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Dream: Evangelizing and Ministering In The Harvest!! - Kathy on the team

Kathy's Dream 12/10/22

I was in a dream where I believe we were out evangelizing and ministering in a large city at night - I believe it was the Harvest again, like Susan's dream! HALLELUJAH!! And Tricia on the team had been trying to help someone, but she called us for help. I don't remember what the issue was, but we showed up right away! We were looking to The Lord on how He wanted us to proceed, and suddenly I heard THOUSANDS singing (the song posted below) - I believe it was many First Fruits, angels of God, as well as 2nd rounders singing this song!! And we all joined in, and I could feel that Tricia was singing with all her heart and SO excited that The Lord brought breakthrough with song...HIS FREQUENCY!! HALLELUJAAAAH!!


***In the dream it was SO real, once I woke up, I KNEW this is imminent!! GLORY TO GOD!!

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