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DREAM: "Nukes Launched &'Red Dawn' Invasion" - brother Luke on the team

Luke's Dream 10/17/22

I dreamed the nukes were launched, and the "Red Dawn" happened...the invasion of America. But the strange part was...during the Red Dawn "invasion", I saw tanks rolling around but they had "American" flags on them.


Luke's thoughts:

The United States attacking its own people, maybe?

Kathy's thoughts: As we have said many times, the Antichrist, Barack Obama lightning from heaven has been working behind the scenes and has been in charge, at least since 2008 at the beginning of his own term As president. Of course his home base is America, this is why we know that America is the home base for Mystery Babylon the great the mother of all harlots.

So throughout the Russia/Ukraine War, America, NATO, and other NATO Allied members, are all involved. But at the same time, always keeping in mind that all the players on the scene are working for the same boss, the Antichrist.

So the American tanks could mean a couple of things, either they represent a self-inflicted wound, possibly blamed on Russia or China. Or it could be that since Russia and China already have many, many of their own military and officials in the United States, which is well-known of course, just waiting for the word for the invasion to begin, the American tanks in Luke's dream could signify that they are taking over from the inside out. Which means of course they would use America's own equipment against them.

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