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Dream About 3 Days Of Darkness! It was Pitch Black - "Dan, We Need To Get Inside NOW!!" - Kathy


Dan was about to help my brothers in law do something, They brought a big truck - I think a pick up of some kind - and pulled it into our driveway, and they needed to haul something. My younger sister, her husband, and my older sister's husband were here to get Dan to help work on some kind of construction project at another location. I went down the back stairs and outside, and as I walked out the back door, I looked at the sky - and there were CRAZY DARK storm clouds! Or at least what I "thought" to be storm clouds. I remember the whole atmosphere was very strange, and then there was almost like a dark mist forming. I heard my older sister's husband say "Man! It's pitch black!" But I couldn't see him at ALL. I said, "Yeah! No doubt! Its crazy pitch black!

So I stood there for a minute cuz they were discussing whether they would continue with what they needed to do because of the "storm". At this point, I could only see, very faintly, Dan, my younger sister and her husband. I don't think my other brother-in-law was even able to find his way to the truck. I said, "Dan, do you think this is the 3 Days of Darkness!? My younger sister and her husband had him talking, so I don't think he heard me. I said, "Dan, we need to get upstairs!" Dan kept talking for a sec...and this time I was firm.."DAN! We need to get upstairs NOW!!" He said, "Yeah you're right, let's go...and then I woke up.

I knew when I woke up...this event is IMMINENT.

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