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NOTE FROM KATHY WITH GRAFTED IN-TEAM JESUS: Unlike other sites that share messages, we want to be sure you understand where we stand as a Ministry when we share a message. If there is anything within the message that we want to clarify, we will be sure to note before the message begins so that you understand.

Over the last couple of years, we have followed and shared many messages from Handmaid Of The Most High. The messages the Lord gives her are very very strong, very direct, and there is very much needed correction within them for the body of Christ. However, as many of you will notice, she is very much in the understanding of post-tribulation rapture. I believe this is because her ministry is really directed at 'second-rounders', which is the part of the body of Christ that will need to deal with the tribulation hours, because they have not allowed God to create in them a clean heart, they have not properly crucified their flesh so they would be prepared to be a first fruit. So please keep that thought in mind when she discusses the different types of rapture, and the fact that she doesn't understand First Fruits Transfiguration. We have to remember that the Lord reveal all this to her when everything goes down and she'll definitely understand.


Otherwise this is a very strong message, and we need to understand that most definitely... It is absolutely time for the Antichrist to be officially revealed. Although he has been working behind the scenes for quite some time, they just have not done the official ceremony to reveal him to the world.

October 8, 2021 11:11 PM Handmaid of the Most High

Received 10/7/21 6:30 AM

I had been having a rough night trying to sleep, right before I fell asleep this is what I saw. Due to extreme pain from typing because of my improperly healed broken arm this will be brief.


I was in a huge cathedral and there were many people, all were standing. There were many thousands and there were no benches or other seating, to make room for the masses, it was so packed people were elbow to elbow. There were many orderly lines of people facing a podium but due to my very short height (everyone seemed at least a foot or two taller than I), I saw very little of my surroundings except the high ceiling, people’s woven shirts and heads. I did not see who was on the podium in the front.

As I tried to determine where we were, I noticed myself being moved backward as if I stood on a large dolly of sorts. Moving between two lines of people, and maybe 12 feet left from the center but not too far from it. It was so massive the walls were terribly far away. My first question was why I was being moved backward and then, who was in the front.

The Holy Spirit revealed that we were assembled before the ANTICHRIST!

I did not realize he was in the room (I knew we were waiting for something extremely important) because either the room was silent or I was not given auditory awareness.

I noticed the people around me were of all ages, races and nationalities were present and their solemn behavior alerted me of the significance of the event. Their faces held great awe and wonder (how I imagined the wise men beholding baby Jesus). He must have just come into the room because the mood shifted and I could see that they were aglow in ecstasy and totally mesmerized (the Holy Spirit reminded me of a word I received last summer about this spirit in many of the false shepherds and prophets and how it manipulates people). These people were under its utter control. They were completely subjected to this mind control by this perceived god, the savior of the world, they had assembled to see.

I kept asking the Holy Spirit, if I was in the Vatican. Though I had “visited” (unwillingly as a child for occult activities), it didn’t seem to be the place (though I couldn’t see much based on my location and height). Then the Holy Spirit said “This is Jerusalem, where He declares himself Messiah! (2 Thessalonians 2:4)


I was deeply troubled and I was told by the Holy Spirit, that I was only there in the spirit to bear witness. I was not actually going to be present.

I immediately prayed about whether this was for publication and I was told that was why I witnessed this to share with all who will listen.

So many who call themselves Christian truly do not know what they believe. They have been led by liars and blind teachers. So when the false Messiah, the one Jesus, Yeshua had discussed the final one that will come, as we learn about in the scriptures. This Antichrist will come just before the earth is destroyed, we must choose to educate ourselves and hear the Holy Spirit’s still small voice, the Holy Spirit that is discussed in Acts, or those among us will fall for the deception.

This is so critically important to understand. There are those reading this who will not heed this clear warning! DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

Yes, many will die in disasters and go home. The rapture happens at the return of Christ at the end of the Tribulation, which occurs for the last 7 years of this earth. I used to believe otherwise, I wish that was the case that people “exit” to escape torment but I have been schooled with scripture by the Holy Spirit nearly three years ago that this is not the case.

I am not here to be contentious, I don’t want people falling into worship of the Antichrist.

Regardless what you believe about a rapture event. Seek the Lord so that the enemy doesn’t deceive you. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the deeper meanings of scripture. Seek out sound Biblical teaching but always rely on the Holy Spirit above all! I am human. I do err. This was a vision from God, the one who created all things. I do not doubt what I share. Realize the rapture teachings began less than 200 years ago, flourished when the Seventh Day Adventists and Joseph Smith (White and Smith were friends) started these stories in the 1840’s. Each predicted the end of the world at least once. Were they correct? What else were they wrong about?

Since the enemy has seen fit to disable my computer repeatedly while writing this and likewise deactivated my ability to use a mouse to post scripture, I will refer you to Matthew 24:16-23. We see that during the Tribulation which Daniel spoke of that comes after the beginning of sorrows, the faithful are directed to run and hide. Many are already doing so for they were directed to do so. Others have not been directed (for me, I know these reasons for myself).

Hiding in Christ will take different forms however the bigger significance is revealed in verse 22 – it states that things will be so challenging during the tribulation (no “miraculous pre-tribulation rapture folks) that if the days hadn’t been shortened (something the Holy Spirit said He was doing back in a word released through me in 2019), that even the elect would not remain saved! Here we see that the Once Saved Always Saved is a lie (I posted a word from the Lord specifically about this about two years ago) and that the faithful will suffer immensely and have to hold on, remaining faithful and true to Christ and listen to the Holy Spirit or be deceived as verse 23 discusses.

Matthew 24 further mentions the false Christs and false prophets declaring Christ is here on earth, verse 28 shows that those ways lead to death! It further states that when Christ truly returns all eyes will be opened. There will no longer be disputing of His identity. Furthermore, the sun and moon will then give no light (the current events happening with the sun is amazing and once again not being publicized, find some people that are discussing all the coronal mass ejections and flares, it is nearly over for its use for this solar system! Likewise, the stars will fall.

Presently at this very moment, we are going through an incredible time of various meteor showers, I have lost count of all the near misses of huge asteroids that have had major impacts on the earth as they’ve passed.

Then the trump will sound! Christ’s return will be announced. Don’t for a minute doubt that the final Antichrist will try to imitate these things but the Holy Spirit will bear witness of it’s falsehood, listen closely.

May God find us faithful to Him.

I pray that the intentions of the vision I received be a blessing and a cause to pray and seek kingdom truth.

Blessings to my siblings and fellow believers. See you soon at the wedding feast.

~Handmaid of the Most High~


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