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Calling All Goshens/Refuges/Safe Havens – Pollox

JULY 28, 2021 1:29 PM POLLOX

July 28, 2021

Scriptural Reference:

Isaiah Chapter 16 Verses 3 & 4 (partial)“Take counsel, gather a council: make the shadow as the night in the midday: them them that flee, and betray not them that wander about.My fugitives shall dwell with thee: O Moab, be thou a covert from the destroyer ...”

1. Bring Your Preparations To A Finish Now. 2. Keep Silent About Your Mission To All & Sundry. 3. You will soon see wit your own eyes the wings of the Angel who guards and protects your land and buildings. They’ll cover the entire length and breadth. 4. Listen For Instructions For All You Do From Now On. From The Holy Spirit. Do Not Act Alone. 5. Do Not Distribute Any Food Without Direction From The Holy Spirit To Anyone, Regardless. 6. Be Humble, Repent & Stay Under My Wings For The evil one Wants To Destroy Your Mission. 7.World-Wide Lock-Down In September, Warning Follows After, My Time, Not Yours. 8. Be Silent, Stay On Your Property, Harvest The Fruits, Weeds, Herbs, & Vegetables, Work While It Is Still Daylight, For The Night Is On The Horizon. 9. Pray! Pray! Pray! Forgive! Repent! Trust God! 10. Those On Your Team: Must Work In Harmony & Peace! 11. Space, Food & Buildings Will Be Multiplied. 12. The 12 Tribes Are Coming To Your Nest, Soon. Be Ready, For On One Who Is A Stranger To The Lord Will Enter Or Even See You.

Note: Ponder Isaiah Chapter 16, Verse 3 regarding “the shadow” for it is the key to your personal safety and security!


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