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2 DREAMS: The Delivery Of The Manchild To His Mountain Home At Mt Zion - Jennifer & Dan on the team

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Jennifer's Dream 10/27/22:

I dreamed that I was driving a truck to a factory for a delivery. I get to the factory and can see that the gate is closed and I cannot continue further down the road because of a wall of white ice shaped like frozen fire. I know I have to go back the way I came to Mountain Home entrance to the factory. On the left of the road going back is a low wall of flames of fire which go all the way up the side of the road to where I am going. I look behind me and up the road where the wall of ice fire was an enormous white dump truck comes, and I see the driver, a dark haired young man, and we look directly at each other for a moment . He has no expression on his face. I do not want the dump truck to pass me or get too close to my small truck, as I have the concern that he is going to rear end me, or ram me off the road to keep me from getting to Mountain Home factory. Even more of a concern is we are the only two drivers on this road. I know to keep going ahead of him to Mountain Home factory even though even then I am not sure at this point if that entrance will be open either. So, I just keep driving forward when I wake up.


Jennifer represents the ministry of God's "true" saints in the body of Christ from the time of Jesus until now. The delivery truck represents the pregnancy of the woman (Revelation 12)...the entire body of Christ, ready to give birth. Jennifer is trying to get in to make this "delivery" to a factory (representing the old ministry/the former rain)....but the gate was closed. It's "closed", because the season of the old ministry/former finished...and the new ministry...the "latter rain"...the FINAL HARVEST is about to begin! Our new destination is Mount Zion...our new "Mountain home". Even though the road is treacherous and “narrow” The Lord keeps His true children moving forward, Hallelujah! So because the gate to the factory was closed, Jennifer must go around to the "other gate" to the "latter rain" in our "Mountain Home"/Mt Zion, in order for Jennifer/the entire body of Christ "to deliver"/to "give birth" to the Manchild.

The fire lining the road represents the Holy Spirit which guides our path every step of the way. The white ice shaped like frozen fire is the end time remnant company full of the Holy Spirit that is “on ice” and will be released once they arrive at the "Mountain Home/Mt Zion entrance! Glory to God! Tricia immediately felt this about the ice because of the recent word through Christine Beadsworth about the Sons of Korah, and that Korah actually means "ice"! And the Sons of Korah represent the end time company God has “on ice” until he releases them to finish his battle at the end.

Here is the excerpt that I found from her 10/7 podcast:

“Psalms 44 to 49 are written for the sons of Korah, and Korah means 'ice'. The Word of God tells us there are storehouses of ice and snow and hail, which have been reserved, kept back until an appointed time of war. Ice, snow and hail are all frozen water, representing Words of the Father whose sound has been 'put on ice' so to speak until the appointed time of release. They are sometimes gentle, falling silently like a blanket of snow and refreshing and restoring water sources. At other times, they are hard words, like lumps of hail, which people find difficult to understand - much like the instance when Jesus said that unless His disciples ate His flesh and drank His Blood, they would have no part in Him. This caused many disciples to leave Him. These psalms 46 have been penned for this Korah company; the sons of ice (hail), who are being released for this season of war from the storehouses of Heaven.”

The man driving the white dump truck is the "False purity/antiChrist spirit/the enemy" in constant pursuit of the manchild to try to stop them (to no avail of course). Jennifer did not let him pass her, because The Lord always keeps us a step ahead of the enemy! And she had an uneasy feeling about the driver, that he may run her off the road - along with the fact that he had dark hair...of course representing the enemy and his dark covering. The dump truck is white because he is trying to represent false holiness when he is really a whitewashed tomb (Matthew 23:27).




I had a dream last night where I was coming off an icy hill in my car and turning onto a highway. I had a car that was coming up on me from behind very quickly. It looked like they were two young people, a man and a woman, who I thought may had been drinking. They got within a foot of my rear bumper, and I started to get concerned. As I merged into the other lane, I realized that traffic had stopped, but the man behind me was pushing me along so forcibly, I was concerned that he would hit my car. I had to make a choice how to handle it, because I was getting too close to the car in front of me. I knew he was either doing this on purpose, or he didn't know traffic was backed up. Very quickly, I turned my car to the left to miss hitting the car in front of me. I finally stopped in a very dangerous position in traffic, and so the driver causing the problem behind me quickly pulled opposite of me in order to miss my car. Suddenly I look over and the car that the driver behind me was driving, morphed into a Jeep. Because it was an open Jeep, the man started talking to the other man in the car that was in front of me, that I almost hit. He was telling him, "Nice car! What kind of car is this?" I then see that his wife or girlfriend was in the Jeep and she started looking at me in an adulterous manner. I kept turning my eyes, but she tried to trap me again in the mirror of the jeep by looking at me. I turned my eyes from her, and suddenly I was home and walking into my house. The man that was driving behind me and causing all the problems somehow followed me home and into my house in a very forceful bullying kind of way. I did notice at this point the woman had disappeared. I was not afraid of this man, and began ministering to him. He saw the love of God, and it melted his heart. I told him "Jesus loves you so much." And he broke down and said, yes, I know thank you for reminding me, and he hugged me. It was then that I woke up.


Again, Dan was coming down off of an "icy" hill, very reminiscent of Jennifer's dream above. And of course the spiritual warfare aspect is very similar, almost the same. The enemy coming up from behind trying to push Dan and his car (the ministry) off the path. We believe The Lord is showing us that when he got to the backed up traffic, the traffic represents the church being distracted and controlled by the world, with the enemy trying to stifle their growth in moving forward in who they are in Jesus Christ.

Dan, as led by the Holy Spirit, begins to move into traffic, representing him going into the body of Christ to try to minister, of course being thrown off by the enemy trying to pursue from behind. So temporarily, Dan has to make a quick decision and must pull off to the left to avoid hitting the person in front of him, representing Dan's heart, wanting to protect the person in front of him, as well as the ministry. The man from behind pulled over to the right to avoid Dan, and out of nowhere proceeds to have a very "worldly" conversation with another driver in the traffic about their car, which of course represents the enemies worldly distractions...always trying to pull people's eyes off of Jesus and onto the world. Then, the enemy disguised as the woman in the Jeep begins to try to lure Dan's eyes into sin, but of course Dan, representing God's true children, would not budge, and did not feed those temptations.

In avoiding the eyes of the enemy, suddenly Dan finds himself "at home", walking in the house (representing walking in the spirit, not in the flesh, which of course explains why he was able to deny those temptations), So the same male driver who caused all the problems in the first place starts to follow him in a very bullying and irritated type way. Then he noticed the woman had disappeared, the woman representing satan and his temptations. The key here is that he was following Dan. Which shows us that this man wanted "something" that Dan had...the love of Jesus. Of course this means the Father was beginning to draw him. So as The Holy Spirit led him, Dan began to witness and share Jesus and His love with this man, and because the Father had drawn him, the Holy Spirit fell on him, and melted away all of the brokenness in his heart, and he was ready to received Jesus.

We believe all of this together in the dream represents the fact, yet again, that the former rain, the "old ministry", has come to a close. Represented by the traffic being backed up and everything coming to a stop. But we also believe that the rest of the dream represents how the enemy has worked to try to distract and lead people into sin...but at the same time, it represents all of the seeds and ministering that the body of Christ has done, especially the First Fruits Rachel bride, during the "former rain" And that once we are back here (after transfiguration) for the Harvest "the latter rain", we will be revisiting all the places that we planted the seeds, and we will be able to finally help these broken brothers and sisters get their hearts right with Jesus Christ, get there sanctification completed, so that they can be ready when Jesus comes! Glory to God!


Even FURTHER confirmation!!

Today, 10/27/22:

Within 15 minutes of myself finishing this posting, Dan and I literally pulled out of the driveway, and the exact same Jeep in Dan's dream pulled out in front of us from a parking lot, and Dan looks in his rearview mirror within a few seconds, and he sees a giant dump truck, as in Jennifer's dream, right behind us at the same time! You can't make that up if you tried!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!

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