Bible For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad


It could be that the military/security presence was there due to inflation and scarcity of items. I am not sure. It felt more ominous than that, but I have also read that as grocery prices inflate, and food becomes more scarce that food trucks and grocery stores will need extra security.

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Panic, looting/rioting shooting of US Citizens – Eric

July 4, 2020 7:07 PM Eric


Here is the second dream I had, this one in 2018. Notice the time frame of when it happens- the Fall season. Again, very much like Brother Dana’s. Please feel free to use if it will help people to be ready.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: February 23, 2018 at 08:01:56 CST

This is Eric I had another very vivid dream that the Lord told me to send to you. Honestly this was a scary one because it really showed the panic that was soon to set into our nation.

I dreamed that I was driving on a highway in Texas. I had an understanding that it was close to Thanksgiving. As I was driving, I noticed that people were beginning to panic. An event had happened somewhere in the nation, and I had an understanding that it was nuclear. The people that were driving were in a frenzy to get home to their families. Some people were even ramming other vehicles that were going too slow. I saw semi trucks running smaller vehicles off of the road in order to get back to their families.

The scene shifted and I was driving into a smaller town in Texas. I noticed that there was a lot of smoke filling the streets and through the smoke, I saw that some of the businesses, like convenience stores and dollar stores, had been thoroughly looted. People were running out of the stores with food and other items. I was stopped by several people who seemed to be town officials. I don’t know what their positions were, but it seemed like a mayor, city council members etc. The officials asked me if I was a law enforcement officer. I told them that I was. They begged me to please stay in their town and help protect them. They offered to pay a lot of money for me to do this. I told them that I wish I could help, but that I had to get home to my family. I drove on out of the town.

The final scene was in a grocery store parking lot. It was in a city in central Texas. In the parking lot, I was with a group of police officers who were tasked with protecting a large grocery store. We were in positions in the parking lot protected by sand bags. It looked like military positions. The parking lot was ringed by a large chain link fence with barbed wire. This was there to keep the store safe and unauthorized people out. Outside of the fence, there were hundreds and hundreds of people begging to be let in to get food. Men, women and children. The crown outside the fence became more and more angry. They finally pushed the fence over and began to charge the grocery store. The officers began to open fire on the people. Many were killed trying to get to the grocery store for food.

This dream was distressing to me because as a police officer, it was terrible to conceive of shooting citizens just needing food and basics to survive.

A second dream I had just few nights ago:

I was driving with my wife on a highway near our home. In the road in front of us, a huge volcanic ulcer bubbled out of the ground. It was hundreds of feet in diameter. The ulcer did not consist of lava, but of volcanic mud. Our vehicle became stuck in this mud, as did many other vehicles on the highway. My wife and I got out of our vehicle and began to walk around it. The mud was heated and sticky. Many other vehicles had stopped before hitting the mud and men were getting out and trying to help pull the stuck vehicles out of the mud.

I noticed as I walked around that my wife disappeared. At first, I feared she had sank into the mud. But I had an immediate understanding that she had been removed somewhere to a place of safety. I looked to the north, and I saw a massive wall of water sweeping across the horizon. It was around two hundred feet tall and stretched from the east to the west. It was pushing south. As the water rolled closer to us, one of the men trying to pull out the stuck vehicles began to weep. I heard him saying to himself out loud that he knew he was about to die and go to hell. I grabbed him and told him to call upon the name of the Lord and he would be saved. The water slammed over us and we were tumbling underwater. I was holding the man around the shoulders and I kept telling him to call upon the Lord. The odd thing was that I could talk to him while we were underwater and I was not drowning. There was incredible destruction around us. Buildings were torn apart by this wave of water and we were rolling under the water without being struck by this debris.

Lyn, I sought the Lord about these dreams. There is great panic, confusion and terror coming to this country soon. Some event, nuclear in nature will start it. It will quickly collapse the systems we depend upon for delivery of essentials we need for living. Food will be the big one that will be in shortage. Looting, rioting and killing will quickly follow. During this time, God’s people will be speaking the Gospel to those who are in panic about what is happening. God will protect those who are walking with Him in order that they may carry out this assignment.

It was emphasized to me strongly to prepare spiritually and physically for these soon coming events. The Lord distinctly told me that destruction like we cannot imagine is about to sweep this land. He told me that the people who are unrepentant toward Him, that care not for the sinful behavior in our nation, especially the murders of the innocent through abortion and satanic killings, would literally see their children ripped apart in front of them by the nations coming to occupy this country. That was a chilling word from Him.

I don’t know what you think of these words, but do with them what you are lead by the Lord to do. He just told me to give them to you.

God bless,



On another note, the Washington Monument (phallic obelisk to baal) was hit by lighning yesterday. You can read about that here:

It reminded me of when the Vatican was hit by lightning when the last poop resigned and right before the new poop/false prophet/Jesuit Francis was installed. You can read about that here:

I leave you with the prophetical verse from Luke 10:18. Pray on it and you decide:

And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

I really hope to meet some of you in the wilderness sometime SOON!

Much love, blessings, encouragement, and shalom, Cassandra

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