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Dream: Evangelizing In THE HARVEST!! - Susan on the team!

Kathy's note: The excitement Susan had when she shared this dream, and how she described that it felt like she was there and it was happening now, shows how imminent this really is!! HALLELUJAH!!


Susan's Dream 12/10/22

This dream was very exciting! Kathy was driving a pink 4 wheel drive vehicle (pictured above) on an orange or red dirt road. She stopped at a local hall that was full of youth - ages 18-29 is how I would describe them. She was evangelizing to them. She was asking them what we could do as team to show Jesus to them - like she could organize an event/rally for the kids to get excited about. I said to them “Today is the day to meet Jesus! Today is the day to give your life to Jesus!"

I had the knowing that much of the rest of the world had listened to those sent to teach about Jesus, but America had not. I saw the map of the world all the countries close together. I saw America there was a big black crater that was crusty charcoal it covered all of America. As I was waking up from the dream, I kept going to different places evangelizing, it was awesome, praise the Lord!!


Details The Team Received By The Holy Spirit:


"The crater could have possibly represented a volcano, but I think, more so, it means that America is dead and not listening to Jesus"

(Kathy's note: America being the home base of Mystery Babylon The Great, says to me, that it definitely fits the bill that it's dead. It WILL be destroyed completely. However there ARE absolutely many of God's true children that need to come to Him before it goes down, and I believe that is what this dream is referring to.)


Pink/Fuchsia – Right relationship with God!! ❤️🙌🥰

Red - In the Bible, the Hebrew word for red is Oudem. Its actual meaning is “red clay”. Many biblical names (Adam, Esau and Edom) are derived from this Hebrew word which means flesh. Thus, it is the root word for mankind as stated in the Bible. However, of course, red can also represent the Blood of Jesus!!

Orange - is obtained by mixing red (flesh) and yellow (trials)


"Kathy was driving a pink 4 wheel drive on a dirt road* -- Being that a 4 wheel drive vehicle has more traction, it is able to go places that are more difficult to maneuver - representing overcoming any obstacles that the enemy tries to put in our way during the Harvest!



Easton's Bible Dictionary


(Gr. aule, Luke 22:55; R.V., "court"), the open court or quadrangle belonging to the high priest's house. In Matthew 26:69 and Mark 14:66 this word is incorrectly rendered "palace" in the Authorized Version, but correctly "court" in the Revised Version. In John 10:1, 16 it means a "sheep-fold." In Matthew 27:27 and Mark 15:16 (A.V., "common hall;" R.V., "palace") it refers to the proetorium or residence of the Roman governor at Jerusalem. The "porch" in Matthew 26:71 is the entrance-hall or passage leading into the central court, which is open to the sky.

Smith's Bible Dictionary


used of the court of the high priest's house. (Luke 22:55) In (Matthew 27:27) and Mark 15:16 "Hall" is synonymous with "pr'torium," which in (John 18:28) is in Authorized Version "judgment hall."

HALL: In John 10:1, 16 it means a "sheep-fold."


Charcoal Crusty Crater that covered America: Meaning..."BABYLON FALLS".


I think the reason we as the Bride travel in a 4 wheel drive or “off road” vehicle is because the narrow way is the bumpy road that is less traveled...its not smooth and paved...and like Kathy said the colors red + yellow = orange reflect the trials and tribulations we have been through mixed with the Blood of Jesus! Praise the Lord! Pink vehicle...what propels us along the road is our childlike faith in Jesus. Hebrews 11 Mustard Seed Faith. Hall of Youth, Hall is a place of transition, youth represent those that are open to new ideas, those we can still mold and reach with the message of Jesus, and I agree that black crater over America shows how blackened the heart of Babylon is as a whole.

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