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Received Around 3:50 AM, July 3, 2021

2nd Word and 2nd Vision received on July 3, 2021

Jeremiah 6:22 King James Version (KJV)Thus saith the Lord, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised from the sides of the earth.
Isaiah 13:19 King James Version (KJV)19 And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.

As I was taking a brief break from praying over “IMMEASURABLE TRAGEDY AWAITS YOU AMERICA THE GREAT!”

I heard in my spirit –

DESTRUCTION DESTRUCTION DESTRUCTION and the noises I heard are the Navy persons readying for battle such as what witnesses in a military action movies when a destroyer is out in battle.


I have a vision:

I see military men, navy men, coming down the stairs quickly from the heights of a battle ship going in various directions to man their stations. I know it is not a drill. This is a true event in the future.

We are outnumbered as data comes in we are circled and about to be taken down! Panic is tangible in the air. Everyone has adrenaline pumping and is laying aside their emotions the best they know how to do but they know, they will die today.

They are thinking about their families realizing they will never see them again. They never expected this, they always thought they had the upper hand but they will die today.

They. Will. Die. Today.

I am crying as I sense the intense sorrow and grief that they never will share any more last thoughts with family and friends. Regrets flood many. Some are praying. Many are just trying to do their assignment and block their thoughts, never expecting this end.

The Holy Spirit spoke:

America, never in your lifetime have you seen war on your shores. You were to grand for that. You were superior, vain in your conceits. I say “Oh how the mighty have fallen”, you, who waged war on others always expected the sun to shine on your face.

Your self-importance and your cleverness is your guide. How full of pride and arrogance you are within your beautiful landscapes and your mansions on the water. How great you stand among those whom you deem your inferiors. Many are occupied by the strife and tribal warfare from within to move toward advancing their communities and building wealth. And now as you have seen this division in your own country, you think that nothing worse can happen.

THINK AGAIN! I am sending warriors from the North and warriors from the South, they are trained and know your thoughts and ways intimately for they have studied you for decades. They know your weakness and your laziness. They know that you are so focused on plenty: plenty of food, plenty of sex, plenty of fun that your focus and work ethic is drastically diminished compared to your prior generations.

They know that you just pay the government to look out for you and as long as the government stooges, emissaries of evil don’t do to much beyond what you expect (tolerate in your life and among friends), you don’t bother to do anything about it. How foolish you have been, as evil has become so evident, the sex slavery, the drugs, addictions of every kind, the sale of technology to the highest bidder all for “a little more”.

You have remained on your sofas or in your neighborhood bars and allowed it. Abortion, who cares! You do you… You turn your eyes from sin all around you, it grows and corrupts the youngest among you and still you defend it. “A man (woman) has the right to pursue happiness”. At what price?!

As long as it costs you nothing, you don’t care. You have no humanity. You have no compassion for those among you, who are prey because of their innocence or a weakness. I will allow your enemies destroy you, for even they are not nearly as corrupt as you. You claim that they are godless? But you fail to see that your sin is your god!

I AM is done! I hate what you have become! You embarrass me. Claiming that you are my children but not even willing to keep my ten commandments. You don’t even consider the greatest commandment that my son has given you, “Love the Lord with all your heart. Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I tell you these aborted children are your neighbor! The children that the pedophiles assault are your neighbor! The abused woman that has no safe haven to run to or advocate for her protection, she is your neighbor. That elderly widow down the street that you joke is a witch, SHE IS YOUR NEIGHBOR! I said that I came for the lost, the ones overlooked by society. I knew that they would listen. They knew they couldn’t rely on themselves or the government for justice. Yet, you get angry at the cripple for not walking fast enough for you. You honk your horn and give people the finger because they don’t drive “fast enough” even though they are driving according to the law. Wake up! YOUR DESTINY IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE!

America goes BOOM! I Will Watch! The results will change your land and allegiances.


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


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