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Dream: The Children's Table, A Hotel, 2 Piles Of Sand, Overcomers - Sara


Sara's Dream: I’m in a restaurant which is crowded. I’m helping a young mother watch over her child-the child is sitting at a different table. I help the mother get her child to the table. Scene 2 I arrive at a hotel and have to go up an escalator to my room. I have a knowing that I am with a group. I leave the hotel for some reason and I’m driving. I pass a beach where sand is piled high in 2 piles in one area. I get back to the hotel and walk through the lobby. I see all kinds of luxuries that people can buy if they are staying there: jacuzzi bath experiences, luxury makeup, facial products, etc. I am tempted, but when I realize you have to pay I don’t think the price is worth it. I go up towards my room. At some point I leave again to help a man get to the hotel. I am in his car with him as he drives giving him directions.



Jennifer and I also discussed Sara's dream, and Jennifer saw in the spirit that when she was helping the mother get the child to the different table, she said it's very possible that that may be representing the special children's/innocent's table at the wedding supper of the Lamb! I thought that was so cute, and we didn't see anything else so I just thought I would mention that I thought that was something that might make you smile!

And as far as seen to, basically, we both got confirmation this scene starts in representation of the Harvest. She was with a group of people who were working the Harvest, the two piles of sand on the beach represented the Messianic Jews and Gentiles, and of course as the word promises they are like the Sands of the seashore...the great multitude during the Harvest.

The part where she sees the luxuries and it is tempting, I believe this is representing the two 144k overcomer groups right now, still in our corruptible bodies waiting for that moment the Jesus calls us! The enemy is trying to tempt us with the things of this world, but we know better, we know that that's not worth anything to us, because we are not part of the world, we are looking forward to seeing Jesus Our Lord and savior! Glory to God!

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