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DREAM: Missiles Launched....WAR! - Dan

DAN'S DREAM - 12/7/22

As always I am walking with the same man as I have walked with in other dreams. And, as it started to rain, we came to a place off the road where we saw a type of cement hallway looking place. So we both walked down toward it, being enough room to fit us both easily, it went down farther but we stopped where we were at, and we were both comfortable knowing that we were out of the rain now. The hallways seemed to go farther down, but there was no need for us to walk any farther, since, like I said, we were comfortable. The ground started shaking, and I turned around to look in front where we came in, and something big was coming out of the ground. It almost looked to me like the top of a missile. Then I got a better look at it as it steadily rose from the ground, and I saw that it was indeed a missile! The writing on the outside was garbled, but it had red, white and blue on it, but the picture printed on it looked like a flag that was rustled up enough that you couldn't tell whether it was an American flag or not. It was fired up out of where it came from and the size of it was huge, which told me it was very close by. Once seeing the missile, I realized that we had walked down into a place from a missile silo area, although, we still felt safe there, so we stayed there. The missile rose and went off to the right up into the sky. I said, "Did you see that?" and the man said, "Yes." Just as the first missile disappeared in the sky, the ground once again began shaking and more then five other missiles were fired and spread out in the same area, over what appeared to be a mile! Each one once again having red, white and blue on the side, with some numbers I couldnt make out because they were so far away. Then the dream ended as Kathy woke me up.

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