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Collapse Coming – Cynthia


Shalom in Yeshua, I am in a town hit by Ida and many shelves are bare. I had to go to several stores to try to find basic items. At the last store a store clerk met me at the door and said, “We’re only taking cash…our card reader is down.” After leaving the store I felt an unsettling and it was like the Holy Spirit was saying that collapse was coming and to have money from the bank and food, etc. I feel like there could be some attack on the electronic way to pay, etc. I also read the government military can manipulate the weather (HAARP) and it is so eery major hurricanes keep happening on Aug 29 I came across your site and what you wrote about the collapse was just what I was feeling by the Holy Spirit today If weather can be manipulated by satellites, chemtrails and beams of energy…..then the globalists can create famine.

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