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Dream!! "The BIRTHING of the 144,000 is soon." - Servant Of Elohim!!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022


SERVANT OF ELOHIM - youtube channel



"Scene 1:

Dream begins where "our sister" at "Servant of Elohim" is at a birthing center – there are many others behind her, many rooms occupied and some defiled, but she was looking for a place to give birth.

Meaning: Birthing Center – Place of Sanctification, many finished and just occupying in the upper room until transfiguration, some others are still defiled. Birthing of the manchild of Revelation 12 is imminent.

Scene 2:

"Our sister" is on a moving bus or train This represents the powerful movement of God.

She stands in the middle and speaks to a pregnant lady to proclaim the child’s future through a vision she gets that he is going to be a rescuer. The pregnant woman is the woman of Revelation 12 and God is proclaiming through "our sister" that the manchild, which is the first fruits company/bride about to be born, will start the harvest/rescue of Jesus’ people from the world. God is speaking through "our sister" in this dream. She stands in the “middle” of the bus, like Ezekiel’s wheel in the middle of a wheel. God’s spirit works through us to accomplish his purposes he is the wheel in the middle of the wheel…."our sister" was emphasizing that what we speak is what is. God’s words created the world, he spoke it into existence. So God’s words in the book of Revelation will happen, his manchild will be born and it will start God’s rescue of his people. God spoke those words and therefore they will happen. God can not lie.

Scene 3:

"Our sister" sees the child (manchild) grown up in the future – this was like seeing a fast forward reel tape of the lives of the first fruits bridal company and how they have matured/grown up.

Now in relation to the car accident...the vertical vehicle is smashed into. The vertical vehicle represents the "ministry" of the bride, vertical = in line/pointing to heaven, and even though the enemy attacks it and tries to break the bride, it won’t work. The woman (the fully mature bride) goes out the front window -- and this is a clear revelation from the Lord. The woman breaks her neck and dies AND the neck "represents" the will, and so a broken neck is the breaking of the will or "humility" (the dying of the old defiled man). Those who come to the Lord in humility will be broken for his purposes. "Our sister" says “Get up, In the Name of Jesus!” This is just like God declares through Ezekiel to give breath to the dry bones to bring them to life in Ezekiel 37. God speaks through "our sister" to resurrect those first fruits saints who have been broken in humility to be resurrected!

"Our sister" sees the woman save all the children out of the tunnel. "Our sister" said there was a time lapse here, because this will be in the harvest after the resurrection and glorification of the first fruits bride. This is what the first fruits bride will do in the God’s children from the dark places and bring them out of dark places to bring into God’s light. The kid’s huddle in "the corner". Under God’s Psalm 91 protection, God’s people are hidden in Jesus, and Jesus is the “corner” stone."

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