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Dream: Nukes & Tactical Strikes On America - Robert


I had a dream the night that Russia went into Ukraine. In the dream which was very real to me, unlike most of my dreams that I know are dreams, I was sitting with my wife at a picnic table in the day the weather was warm. I leaned in to kiss her and at that moment a bright light like the sun fell to earth, I ran and hid in a parking structure then the sky broke with a crack and a immense wave of heat hit me, I felt that my flesh was dying. Then recently just before the blood moon I had another dream me and my wife where at the beach and I saw a mushroom cloud coming from the ocean, soon after the next shot was me looking at the shoreline with military ships being hit with not nukes but tactical strikes. Also having lots of dreams of people giving me their children to take care of. I know the vax is the MARK, that's how I found your site, God downloaded me all the info as soon as the Covid came out.

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