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DREAM: Retirement Home/River/Dead Skeletons Come To Life In The Water -Working The Harvest - Jeannie


6/7/22 (or 6/8/22 couldn't remember exactly)

Scene 1:

She was at a retirement home that was a plantation style mansion, 4 stories high out in the country, there was trees and lots of pretty grass. There was a little river beside the property. Someone was driving around in something like a golf cart that could take refreshments to people sitting outside. As an observer she saw this thing run off the road and into the river that was eight feet wide and 5-6 feet deep. A dead body floated to the top, it looked like a skeleton that still had skin, looked like an old man, he came to life while he was still in the water. They got him out of the water.

Scene 2:

Then more bodies started to arise a second time. Then a third time even more, like a dozen all at one time, after they got the second batch out.

Scene 3:

Jeannie is in charge of this retirement home. Once inside, she sees that there are nurses on each floor. She tells the nurse on the first floor “we have one more to place.” The nurse interrupts her curtly and says “I can’t take one more, I’m full.” Then she goes to the next floor up and the nurse tells her the same thing. All the nurses are overwhelmed with all these people coming back to life. No more empty rooms.




Note: After the dream, Jeannie thought maybe she dreamed it because of the song she had just shared on Signal called “Rattle” by Zach Williams because it was about dead bones being resurrected. So she questioned for 4-5 days if it was from the Lord, but Kathy and Jennifer said there was a Pieter Kierstein message that mentioned we would play a part in the resurrection of the dead from the graves.


LYRICS of “Rattle” by Zach Williams

Saturday was silent surely it was through

But since when has impossible ever stopped you

Friday’s disappointment is Sunday’s empty tomb

Since when has impossible ever stopped you

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

This is the praise make a dead man walk again

Open the grave, I’m coming out

I’m gonna live, gonna live again

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

Pentecostal fire stirring something new!

You’re not gonna run out of miracles anytime soon

Resurrection power, it runs in my veins too!

I believe there’s another miracle

Here in this room!

REFRAIN: This is the sound of dry bones rattling

This is the praise make a dead man walk again

Open the grave, I’m coming out

I’m gonna live, gonna live again

My God is able to save and deliver and heal

And restore anything that he wants to

Just ask the man who was thrown

On the bones of Elisha

If there’s anything that he can’t do

Just ask the stone that was rolled

At the tomb in the garden

What happens when God says to move

I feel him moving it now

I feel him doing it now (repeat)

Do it now (repeat)

REFRAIN (repeat)

(Adaptation in song From Ezekiel 37):

“So I prophesied as I was commanded and as I prophesying there was a noise, a rattling sound,

And the bones came together, bone to bone, I looked and tendons and flesh appeared on them and skin covered them, but there was no breath in them, Then He said to me, prophesy to the breath, prophesy Son of Man and say to it “This is what the Sovereign Lord says Come, Breath, from the Four Winds and Breathe into these slain that they may live.”

Live, Live, dry bones here the word of the Lord (repeat)


**Jeannie’s Dream Interpretation

After listening to the Zach William’s song “Rattle” that Jeannie shared preceding this dream and reading Ezekiel 37 which both this song and this dream are based on, I absolutely think that this dream was sent to Jeannie from the Lord as a prophecy and the Lord probably put the Rattle song on her heart around the same time as a confirmation! Hallelujah!

Scene 1: A retirement or nursing home is a place to receive care from “injuries” in the past. I think this signifies the stage of heart healing and deliverance/”rehabilitation” that the 144k have been through/are going through in order to prepare their hearts for resurrection and transfiguration. Jeannie is “in charge” of the retirement home, which points to her leadership role of a 144k group in the harvest – Glory to God for his confirmations!

A plantation is a “large group of plants and especially trees under cultivation” = God’s people are trees and we are being cultivated and pruned for his purposes as we surrender ourselves now still in our fleshly bodies . Now a plantation is also “a settlement in a new country or region” like Plymouth Plantation. I think this definition applies to where we are going after resurrection, and in this dream it would describe the retirement home after the people are resurrected from the water!

A mansion of course represents the House of the Lord!