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It all started with was early evening, and I was in a house making sure all the doors were locked and windows were shut. I had the TV on and a light in the kitchen area. Suddenly I heard banging and I looked and saw a "creature person" trying to break into the house. I then heard noise coming from the bedroom and I looked in there to see another creature person trying to come through a window that had been left open. I grasped a hand gun from a dresser drawer and shot. This creature falls back, shot in the head. I heard knocking at the door and a man outside tells me to come with him because I was in danger, and there are more of these creature people coming . He sees I have a handgun and he tells me to continue to kill them by shooting these things in the head. We ran across the road together to a neighbor's house.

Next scene, I was alone by the time I got across the road. There was a car full of men across the road but I know they are not normal people (the same creature people). These men have an intoxicated look in their eyes and movements but they do not talk. I see another car with a woman in it and a girl about 11 in her night gown and no shoes (both of them looked normal) . The girl was sitting in the open trunk of the car. I grasped the girl by the hand and put her quickly in the back seat of the car the woman is driving but a man got in the driver's seat when the woman moved over. They say "No! there is no room" to me, but I get in the backseat with the girl anyway, just as the man is backing up. There was another man that wanted to enter the car but he was left behind with the creature people. It was terrible.

Next scene, we came to a hospital and there were different people there some of them hospital workers who were trying to secure this part of the hospital. I was helping a woman lock the doors to this Unit we were held up in. We also, were putting paper and taping it over the glass, as we knew by now that the creature people were drawn to light, loud noises, and you had to kill them by shooting them in the head or if you had a long stick by poking their eyes out.

While we were covering the glass several of the creature people in the hall outside started trying to come in and so we started at that point having to kill them. Somehow a couple got in the Unit where we were at and we had to get rid of them also, Then a baby had died naturally but was born to a creature woman and we had to gouge its eyes out before it came back as a creature person and that was very upsetting. This is where I woke up upset from the dream.

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