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"Dad told me there is a huge storm coming!" - dream from brother Dan


Took a short nap about 2 hours ago. In my dream, Kathy and I were going to go to a restaurant but she wanted to do some shopping across the road to the right first, so I walked across the road to the left and headed towards a restaurant I saw. I walked in to the restaurant to get us a seat. As I got into the restaurant, many people were there seated already eating, talking and I need to go to the restroom before getting seated, so I walked down an aisle which had about three bench seats with four people in each. I walked past them towards the restroom. As I got into the restaurant restroom, there was no toilet, no urinal, and only chairs. The chairs were luxury looking chairs, but as I was looking around there was no toilet. Some man entered and I said I need to tell the owner about this, that there is no place to go to the bathroom in the mens room. I went to the counter where three men were standing, and told them of the situation. They said they would take care of it. I had to wait for Kathy anyways so I waited by the bathroom in hopes that they would fix this situation soon. There were three restaurant workers already in the bathroom cleaning it and took a chair out which had hidden the urinal. As I was watching them clean up, there was a door to exit beside me to my left, and I looked out the window and upward into the clouds noticing what appeared to be a portal opening up in the sky with a lightning strike here and there. And then the clouds closed in on themselves in a swirling motion and I realized I was looking at the eye of a tornado. It worsened so I shouted to the people as the wind became very hard on the building, "A tornado is starting, but please no one worry...this building can withstand it that we are in, please stay calm." Thinking about Kathy's safety, I went towards the front of the restaurant to go find Kathy, and the wind started subsiding, and hail started to fall outside the windows to the left of I got closer to the front door of the restaurant the wind was slowly going away and the hail stopped. I proceeded out the door and could hear Kathy talking loudly to someone to the right past a door in another part of a building with lots of windows and doors. She was saying, "So dad, your warning us of a storm coming?" "Okay, Okay!" As she was talking I could see her running towards a door close to me on the right, so I met up with her. She looked at me and I wanted to hug her but she was more impressed to share with me this news, even looked with an intense look on her face at me and said, "Dad told me there is a huge storm coming!." I told her not to worry reassuring her that Jesus has us, He will protect us and not to worry. She looked at me and said, "Ok.!" I woke up right then.

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