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Dream: Bye, Bye Constitution & All Human Rights - Hello Beast System -- Luke

I just woke up from a dream. It was crazy. They announced the dissolving of the Constitution in the Congress. A total change, maybe into the Antichrist system? When I went to work, I could hardly find anybody, but a lady looked over my records and let me go. Then all I heard is that we would all get 10,000 in Bitcoin or digital money. The lady did not fire me, but let me go back to work. But I was in shock.


It is very apparent this dream is very prophetic in relation to what is about to come about in the Antichrist Beast system New World Order. Bitcoin/Digital money WILL be the Beast monetary system. The entire world will be switched over to that very very soon. The fact that the lady in charge or checking records did not detain him, and allowed him to go back to work, shows God's full protection for his true children.

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