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Commotion in Promotion - Christine Beadsworth (Kathy: TIME FOR FIRST FRUITS!! HALLELUJAH!!)

(Kathy's note: AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL MESSAGE!!! Glory to God!!)

Released 9/19/22

This morning, I want to share with you quite an interesting dream that I had three weeks ago now, on the 26th of August. I awoke after the dream at 4:31 a.m. in the morning. In the dream I was walking along in a fairly darkish place and there was a big sackcloth-covered screen in front of me, and I could hear behind it that there was some sort of wrestling going on. I couldn't see what was going on but it was intense. Then we came around the side of the screen to the right, and there was a stage in front of me, and we were coming in almost from the wings of the stage. I could see a man and a woman standing on the stage, viewing their back silhouettes in the bright light. They were a couple and they were standing looking out over an audience, and they were in the spotlight. They were busy announcing their sons. Eohn and Eohn. And as I heard their sons who both had the same name. I was given knowledge of how it was spelt and it was spelt E-O-H-N. And as they announced these two sons, someone shouted, “Only you would call your sons ‘Eohn and Eohn’. Both the man and the woman had black lipstick on their top lips, and the woman was dressed in army fatigues. She then turned to her right, which gave her a view of the back of the stage, and you could see dimly that there were row upon row of tiered figures sitting. Only their faces were dimly lit up. And she stamped her foot, which was in an army boot. And she said, “There's a commotion in promotion!” And I was then zoomed in to her top lip, which was covered in black and had little sparkles in it, almost like it would be lipstick with glitter - but what it reminded me of in that moment was the heavens on the darkest night with the stars all sparkling in the sky.

So, when I woke up in the very early morning, I began to pray for understanding. And

the first thing the Spirit did was prompt me to look up the time at which I had woken

after the dream. It was 4h31 in the morning and the Strong's Hebrew word h431 is the

word ‘behold’. Now, ‘behold’ is a word which is used as an announcement. It is

commanding people's attention. It is directing their eyes to look at something that is

being highlighted. Then I asked the Lord what is going on with this name ‘Eohn’? And I

looked up the name and the name ‘Eon’ is the Irish form of ‘John’. But this ‘Eohn and

Eohn’ were two sons who had an ‘H’ inserted into their name, which reminded me

immediately of the incidence when Abram's name was changed to Abraham. The H is

the letter Hei in Hebrew, and it signifies the breath or the impartation from God.

And when Abraham's name was changed from Abram to Abraham, it signified a change in chapter for him. He went from being an ordinary, impotent man to being a man who would cause his wife to conceive the promised son was the first of many, many sons that would be as the stars of the heaven and the sand of the seas. So, the insertion of the letter ‘H’ indicates a drastic change in time and season for the person whose name is changed, and it occurs through an impartation of the power and breath of God. So, these two sons who are John and John or Eohn and Eohn have had an impartation of the breath of God. Now the word ‘eon’ means ‘eternity or a long space of time’. And when sons are announced, it is alluding to the ‘adoption’ of the sons - or the right Hebrew concept is ‘the placing’ of the sons. Now, this occurred when a son in a Hebrew family reached the age of 30 and he was considered old enough, wise enough, and educated enough to be given authority to take over his father's business. So, the

announcing or the placing or the adoption of the sons is speaking about the

manifestation of the sons.

I believe that the couple, the man and the woman represented the Bridegroom and the

Bride, who were announcing or manifesting these two sons or the two witnesses. It's

very important to remember from the dream that the woman or the Bride was clothed in army fatigue. In other words, she is a warring bride. And when she made her

announcement, “There is a commotion in promotion!”, she stamped her foot, which

reminded me of the Scripture in Genesis, which speaks about the enemy bruising the

Seed of Eve's heel and Him crushing the head of Satan. So, this scene that I came

upon was the revealing or the manifestation of the sons, the seed, the two witnesses

company; both who bear the same name and have had an impartation of the breath of


I don't know exactly who the people were who were sitting in the back of the stage.

They could have been an angelic company. They could have been watchers. But they

were just silently sitting there in tiers, watching and witnessing what was unfolding on

the stage. They were a separate group from the audience also seeing what was being

done on the stage. I do believe the wrestling that was going on behind the sackcloth-

covered screen represented the previous season of preparation, in which those who are about to be revealed or announced were busy with. From the sounds I heard behind the screen, it was an intense struggle they were undergoing. “Behold, these are our two sons, who have been going through a wrestling time with God, just like Jacob went through a wrestling time and had his name changed - but that was in the preparation chapter”. And the fact that it was sackcloth covering the screen also alludes to the two witnesses who we’re told in Revelation 11 are clothed in sackcloth.

Now, John came in the spirit of Elijah, and in Malachi 4, it says that God will send the

spirit of Elijah before the great and terrible Day of the Lord, and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers. So, it's speaking about reconciliation in broken family relationship. John the Baptist was the voice crying on the wilderness side of the Jordan for people to return to the Lord. In other words, his ministry was a ministry of reconciliation unto Father God, preparing the way of the Lord. Now, as I've mentioned before, in Acts, we are told that the people who followed Jesus and His teachings after His ascension were called the people of ‘the Way’. So, we are ‘the Way’. We are the highway of people through whom which the Lord will come in glory. Now, in Isaiah 35, it speaks of the wilderness and the dry land being glad and the desert blossoming and rejoicing like a rose. It says, ‘The glory of Lebanon will be given to it. And the Excellency of Carmel’. And it says ‘they will see the glory of the Lord and the majesty of our God’. So, as Isaiah 35 has joy as an overriding theme because the glory of God is manifested. Tabernacles is also known as ‘the season of our joy’ - God in the midst of us, in a pillar of cloud and fire, providing for and protecting us. In verse 6, there's a lot of healing that takes place and it's prescribed to the waters that are

breaking forth in the wilderness and streams in the desert. Jesus said that rivers of living waters would flow from our innermost being. He actually stood up on the last day of Tabernacles and said, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink”. And He spoke of rivers flowing from our innermost being. So, these rivers flowing in the desert or the wilderness are an outpouring of the Spirit in abundance upon those who are the Way and therefore they become the Highway. In verse 8 of Isaiah 35, it says, ‘It is called the Holy Way and it is for the redeemed’. When the enemy comes in like a flood. In Isaiah 59:19, The Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard against him and puts him to flight. The son that is brought forth in Revelation 12 is raised up as a standard against the enemy. The manchild company are a sign and a standard. Do you remember in the word that I brought, where the Lord was just speaking and saying that those who have set themselves apart for him will be a standard, a plumbline positioned in an unholy generation and in an unclean city. These two sons; the two witnesses, as the Lord referred to them in my dream, Eohn and Eohn, are a plumb line or a standard in the midst of a city, the Body of Christ that is now called

‘Sodom’. And John's ministry or calling and blueprint from God was to prepare the way

of the people and to cast up the highway, gather out the stones, lift up a standard over

the peoples. (That is Isaiah 62:10). And verse 12 says ‘and they will call them the holy

people’. The sons of oil are the standard in the midst of an unclean city.

Now, when in my dream the woman in fatigues said there will be ‘a commotion in

promotion’, immediately a verse came to me and it was Isaiah 66:6, which says, ‘There

is an uproar in the city and a voice from the temple, rendering recompense to his

enemies’. A commotion and an uproar are the same thing. So, we see in the city there

is an absolute commotion and an uproar when this promotion or the manifestation of the sons of God takes place. And it says that this commotion and uproar is caused by the fact that there is a voice in the temple rendering recompense to his enemies. So, who are the enemies of God in this situation? We find this answer in Isaiah 63:10, where it says, speaking of the people of God, ‘they rebelled and grieved His Holy Spirit.

Therefore, He turned to become their enemy and He Himself fought against them’. So, it is not talking about the vast masses of those who do not acknowledge God. It's talking about people who acknowledge God and Jesus as the Son of God, and yet they rebel and their lifestyles grieve the Holy Spirit, and therefore they put themselves in a position of being the enemies of God and God fights against them. So, this causes an absolute uproar.

So, I see from my dream that when the manifestation of the sons and the announcing

and placing of the sons, Eohn and Eohn take place, it's going to cause an absolute

commotion and an uproar. And many, many people who are positioned presently in

positions of authority in the body of Christ are going to find themselves being fought

against by the Lord. The Word of God says that He changes the times and the seasons.

He sets up kings and He removes kings. In other words, those that have been in a place

of trust and authority in the body of Christ are removed from their position, stripped of

their authority, and others are raised up in their places. We find this going on in

Revelation 22.

The modern prophetic community is very fond of quoting Isaiah 22:22 about the key of

David being placed on the shoulder and authority being imparted. But this is done as a

result of an unrighteous steward called Shebna being removed from his position. And

we find if we read earlier on in Isaiah 22 that this man, Shebna, had spiritual ambition.

He was ‘carving out a tomb for himself among the great’. He was a social climber in the

church situation, and he acted in such a way to ensure his promotion. So, he was self-

promoted. But Eliakim, whom God raised up in his place, was the man who God

deemed faithful and trustworthy, and ‘Eliakim’ means ‘God of raising’. In other words, it

is not man who raises up. God raises up one and puts down another. So, the two sons

of oil, the two witnesses in Revelation chapter 11 are causing an uproar in the city. They are a sign and a plumbline set up in the midst of the city that is now called Sodom and Egypt.

Now, let’s just think about that. God is looking at his Body and He is saying, “The odor

that comes off from the way you live and what is going on amongst you is such that I

want to change your name from ‘the holy city’ to ‘Sodom’. Now, Sodom was so wicked

and so unrighteous that God destroyed it. And Egypt was the place that served many

different gods. Sodom speaks of the sins of the flesh. Egypt speaks of vast and

repeated and continual unrepentant idolatry. So, when the two witnesses stand in the

midst of the city that is now called Sodom and Egypt, we see that it depicts a rising up

of a faithful company, the two witnesses or the sons of oil and the demotion and

judgment of others in the Body of Christ, who have lived in such a way as to set

themselves up as the enemies of God.

So what will Eohn and Eohn preach? It will be the same as John the Baptist’s message.

In Matthew 3:2, he says, ‘Repent, change your mind, regretting your sins. For the

kingdom of heaven is at hand’. And in verse 8, ‘bring forth fruit consistent with

repentance. Do not presume to say to yourselves, we have Abraham as our father’. in

other words, you can't call on your spiritual bloodline here. You can't sit on your lees

and announce that, “Well, we got saved! Once saved, always saved. It's all going to be

fine”. God is saying, “Your life is out of line with My righteous standard. Repent. Change

your mind and bring forth fruit consistent with repentance. Don't give lip service to

repentance and carry on sinning”. And in verse 10 of Matthew 3, it says, ‘The axe is

lying at the root of the trees, and any tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and

thrown in the fire’. Therefore, it's speaking of a judgment and a removal. God sets up

kings and He removes kings. It's speaking of the elevation of one and the removing and

the demotion of another. There is going to be a commotion when this happens and it will be done by the hand of God. When these two witnesses, the two companies clothed in sackcloth, are announced; when the Lord says, “Behold, these are My beloved sons in whom I am well pleased”, it's going to cause an uproar and a commotion in the Body of Christ.

Remember that this is what the Father said when Jesus was baptized by John. He said,

“Behold my beloved son, in whom I'm well pleased”. And it caused a huge commotion in

the religious system. The scribes and the Pharisees were extremely upset, because this was a challenge to their authority. The people were no longer listening to them. The people were flocking to the edge of the wilderness and being baptized by John. And John was directing them to Jesus, the Lamb of God. In John 1:7, John says he came to testify of the light and to bear witness regarding the light. And the place where John was baptizing was called Bethabara, which means ‘the house of the crossing over’ or the House of Transition. The Ministry of the two Witnesses; the Ministry of Eohn and Eohn is the ministry of crossing over - of transferring people out of allegiance to a religious system, yet their lives bear no fruit, into the Kingdom of God and bearing fruit of repentance.

Now I want to just talk about the black top lip, because that was quite a mysterious thing in the dream. First of all, the Holy Spirit pointed out to me that the top lip was covered. Now to cover the top lip in ancient times was a sign of mourning - when someone close to you in your family died, you covered your top lip as a sign of mourning. We find that in Ezekiel 24:17 and 22, when God was telling Ezekiel his wife was going to die and he was not to cover his top lip or do any of the things that were culturally normal when mourning the dead. The other scripture that was given to me was Micah 3:7. Now I want you to read the whole of Micah from verse 1 to verse 7, so you get the context, and this is connected with those who have become the enemies of God because they've rebelled against God. And Micah addresses in verse 1 the heads of Jacob and the rulers of the House of Israel. And he says, ‘Is it not for you to know justice? You who hate the good and love the evil, who pluck and steal the skin of My people and the flesh off their bones?’ In other words, they are taking extreme advantage of God's sheep. They are fleecing them. ‘Yes, you who eat the flesh of My people and strip their skin. Then they will cry to the Lord. But He will not answer them. He will even hide his face from them at that time because they have made their deeds evil.’ There you see God becoming their enemy. And verse 5, ‘thus says the Lord concerning the false prophets who make my people err. When they have anything good to bite with their teeth, they cry peace. And whoever gives them nothing to chew against him, they declare a sanctified war’. In other words, this false prophetic community is leading God's people in a wrong way by the words they release. And when those people provide them with meat to eat, they give them prophecies of peace. But when they do not bless them financially, they then go to war against them. How wicked! And in verse 6, it says, ‘Therefore it shall be night to you, so that you shall have no vision. It shall be dark to you without divination. And the sun shall go down over the false prophets, and the day shall be black over them. And the seers shall be put to shame, and the diviners shall blush and be confounded. They shall all cover their lips, for there is no answer from God, but truly I, Micah, am full of power and of the Spirit of the Lord and of justice and might to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin’.

So what Micah was saying was that the false prophets and the seers were going to be

put to shame and they would not be able to see in the Spirit any longer. It was going to

be dark for them. Therefore, they would go into a time of mourning because there would be a total cut off from the Spirit of the living God. So, the covered black top lip of this man and woman standing on the stage announcing the promotion and the manifestation of the two sons, Eohn and Eohn, also signifies that there are those who have been removed and cut off and demoted because of their life; the way they've treated God's people and their self-promotion and their fleecing of God's sheep. Judgment is declared over them and they would go into a time of mourning (remember that sackcloth is a sign of mourning). So, when God is raising up one and putting down another, there's going to be a great commotion in the Body of Christ, because those they have looked to, who the sheep have not discerned are false prophets and are following and hanging on every word that they speak, when those people are demoted and cut off by the Living God in a righteous judgment, there's going to be a real uproar in the Body of Christ. The other thing about that black top lip - and for this, we need to understand how light works and how color works. When an article is seen as red, It signifies that it has absorbed all the colors of the light spectrum except red. It is reflecting the red light spectrum. Therefore, the human eye sees it as red. When something looks black, it means that it has absorbed the whole light spectrum (the seven colors of light). So, the fullness of the seven Spirits of God and Fullness of Light is depicted in that black top lip. This is because the announcement that comes and the righteous judgment that is being decreed is done from a heavenly position with the fullness of knowledge of the heart of God. The black color covering the top lip of the man and woman on the stage was also sparkling like the night sky sparkles with millions of stars. And this indicates that the judgment is decreed from the heavens, speaking on behalf of the throne in the third heaven. So black in this case indicates God's righteous judgments. And when God's righteous judgments are rolled out, there is going to be an uproar in the city as the voice of God renders recompense to his enemies, and he raises up and sets in place His beloved sons, with whom He is well pleased.

I had a very interesting thing happen at my house. A friend of my husband's was helping him with his car. He has an old car, the number plate of which says ‘Petra’, which means stone. And this old green car has been worked on for years. And just when you fix one thing, another thing breaks. Anyway, this man was helping my husband on his car, and then he decided he was going to pick olives off the tree at my gate. So, when I arrived home, there was this man up a very tall ladder, with yellow edged steps, picking olives. And a few minutes later, there was a great commotion. And we heard and saw that he had fallen off the ladder. And in the process, a big branch of the olive tree had broken off. Now, he didn't hurt himself too much because he landed on my flower bed. (The flower bed, though, didn't come off so well). But about half an hour later, this same man was driving that green car, moving it to another parking position in the garden, and he was accelerating and the accelerator got stuck. So he drove straight into a tree in my garden. Now, the interesting thing about that tree is that it had a big round stone on a string hanging from one of the branches. And when he struck the tree, the plumbline string and stone dropped. So I was amazed, “Oh, Lord, what is this about? I mean, all these things happening in one day”. It was so strange. And the Lord began to speak to me about the fact that the green car represented those of His people (Petra being a living stone), who had continually been worked on, who had continually been brought words of counsel, words of realignment. Much, much time had been spent - and yet, there had been no significant progress or real change and they were just not getting anywhere. And there are those in the body of Christ who, during the time where they believe they're in a time of ascension and harvest, there is going to be a sudden demotion - as in a falling off of a ladder, a sudden crashing down. And while some are demoted, others are going to be promoted. The interesting thing also is that a big branch was broken off the olive tree. Now, we know in Romans that Paul speaks about branches being broken off so that others could be grafted in. And those branches were broken off because of unbelief. The other message from this parable playing out in my garden is that, in a time where people are moving themselves into other positions in God’s garden, or Body; in a time where they think they are in a time of acceleration and fast forward movement (initiated by their own actions), the Lord Himself is going to fight against them, put a sudden stop to their progress and there will be a sudden crash. The plumbline will drop. And there will be a removing of some kings and a setting up of other kings. It will happen suddenly, unexpectedly and very quickly. They will be brought to a complete halt.

I want to talk to you about the promotion that is mentioned in that phrase, Commotion in promotion’. In Psalm 89;19, it says, ‘I have exalted one chosen among the people. I

have found David, My bondservant, with My holy oil have I anointed him’. Now, David

was the youngest, and therefore the least in the pecking order in the family of Jesse.

Yet God chose him, a man after His own heart, and He lifted him up. And I'm sure in the

family of Jesse, there was quite a commotion in David's promotion. In verse 27 of that

psalm, it says, ‘I will also make him the first born, the highest of the kings of the earth’.

Now, the firstborn had a number of privileges accorded them. They received a double

portion of inheritance and they were appointed to take over their father’s business. And

we see here and in other instances in the Word that God does not go by the natural

first-born status. He can elevate someone to the rights and the privileges of the firstborn because of the condition of the heart of his bondservants. And this is what it is talking about in my dream - commotion in promotion. With the elevation and the promotion and the lifting up and the placing and manifestation of the sons, there is also an impartation and endowing of the rights of the firstborn - the double portion inheritance. And this is going to cause a great commotion and uproar in the Body of Christ, because those whom we consider the firstborn are going to be demoted and the least elevated and positioned in their place. This means the removal of inheritance and the bestowing of that same double portion upon other tried and tested vessels. ‘David, the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart who will do all My will and carry out My program fully’. That's Acts 13, verse 22 in the Amplified Bible.

So, there are some in the Body who will be in a time of lifting themselves up and of

ascending (climbing the positional ladder in the Body so to speak), they think they are in a time of harvest. And then the breaking of the branch comes unexpectedly and a fall and a removal from the heights. The plumbline has fallen and a time of personally

engineered acceleration and positioning in the Body of Christ will become a time of

crashing; their acceleration will be arrested and their ascension will be halted by the

Lord Himself.

On the day that the branch broke off in my garden and the plumb line dropped, the

odometer on my car's reading was 137731. So, I looked up those numbers: H13 means

‘destruction’ and H7731 is the word ‘shabak’, which means ‘thick boughs’. So, it is

speaking of the destruction of thick boughs and the breaking off of branches in the Body of Christ because of the unbelief. In Amos 7:7,8, it says, ‘and the Lord said unto me, Amos, what do you see? And I said, I see a plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of My people, Israel. I will not pass by them anymore’. In verse seven, it says that the person who was hanging the plumbline in the midst of

God's people was standing on a wall made by a plumbline. In other words, the dropping

of the plumbline is done through lives; living stones, who have been placed and built

according to a plumbline. In other words, their lives align to God's righteous plumbline,

and through them God sets a plumbline in the midst of His people and measures their

ways, their thoughts and their works.

Isaiah 66:6 ‘a sound of uproar from the city, a voice from the temple, the voice of the

Lord rendering recompense to His enemies’. The word ‘uproar’ is the Strong's H7588. It

also means ‘destruction, rushing tumult and pomp’. It is used for the roaring of waves in Psalm 65. It is used for the tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered

together and the Lord of Hosts mustering the host for Battle in Isaiah 13:4. In Jeremiah

25:31, the same word is used where it says ‘a noise or a tumult shall come to the ends

of the earth. For the Lord has a controversy with the nations’. There will be a commotion in promotion and in the manifestation of the sons. Psalm 75:6,7 says ‘promotion comes neither from the East nor the West nor the South, but God is the judge. He puts down one and He sets up another’. And the Lord said to me, “The commotion is caused by the draining of My cup by the wicked in My Body, and simultaneously, I will lift up the righteous, set them in place, and give them authority to rule”. Psalm 75:10. ‘All the horns of the wicked will I cut off. But the horns of the righteous shall be exalted’. A horn always represented power and authority. And God says He will remove the power and authority of the wicked in His Body. but he will increase and lift up and promote the righteous so that they are given and imparted power and authority. And that word where it says ‘the horns of the wicked, I will cut off’, the word ‘cut off ‘means ‘to fell a tree’. How interesting. And one last scripture; Zephaniah 1:12. ‘It shall come to pass at that time that I will search Jerusalem with lamps and punish the men who are settled on their lees, that say in their heart, the Lord will neither do good. Neither will He do evil’. So, there we see a passivity of people in the Body of Christ, confident that they fully have a grasp of the state of affairs. You know, in Revelation 11, where it speaks about the manifestation of the sons of oil dressed in sackcloth in the midst of the city called Sodom and Egypt, as John is instructed to begin his prophecy, he's told to measure those who worship at the altar, but to not include the outer court because it's going to be trampled. Now, trampling is an interesting thing. One always thinks of horses’ hooves. However. In the olden days, trampling was also used to wash garments. Outside Jerusalem at the juncture of the valley of Hinnom and the Kidron Valley is Ein Rogel, the Fullers Fountain. And it is the place where the priests’ dirty garments used to be taken, and that water was used to wash and trample the priests’ garments until they were white again. And so, Revelation 11:1 speaks of a three and a half year period where those of the outer court of God's Body who are living according to the flesh, who are naming themselves by the Name of the Lord, and yet their lives are not in line with God's righteous plumb line - they have their priestly garments trampled in order to whiten and to cleanse them. So, the Ministry of the Sons of Oil, or Eohn and Eohn, as my dream showed, is calling the outer court dwellers to repentance and bearing fruit of repentance (In other words, the washing and cleansing of the garments of those whose lives are not in alignment in the Body of Christ).

So, my dream was announcing the manifestation of the sons of oil. It was also

announcing the beginning of a season of the exposure and the demotion and the

removal of the false prophets. And those who are self-appointed, self-promoted in the

Body of Christ and whose lifestyle set them up as enemies of God. God lifts up one and

He brings down another. He sets up kings and He removes kings. And there is now a

change of season. Those who have been wrestling with God receiving an impartation

and a change of name, the ‘H’ in Eohn, those whom the Lord is well pleased are going

to be announced, manifested and revealed. And this revealing is going to cause a

tremendous uproar and a tumult in the Body of Christ because they have been hidden

behind the sackcloth screen before now.

May the Lord increase and expand and add to the revelation that I've shared with you

and give you great understanding and confirmation as you bring this before Him. Amen.

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