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"Draw Me After You"...Fiona/Ian, And Confirmation Its Time For First Fruits - Christine Beadsworth

Precious saints, this is going to be a bit of a smorgasbord of a message. I want to discuss a number of different things. Firstly, if you remember my message ‘Commotion in Promotion’, I spoke of a dream I had of two sons, Eohn and Eohn being announced and it being said that there would be a commotion in promotion…, did you notice the natural confirmation in the earth in the last few days?

I also would like to thank every one of you who pray for me - it makes a huge difference! Know that I am also lifting up you as my fellow soldiers and praying for strength and grace to stand, and wisdom to move forward in His perfect will. And for those who have blessed me with financial gifts, I am incredibly grateful and really overwhelmed at the Lord's amazing ability to supply every need.


with joy in His service,



Precious saints, this is going to be a bit of a smorgasbord of a message. I want to

discuss a number of different things. Firstly, if you remember my message ‘Commotion

in Promotion’, I spoke of a dream I had of two sons, Eohn and Eohn being announced

and it being said that there would be a commotion in promotion. Now one of my

subscribers actually alerted me to this _ there are two violent, destructive storms

present at the moment in the earth, one on each side of the Northern American

continent. On that one side is Fiona, which caused extensive destruction in Canada in

the last few days. And on the other side is Ian, which is heading straight into the

panhandle of Florida and there is debate about where the eye of the storm will hit. But

two violent, destructive storms, Fiona and Ian. And as I read their names, suddenly I

saw that in the middle of Fiona is ‘ion’ (or Eohn) and Ian is another form of John and

Eohn comes from the name John. So, we have Eohn and Eohn causing great

commotion as they arrive. Great disturbance in the atmosphere, structures broken down

and intense rearrangement on the earth, with lashing winds and rain. It will be a

commotion in promotion. And then I reread Psalm 2:!, and in the Amplified Bible it says,

‘Why do the nations assemble with commotion( uproar and confusion of voices)? And

why do the people imagine and devise an empty scheme? The kings of the earth take

their place and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and His anointed one’.

So, there we see that the commotion in the earth is caused by the nations assembling

and taking their places against the Lord of Hosts and His Son (and His sons) in the

earth. So that is just a sign in the natural of the imminent manifestation of the sons of

God. Eohn and Eohon.

And then the other thing that was really interesting is that Jupiter, the King Planet was in

opposition to the earth, (Closest to the earth) for the first time in 60 years, on September

the 26th and 27th. That was Monday and Tuesday of this week. So, the last time it was

an opposition to the earth in that position was the year that I was born, because I turned

60 this year. So that is quite a strong prophetic picture - the kings of the earth are

gathering and setting themselves in place together in opposition to the King of Kings.

The King, signified by Jupiter; the king planet, is in opposition to their plans.

I also discovered today that Zelenskiy of Ukraine said earlier this year that Ukraine

wants to become a ‘big’ or second Israel. And I also found out that Kiev is considered to

be and often called by the name ‘the New Jerusalem’. How very interesting. They are

trying to set up an earthly version of the New Jerusalem right in the place where there is

great commotion and war going on. And how interesting that Ukraine is now surrounded

by armies. That's just something for us to think about...

I also found out in recent weeks that the ancient name for Ukraine was Khazaria, and

that when the Book of Revelation refers to those who ‘say they are Jews but are not and

are of the synagogue of Satan’, those people being referred to were Khazarians, who

masqueraded as descendants of Abraham, but they were not true descendants of

Abraham. In many earthly leadership positions and many of the elite claim they are

Jews. But they are not. They are of the synagogue of Satan and they are Khazarians.

(The Illuminati is composed largely of supposedly Jewish people). So, this is why we

must lay down old mindsets and understandings in our interpretation of Scripture. In

some instances, we have been taught things that are not accurate about the way the

end times unfolds because of leaning on the understanding of generations who have

gone before us, who have not seen what our eyes have seen and been able to say,

“This is that which was spoken of...” The Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel are

being unlocked as never before in these days. So, I urge you to seek the Spirit for

deeper understanding. But when you do that, as you do it, lay down previous

understandings and ask the Holy Spirit to come and bring fresh light and help you to

see clearly without looking through the veil of old strongholds and understandings. And

it will be amazing what we see in the Word that stands forever.

Now, today, September 28th is the first day of Tishrei for those who were waiting for the

new moon to be sighted for the orthodox 5783 year to begin. Those who follow the Hillel

calendar are now in the 3rd Tishrei. And of course, those who are following the early

Barley calendar did all this a month ago. But the main point is the whole spearhead is

now in 5783. We've crossed over into a new dispensation and a new chapter in God's

calendar. And I was prompted this morning to look up where it mentioned the eighth

month in the Word, because for those who followed the early Barley calendar and

celebrated the four feasts last month, the tip of the spear company are now in the first

day of the eighth month. I discovered that in Zechariah 1:1, it says the following:

‘In the eighth month, in the second year of Darius, came the Word of the Lord to

Zachariah Son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo, the Prophet, (So a third generation

prophetic gifting and someone who's walking righteously before the Lord receives this

message) saying the Lord was very angry with your fathers. Therefore, say to them,

thus is the Lord of Hosts: return to Me, says the Lord of hosts, and I will return to you.

It is the utterance of the Lord of Hosts’.

Now, why this is really significant what the Holy Spirit brought to light today is because

this phrase ‘return to Me and I will return to you’ is exactly what was spoken for three

and a half years by the Spirit of the living God, in Jerusalem before the temple was

destroyed in A.D. 70. I do have some new subscribers, so perhaps some of you have

not heard about this but I do refer to it fairly often. Josephus records, and so does a

historian called Eusebius, that in A.D. 66, The Glory of God, which dwelt inside the holy

of holies at the temple, left the sanctuary and moved to the Mount of Olives in the late

spring of that year of A.D. 66. And it hovered over the Mount of Olives for three and a

half years. And there was a voice heard during that time, which was recorded by a rabbi

named Jonathan, who was an eyewitness to the destruction of Jerusalem. He saw the

Shekinah Glory leave the temple. He said, (and I'm going to read the quote):

‘And the Shekinah Glory abode on the Mount of Olives, hoping that Israel would repent.

But they did not. While a bet Kol, (a supernatural voice from heaven) issued forth

announcing, “Return o backsliding children, return to Me and I will return to you”, and

when they did not repent, it said, “I will return to my place”, which is a quote from Hosea

5:15. And then the voice was heard no longer and the presence of God was no longer

above the Mount of Olives, but returned to heaven.’

The temple was destroyed in A.D. 70. And the reason this is really significant today is

because of the time period in which a supernatural voice from heaven called forth that

message, “Return to Me and I will return to you”. It was for three and a half years. So,

this is a significant marker point, telling us that there is a three and a half year period

during which this is the message that comes forth from the Mount of Olives. The Mount

of Olives speaks of pressing; of the release of virgin oil. In Zechariah’s vision of the

menorah being continuously filled with oil, it is also connected to the two witnesses, the

two sons of oil. And it shows us what their message is going to be - Return to Me and I

will return to you. The Spirit of the living God is again going to be speaking from the

Mount of Olives, a spiritual position where the oil is continually flowing and bringing light

to the lampstand.

aow, the other interesting thing is that at the moment, we can see if we are reading the

news messages, even in the mainstream media, you get a glimpse of it, that Europe is

in for a very cold and dark and dismal winter because of the lack of power, incredible

food shortages and the shutdown of industry. And now we have had Nord Stream 1 and

2 pipelines being sabotaged in the last couple of days. And one commentator said that

the industries that are shutting down may not be able to start up again. One industry

that is closing down or shutting its doors is BASF, which is a chemical industry that

provides components for the refining of petroleum, and many other industries rely on

BASF, and they have said they do not even think they will be able to restart the plant if

they shut it down. And so, the commentator was speaking that was speaking said that

there are going to be about three years without energy, without food, and without

industry. So there again, we have the clue of the three years. So, I am convinced that

we are headed into the darkest part of the night, spiritually speaking, for the world,

dense darkness - not only because there is no energy for electricity, but spiritually

speaking, dense darkness is upon the peoples of the nations. And if we go by the

pattern the Lord gave me of the different Jewish years signifying different watches of the

night, 5782 was the second watch of the night from 9 to 12 a.m. And so, 5783 would be

the third watch of the night; the darkest watch of the night when much witchcraft is in

action from 12 a.m to 3 a.m.. No natural light and very little spiritual light in the earth.

But it is at exactly this time, that Isaiah 60 kicks into place, as the Lord says, “Arise and

shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Dense

darkness is upon the peoples, but his glory shall be on you. Kings will come to the

brightness of your rising - or your manifestation”. So, I just wanted to bring a few of

those things to mind before I start speaking about what I want to share about the vision I

received. Remember. this is the message that is on the heart of the Lord of Hosts:

Return to Me and I will return to you. It is the most simple message. It clears away all

the clutter of all the manmade gospel, of all. The add-ons, all the frills and beating about

the bush. Return to me, and I will return to you. Zechariah 1:4 says, ‘Be not as your

fathers, to whom the former prophets cried, thus sees the Lord, return now from your

evil ways and your evil doings. But they would not hear or listen to Me, says the Lord’.

So we must not be like that. And if you have an opportunity. To speak to someone

concerning the Lord. You can simplify your message considerably by saying that this is

what God is saying to them: Return to Me and I will return to you! When you turn away

from your evil ways and move towards the Lord, God moves towards you.

Draw Me

Now, I want to share a vision that I had on the 23rd of September 2022. I saw before

me a bundle of bristles. It looked like a column of bristles, almost like the top of one of

those round hairbrushes that women use to curl their hair when they blow dry it. But as I

looked closer, I saw that it was actually two hairbrushes pushed into each other and all

the bristles were intermingled into one solid mess and one couldn't tell which bristle

belonged to which hairbrush. And then one brush was pulled backwards, out and away

from the other hairbrush. It's the only way I can describe it, because it was quite a

strange thing I was seeing. And I heard the scripture ‘Draw me after you, let us run

together’. And I also heard ‘Come out of her, My people, that you may not share in her

plagues’. Now, that second phrase is a quote from Revelation 18:4,

‘Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, My people, so that

you may not share in her sins and neither participate in her plagues, for her iniquities

are piled as high as heaven. And God has remembered her wickedness and her crimes

and calls them up for settlement.’

In other words, it is speaking of imminent judgment coming and there is an urgent call to

come out and be separate. So, I would say the hairbrush on the left with its bristles

represented Babylon. And I would say the hairbrush on the right that was moved out

and away from entanglement with the one on the left represents the Lord’s people. I

knew the one that was pulled apart and removed from the proximity of the other one

was the remnant company. And also at the same time, I knew that we do not have the

ability to extract ourselves fully from the world system. We have grown up in it. We are

enmeshed in it and entangled in it. And there is no way for us to fully extract ourselves.

But we can pray, “Draw me after You”. The Word says that no one comes to the Father

unless He draws them. And so, I really sense the Holy Spirit emphasizing that this is

how we need to pray in these days before the Orthodox Yom Kippur. “Lord draw us

after You, extract us from this world system and from Babylon by Your strong right


The word ‘extract’ means ‘to draw out, to withdraw, to pull out and remove from a fixed

position, literally or figuratively’. And the word ‘draw’ when it's used as a verb, means ‘to

give motion to by the act of pulling, to drag’. In other words, one is in a stationary

position, entangled and enmeshed. And when we cry out to the Lord to ‘draw us after

you’, we are asking Him to set us in motion and to ‘pull us out and extract us from the

Babylonian system; pull us out of Egypt. Draw us close to Yourself’. The power of

extraction is in the hand doing the movement. We have no power in ourselves to extract

ourselves from the world system completely and utterly. God has to do it. And He wants

us to express the desire to be drawn out and after Him.

After I saw the one hairbrush being pulled out and drawn out of the other one, I saw a

cartoon-like lightning bolt hit the other upright bristle brush on the left, and it was

reduced to ashes immediately. Obviously, it was not speaking of a literal lightning bolt,

but it was depicting judgment. And that upright brush with all its bristles became just a

pile of ash, no structure, no indication of its former dimensions. It would never function

again; that Babylonian system. And I knew that the extraction must happen before the

destruction. The drawing after Him is in order to deliver us from Babylon so that we may

not share it in her plagues and suffer her judgments. So, I urge you precious remnant to

begin to call upon the Lord to draw you out of this entanglement with Babylon by His

strong right hand and to bring you near.

One of the Hebrew words translated ‘draw’ is the Hebrew word H3318. ‘Yatsah’ And it

means ‘to cause to bring out, to bear out, to bring forth, to carry out, to draw forth, to

extract, a going out, to pluck out, to pull out, to send with commandment, to shoot forth’.

So we pray, “Draw me and we will run after You - Bring me out. Pull me out. Pluck me

out. Bring me forth. Lead me out. Send me out with commandment, Lord, and we will

run after You.

The actual Hebrew word used in Song of Songs 1:4 is H 4900 ‘mashak’. And it means

‘to march, to remove, to scatter’. It also means’ a long sound’, in other words, that

Hebrew word Mashak is used when the Israelites were not allowed to ascend Mount

Sinai. You see that in Exodus 19:13, when the trumpet sounded long, they shall not

come up the mountain or they will be killed. It's used in Exodus 12:21, when Moses

called the Elders of Israel and said to them, ‘Draw out and take you a lamb according to

your family's and kill the Passover’. So, mashak is to draw out of a mixed flock, draw out

the chosen lamb for the Passover; extract, pull out of the flock.

And the drawing is always toward the one doing the drawing and away from the

previous location, surroundings and action. That word mashak is used in Joshua 6:5,

when there was a long blast with the rams horn (when there was a mashak), and the

people heard it, then the people had to shout with the great shout and the wall of the

city would fall down flat. So, when we pray and we say. “Draw me after You”, wrapped

up in that is a removing from Egypt and the world system, a passing over, an extraction

from the general flock, a release of a sound that will bring down the walls of Jericho. In

Jeremiah 31:3, it says, ‘The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying, Yes, I have loved

you with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you’. With

loving kindness have I mashaked you? And in Hosea 11:4, it says, ‘I drew them with the

chords of a man, with bands of love. And I was to them as they take off the yoke on

their jaws and I laid meat unto them’. In other words, the reason God wants to draw you.

It's because He wants to set you free and take the yoke off you. He wants to feed you.

He wants to wrap you round with bands of love and pull you towards Him.

Now, remember in in Song of Songs, 1:4, it says, ‘Draw me AFTER You and we will run

together’, that word ‘after’ actually also means ‘behind, beside’, and it also means

‘remnant’. So, what the Bride is saying when she prays, “Draw me after You and we will

run after You,” she is saying ‘pull us towards Yourself with bands of love, our

Bridegroom, and we will run with You; beside You. We will run close behind You;

moving as one with You. We are following you wherever you go. We are Yours and You

are ours. ‘This is what the remnant must be crying out for the spirit to do - to institute a

pulling out and a drawing action. Do you remember those old drawing ointments that

mothers used to use for thorns and splinters and boils? For the pulling out of what is

hidden within the body. So, pray to God, “Lord of Lords, Spirit of God, draw me. Draw

me after You. I want to run beside You. I want to run behind You. I want to be part of

Your remnant”.

Then it says further on in the verse, in song of songs, 1:4 ‘the King brings us into his

chambers’. Isn't that where our target is? That word ‘chambers’ is ‘the innermost part of

the house, the bedroom, the innermost rooms of the palace’. The king brings us in to his

chambers. So, when we cry out with all our heart and soul, “Draw me after You, the

King, Who is our Bridegroom leads us and runs with us and brings us in into His

innermost chambers of the palace, into the place of intimacy and rest. The word for

‘chambers’ used there, H2315, also means ‘south’, which we know refers to the right

hand. You remember what Enoch said to me, “Face South and know that you are a son

of the right hand”? So, draw me after you and we will run beside you. The King will bring

me into the place of the sons of the right hand.

There is a place in the New Testament where it speaks of being ‘drawn’; in 2 Timothy

4:18, it says, ‘and the Lord will certainly deliver and draw me to Himself from every

assault of evil. He will preserve and bring me safe into His heavenly Kingdom, to Him,

be the glory forever and ever’. And that Greek word used to ‘draw me to himself’ is

G4506, it means ‘to rush and draw for oneself, to rescue and deliver’. That is what the

Lord is wanting to do for us. He's wanting to rescue and deliver us from every assault of

evil. But He wants us to express the desire to be drawn. Give him the indication that that

is the desire of your heart.

In Genesis 19:26, where it's talking about Lot and his family fleeing from Sodom, so

they may not share in her plagues, it says in verse 26, ‘his wife looked back from behind

him and she became a pillar of salt’. Lot's wife was drawn out of Sodom by the Angels.

They thrust them out and she was running behind her husband, just as it speaks of in

Song of Songs 1:4, ‘We will run after you’. But what did she do? She looked back at

Sodom. And she became a pillar of salt. In other words, she participated in the

judgment of Sodom because her heart was in Sodom. So, in coming out of Babylon,

precious remnant, don't look back as the Lord draws you out and extracts you and pulls

you out of the system. Don't look back. Don't long for the things of the system of

Babylon. Don't wish for the past times and the entertainments and the luxuries and the

delicacies of the Babylonian feast tables. Come out of her and keep running beside the

Bridegroom, because He is taking you to His inner chambers - the place of safety, the

place of intimacy, and the place of rest.

Psalm 45:10 ‘O daughter, consider, submit and consent to my instruction. Forget also

your own people and your father's house. The king desires your beauty because he is

your Lord. Reverence and honor him’. And then in verse 13, it says, ‘The king's

daughter in the inner part of the palace, the inner chambers, is all glorious. her clothing

is inwrought with gold. She shall be brought to the king in raiment of needlework. With

the virgins, her companions that follow her, she shall be brought to you.’

So where it says, ‘forget your own people and your father's house’, you know, Lot's wife

looked back because her married daughters stayed in Sodom, Lot had four daughters.

He had two married daughters who were married to men from Sodom, and he had two

Virgin daughters. And when the sons-in-law scoffed, they stayed behind. And Lot and

his wife and the two virgin daughters were thrust out of Sodom, and Lot's wife looked

back to her own people; her daughters and their husbands in Sodom. And I know this is

a very hard thing to do in practice, to forget your own people, your own family, your

earthly family and your father's house, and to turn and focus completely on the

Bridegroom. I don't know who I'm speaking to, what specifically the Lord would have

you do, but I think He is saying that the King desires you to be in the inner part of the

palace. The King desires you to be brought to Him in the inner chamber. Not your whole

family who are not in the same place of commitment and holiness unto the Lord as you

are. You have to commit them into His hand. You have to release them. You have to

stop trying to save them. They have to make right choices. They have to return to Him

so He can return to them. Here is Psalm 45, in The Passion Translation:

‘Now, listen, pay attention and forget about your past. Put behind you every attachment

to the familiar. Even those who once were close to you. For your royal bridegroom is

ravished by your beautiful brightness, bow in reverence before him. For he is your Lord.

Wedding presents pour in from those of great wealth. The Royal friends of the

bridegroom shower you with gifts. It's the Princess Bride coming into the palace. How

glorious she appears within the holy chamber, robed with a wedding dress embroidered

in pure gold; lovely and stunning. She leads the procession with all her bridesmaids as

they come before You, her Bridegroom King’.

Now I know the tip of the spear has already focused on Yom Kippur and the face-to-

face and the wedding in the last month. But now that the whole spearhead company of

those who are holy unto the Lord are in 5783, remember these days that lead up to

Yom Kippur 5783 are the journey of being carried closer toward the Bridegroom clothed

with wedding garments. Removing all distance between you and everything that has

stood in the way. You have to put away attachments to the familiar, even those who

were once close to us. You know, you may have noticed that as you've moved on and

journeyed on deeper in commitment to the Lord, certain relationships that were very

special in your life have waned, and you felt the loss and you've tried to rekindle and

reattach to those people. And it's taken a whole lot of effort and there hasn't been much

success. And the reason why is because those people are not moving in step with what

the Spirit is doing with you. But you have to keep going forward. You have to focus the

eyes of your heart upon your Bridegroom. So why don't you pray with me, remnant,

what it says in Song of Songs 1:4 “Draw me after You and we will run with You. The

King. Has brought me into His chambers and we will be glad and rejoice in You. And we

will remember your love more than wine”. The wine of Babylon is a thing of the past, but

those who are drawn into the inner chambers will experience the love of the Bridegroom

King in a way they have never before experienced it. So, let's call upon Him to extract

and pull us out of Babylon, so that we may come out of her and not share in her

plagues. May the Spirit of Truth add truth to what I've shared with you today. Amen

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