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Dream: The Need For True Ministry In The Sleeping Church - Susan

Dream 7/27/21 - I was in a traditional church. There was some type of event like a teaching weekend or vacation program. I was sitting on a mat cleaning up after the nursery (infants 0-3years ) had left. Two men were standing up talking about how much mess the children had made, I spoke about how I had cleaned up each session in previous kids ministry and it wasn't hard (burden)to clean up. As I am cleaning up the toys, I keep finding tiny 5 cent silver coins. 2nd scene- I am counting coins in the, the police come with a sheep and a goat. It attacks me and knocks over the table.I am working on. I tell people in the church they do not care. 3rd scene- I have lost my phone I pick up a pastors phone to call my phone to find it. It is under a double or queen bed base. Then a woman (I knew was wicked) comes in and yells and tells me to leave because of some of the church's teachings. I walk outside and on a table is a bible with the woman's name and her daughter's name (who I knew was a First Fruit) in big letters covering the front cover (I felt like the woman had sponsored that bible). I look up and there is a huge window. There is Christian books and magazines there and sad people standing behind them.


1st scene:

The beginning of this dream shows how important heart healing and deliverance is - Susan is very anointed in this ministry, and works along side of Kathy while in ministry. The church clearly shows it doesn't want to "bother" with the heart healing and deliverance ministry, and Susan ASSURES THEM that there is truly no burden in it, in fact, she speaks as if its a joy to help.

5 cent silver coins: 5 means Abba Father, as well as Grace, and possibly that God will always take care of the "little/immature" in Christ "children", also in scripture, silver represents the refining process, and also symbolizes value because it was harder to make, than even gold back in Bible days. So The Father is letting us know how much He truly values the young in The Lord, and He is very happy with His mature servants always willing to help set the children free.

2nd scene:

The second scene, the part talking about how the sheep and the goats were both attacking her, this represents the fact that there are two types of separation happening right now. First there is the "sheep being separated from the sheep. Meaning the first mature fruits (1st rounders), being separated from the 2nd rounders (rest of the body of Christ who have to go through the Tribulation to finish their refining process in preparation for Jesus' Second Coming). Susan was attacked even by the 2nd rounders because they aren't ready for the "meat" of the Truth, and they attacked her because of that. BUT - then there is the separation of the sheep from the goats, as it says in The Word. The goats are the wicked who will never come to Jesus Christ, and will always want to attack anyone telling the Truth of the Gospel.

The part when the wicked woman came in and yelled and told Susan to leave the church because of some of their teachings, the woman represents Mystery Babylon The Great, the Mother of Harlots. And because she sees the name of this wicked woman - and - the name of the wicked woman's daughter (that Susan knew was a first fruit) on this bible that on the Bible, over the entire front cover - this represents mystery Babylon the great trying to lure God's true children away from their calling and into a wrong direction, and try to pull them away from God's calling on their life.

So all of the Christian books with the sad people behind them, shows the Holy Spirit is not free to move in this church because there is no joy for the children. And of course, because they are not willing to use the gifts Jesus gave us including heart healing and deliverance. All those books available, and no guidance of The Holy Spirit, so there is no meaning behind any of it.

And in looking at the big picture of it all, Susan represents the mature, transfigured First Fruits, ministering to the 2nd rounders during the Harvest.

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