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Careening Toward Chaos Part 11


Received 9:30 PM EST, August 26, 2021

Cry America for what you have lost, for more destruction and death is coming and you have only begun to see the massacres that will come to your land.

You have gone to many lands to pillage their goods, seeking treasures and access to regions that would benefit you, despite the desires of those who live there and often without any benefit to those you trouble. You forsake their true benefit and good, for if you really desired their benefit, your first priority would be to love them and their souls. You would share the good news, the awesome news of my son with your enemies and neighbors alike.

Woe to you for you brought your arms and tools, while the thought of your Bibles are secondary or barely a thought at all. Bringing fear to most, and a little to relief to some. While these had need of food and water, you gave their children candy pleasing to the lips for a moment but of little benefit in the long run. Instilling hunger for your way of life, your ease of some daily challenges was often a benefit to them in a brief period of time.

Excusing the deployment of bombs and other weapons of war, you soothe your conscious that you built wells and schools for their children. How can that truly instill your ways of thinking, when you seek to change their thoughts without seeking to bring a lasting spiritual change?

The missionaries of old did not have AK 47’s and never drove tanks into tiny communities, they hoped to benefit!

Yet you accept the lies of your commanding officers and speak it as if it were truth to yourselves and to your families, to maintain your sanity and happiness. Thus you were denying the words of truth, I speak and have spoken. I am now especially speaking to those who still seek me. How you can deny me, while still reading your word is a sign of a fractured mind and heart. I speak this not to anger you but to set your conscious on fire! The depression many suffer is a direct result of the battle within your conscious and unconscious mind.

How can you not repent of your part in these deeds, when the lives you will leave behind will be changed only enough to get them in trouble with their warlords? How can they find solace, when you gave them a few material goods but not the truth that changes lives for ever? If your leaders, truly desired to make moral changes and bring lasting change, they wouldn’t look to see how many bodies lie dead to rejoice over and how many of the “opposition leaders” that are now singing their required tune!

You have sown discord on behalf of those whom thrive on discord and their oppressed citizenry are no better off in the end. Nothing has changed in reality and to claim different is a bold faced lie before your creator. Repent and pray for them, those who wanted to believe your lies. Who wanted to believe your promises, who will soon lose their lives because they were ignorant enough to hope for real change that they believed you would deliver.

Pray for yourselves because many of you will not escape the retribution of evil the same that you allowed through your lies. The sins of the fathers are visited on their descendants. Those who read my word will know this truth, those who don’t will experience it regardless.

You were willing to do your leaders dirty work, you took money to do as ordered, many of your are mercenaries though and through, the thought has never entered your mind! Repent for the sake of your children, even if you reject this truth! I will not violate my own rules. If you chose to ignore them, that is your responsibility for not reading your own warlords, fine print. You became a tool in return for script (money), no different than the roman soldiers that occupied the middle east when my son was there! History repeats itself, that is why it is critical to understand my word as it reveals the truth of the reality that surrounds you.

It is a sad thing, for many to absorb this truth. Though many have been sent to share these realities over the decades, they have been shunned and scoffed at, dismissed and ridiculed, threatened and abused, some physically harmed in many very serious and detrimental ways. I assure you that those were sent by me, you refused to listen because you were steadfast to your own agenda. You will be held accountable. The blood is own your hands. You can seek me now for forgiveness or take it to your grave. It is your choice. Meanwhile, realize that while your pride allowed you to soak in the accolades of your family, friends, countrymen and leaders, the truth, my truth tells another story.

I have always wanted the best for all my children. I do not value one over another by their skin color, their culture, their tongue, their resources, their education (or lack of it) but over their heart toward me and their fellow men, which is all inclusive, not limited by an arbitrary border or the soil beneath their feet!

Realize I will take care of the puppet masters, the leaders and those who plot evil. I seek every heart equally, I know what is within it. I know the beginning from the end.

You must concern yourself with your own salvation and the deeds that you have done. Do not seek wisdom from man on this matter, man is who mislead you and sold you lies. Seek me and the guidance of the Holy Spirit for your deliverance. Learn of my ways, seek me in my word and my still small voice that whispers to your heart and mind day in and day out. It will bring you truth and healing love and home with me, your True Heavenly Father. I AM in love with you. There is forgiveness when you seek with a pure heart and repentance.


Brothers and Sisters, I received this word as I was praying about the American people trying to leave Afghanistan. I have been so grieved as I know many others are as well. We are seeing the bad but I am certain that much worse is occurring that we don’t hear reported. I also pray for the Afghani people, particularly those who worked closely with the Americans, many are being tortured and will die as a result, their families will also suffer extreme consequences. Please keep this situation in prayer!

~ Handmaid of the Most High ~

Due to the ongoing attacks while I type prophecy particularly during and after posting, my mouse has been completely disabled making it much more challenging to provide details and links. I urge readers wishing to understand the connections with prior words, visions and dreams, to type “Handmaid of the Most High” into the Classic search section on the main page.

Of particular interest, some may wish to look for these titles: “China Attacks“; “The Winner is…China!“; My Severe Judgments are upon the Land, Repent America: Careening toward Chaos Part 9“; “When the Walls Came Tumbling Down“. I’ve gotten between 80-100 words specifically about America’s end in the past 30 months. So, these are a sampling of more relevant recent words.


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