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"Becoming His Weapon of War" - Christine Beadsworth

Updated: Nov 10, 2022



This message will en-COURAGE and em-POWER you

as you understand Heaven's strategy for the battle ahead.


The Son of David is running towards the giant that blasphemes and mocks the people of God and releasing His weapon of war - the corporate stone of the Manchild Company. The army of Light is going to war with the hordes of darkness, sent by His strong right arm!

To sling: H7049 ~ to sling; also to carve as if a circular motion, or INTO LIGHT FORMS!!

I have attached the message as a pdf for you to download and print.

Many blessings, remnant






Hello, Precious Saints.

I have something really encouraging to share with you this morning. I don't know if you

remember that The Lord told me he was moving me out of the oak-paneled room,

where I had written my books for the endtime church into the Room of the Fear of the

Lord, which it turned out was the Throne Room of God. And He hasn't given me much

other revelation about being in that place, but this morning, when I went to have my time with the Lord, I sat down (I have a little room with an armchair in it and all my study books and communion elements) and as I began to pray, the Lord said to me, “Get on your knees”. So, I knelt down, faced the chair, and began to pray. And like the living creatures in the throne room say, “Holy, holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts”. And like the 24 elders, “Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb”. And as I was praying, I had a tremendous download.

Firstly, I want to share that now, as I was preparing to do this message, I was asking the Lord, “Why did you have me kneel down?” And He said to me, “From this time forward, you will kneel down when you worship Me”, and He reminded me of the 24 elders who bowed low before Him and cast down their crowns. If you remember, in a message called ‘By day or by night, by faith or by sight’, the Lord showed me how the

constellation Ursa Minor that is closest to the North Star, and is actually anchored to it, represents the manchild company. It has 24 stars like the 24 elders that bowed before

the throne. Ursa Major, the greater sheepfold, represents the Bride. So,.tThat was just a

little bit of extra information I got.

Now I'd like to share with you what I received this morning. I got it in a great gushing

download with a lot of information coming from different directions at once. I really pray, Father, that you would give me the ability as I yield my tongue to you, to express what I saw and heard very clearly so that there's no misunderstanding, but there's rather impartation. I don't want to share information. I ask that there would be an impartation from the Spirit of Truth, amen.

So, in prayer, as I was bowing down before the Lord, I saw the Lion of Judah before His

army, and they were kneeling, covering a mountain face. All these soldiers were

kneeling down in their armor on this mountain, in the early dawn light, and each one had their sword in their right hand with the tip touching the ground and their heads were bowed in submission and worship. And then I saw the Lion of Judah roar, and I saw actual sound waves rush over this army and wash over them. This was the army of the Lord, waiting for the orders from the Commander in Chief. And as I saw that image, I heard Joel 2:11 ‘The Lord utters his voice before his army’.

Then the next scene I saw was an angel with a bowl full of scrolls, and he tipped it out

on the earth in a pouring motion, like the angel in Revelation 8:5, who casts incense on

the earth. And as he poured out those scrolls, I actually heard thunders and lightnings

and many different sounds. So, there was a connection between the scrolls and the

pouring out of the sensor of fire off the altar. Next, I was zoomed into the falling scrolls

and I saw that each was going to the assigned saint which the word had been given for.

And the one I could see closest to me looked like it had a slingshot tied around it. That

was what was tying the scroll shut, and it dropped like a stone because the scroll had

great weight. I realized that the scroll was the stone that the slingshot would release.

Then the Spirit reminded me that one of the scrolls received by the baptized man in

Jordan Logistics, the one who was baptized by the spirit of Elijah, (the scroll that came

out of heaven) had Isaiah 27:1 written on it, and that is about the Lord’s swift sword

slaying Leviathan, His two-edged sword, which represents the words of His mouth. And

these words are used to slay the serpent in the sea of the nations. Then I was Reminded how, in Revelation 12, when Satan goes to war with Michael and his angels and is cast down, he's referred to as ‘that old serpent’, and earlier on in Revelation 12, he's described as ‘the dragon’.

So, it seemed like at the same time, that the manchild company is receiving their battle

orders through the scrolls which come from heaven, there is war in heaven and Satan

and his angels are being cast to earth. Then he goes rampaging about because he has

a very short time. So, the man child company is being equipped with scrolls to wage war just in time for the great battle with the dragon or the serpent.

Then I was shown the statue that Nebuchadnezzar dreamt about and how it was struck

on the feet by a stone - and simultaneously, almost in another screen, I was shown

David striking Goliath in the forehead with a stone from his slingshot. And the Holy Spirit showed me that His manchild company are that corporate stone which will strike the feet of iron and clay and cause the whole statue to come down. Jesus, the Son of David is positioning His manchild company, equipping them with tailor-made instructions in the scrolls, specific words of His mouth, and He is launching them as a corporate weapon against the giant of the New World Order and the One World government. But he's not launching it at the head or the head-quarters, but at the feet of iron and clay, because that's where the weak spot is! There, the iron and clay cannot bond, and the ten toes of the One World Government, which represent the ten kings, will be battered by a divinely orchestrated blow of the decreed word of God out of the mouths of the manchild company.

The weapons of our warfare are the words and instructions of His mouth, and we wage

war using SOUND or FREQUENCY. Just as the Lion of Judah imparted His orders to

His kneeling army by releasing a sound, a roar, by uttering His voice, so too, our scrolls

contain instructions and decrees to make, judgments to speak out into the spiritual

atmosphere. Babylon has fallen! Babylon has fallen!

This is a war of sound and frequency,

which we have consecrated ourselves for.

And just as in a natural army, there are different divisions and troops are sent to

different positions, and then ordered to use certain weapons to bombard the enemy in a well thought out strategy, (they bombard him from every side), so too, the manchild

company will each receive specific positions to stand; certain weapons to use AND

instructions on how to use them effectively. Some will be in the submarine division,

hidden from sight and launching sudden powerful decrees that unleash megaton power to destroy the enemy's long entrenched positions. Some will be launching word rockets to places their eyes cannot see. Just by faith they launch them, as they use the map coordinates detailed in their scrolls.

While other men's hearts failed them for fear. David took his slingshot and ran

TOWARDS Goliath, in the name of the Lord of hosts. Psalm 24 says that the King of

Glory is the Lord of Hosts, and Psalm 24 is a decree for the ancient gates to yield,

because the King of Glory is coming in. Ancient gates have demonic princes at them,

and Psalm 24 is a decree which says, ‘Lift up your heads, o ye gates. Be lifted up ye

everlasting doors, for the King of Glory shall come in. Who is the King of Glory? The

Lord Strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads o ye gates. Lift

them up, you everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of

Glory? The Lord of Hosts. He is the King of Glory’. So, that is a command and a decree

for the ancient gates and the princes that guard them to open up and step aside

because the Lord is coming in. That word ‘hosts’ in the Hebrew means ‘a mass of

people organized for war, by implication, a campaign, a company of soldiers’. So, this

Psalm 24 is a very good description of what is going to be happening very soon in the

spiritual realm.

While worldwide, men's hearts are failing them for fear in this season because they are so afraid of this New World Order giant that spews vile insults at the people of God,

Jesus, the Son of David, is not afraid, and He has selected His corporate manchild

company; that smooth stone that has lain long in the waters of His Word and become

polished & smooth, a weapon of war. These are those who have offered themselves

willingly, as we hear in Psalm 110, in the day of His power, and they spring forth like

dew from the womb of the morning. The manchild company are the Lord of hosts dew

D.E.W. Directed Energy Weapons. And what kind of energy does this weapon release?

Sound energy; frequency. They utter unearthly sounds, heavenly instructions from the

war manuals of the War Room of Heaven.; words put on ice, stored in the Treasuries of

Hail for the time of war (As Job 38:22 describes).

These sounds unleashed against the flood that comes from the dragon's mouth have a

great effect. Oh yes, the dragon has his mouthpieces, but there are also those in the

earth, unknown and uncelebrated, who have chosen holy ways. They have separated

the precious from the vile and therefore the One on the Throne of the Universe

sanctions them to operate as His mouth. When they speak, it carries the same authority as if He Himself has spoken. These are the bond slaves of the Lord who only speak what they hear the Father speaking and only do what He is doing. They are meek, harnessed to His will, delighting in Him, delighting to run in the path of His


He utters His voice and their whole being absorbs the frequency. They receive the

scroll, the two-edged sword assignment of the words of His mouth, and they eat it and

become one with that word. They are the voice that emerges from the wilderness, the

sound wave weapon out of the desert: that corporate living stone ready to be fitted in

the sling of Him Who is a Man of War. They are consecrated for battle. They hear

nothing but His voice. They see nothing but his face. Such an army the world has never

seen and will never see again (We read that in Joel 2), dead to this world and living only

for His pleasure and purpose. They wait in the river of His word. He will lift them. He will position them, He will launch them. Their part is to be ‘true sayings of God’ (Rev 21:5), to release the individual decrees and sounds of the Lord. They move as one, opening their mouths as the Spirit leads and unleashing the sound of a corporate roar, the battle cry of the Lord of Hosts as He executes his righteous judgments against the kings of the earth. Hallelujah.

So I just want to give you some scriptures that you can look up and you'll see where this word is based.

Joel 2:2, Joel 3:16, the whole of Revelation 12, Isaiah 27:1&2, Daniel 7:26 and 27.

Daniel 2:34&35 are the verses about the stone hitting the statue's feet and Psalm 76:12. Actually, I just want to read Psalm 76 to you because I read it about two days ago and wow, it was just beautiful.

Psalm 76, the last verse, ‘He shall cut off the spirit of princes. He is terrible to the

ungodly kings of the earth’. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

Now I just want to connect this word that I received to what the Lord has said previously in the last few posts The 40 days of washing with the Word (That's the water baptism by the Spirit of Elijah) that I spoke about in ‘Jordan Logistics’ is what produces the smooth stones in the brook; those who are useful in the sling; all the rough places rubbed off by polishing and jostling against one another. Iron sharpening iron is what's happening at this time.

Then, after the making of a smooth, corporate stone containing those that are in

complete union with His will and purpose, there is the taking-hold-of and the placing of

that stone in the sling by the One who is the Son of David. It's obvious the season has

then changed when you are lifted up out of that place of polishing, and the swinging of

the sling in circles begins! You experience disorientation. You can't get your bearings,

you can't find true New North, and there is no foundation under you because you're not

lying on the bed of a river. You are now in the air, held by a leather girdle of the sling.

And you ARE being closely held, but you are unable to find your direction, as there is

much turbulence in the wind of the Spirit as that sling is moved above the head of the

Son of David. But we must remember this movement in circles; round and round, is

done to impart POTENTIAL ENERGY within you. There's an impartation happening!

Even as you are disorientated and moved from your previous place of rest, there is an

impartation of power happening to you - potential energy (as yet unleashed). And this is done to give you momentum upon the moment of your release. Before, you could see

clearly in the brook, the light of the Son shone through the water. The water washed

you. Yes, the Spirit of Elijah confronted things; there was a bit of rubbing off, but on the

whole, it was a fairly restful place because you could feel the foundation under you and

you could cooperate with what the Spirit was working in you. But then the time of being

in the sling begins. It is a time of being held fast and firmly during spiritual turbulence, a time of blind trust and faith in the strong right hand of the One holding and moving the sling.

Do you remember my word ‘Bound to the Light’? If you go to my website, I think it's

about the fourth post down. I had a dream about putting on a leather harness. And then

I was going to be flying, but without any form of wings - and the stitches on the harness were a personal rhema word that had been spoken to me. So, this leather sling is the same thing. You are held by the word that is spoken and moved by His strong right hand, and He chooses the moment of launching. He has his eye on the target and you must rest and trust in this time of spiritual turbulence that his timing is split-second perfect. His words that have become flesh in you will be released at the right moment as the Spirit tells you to open your mouth and roar – you will bring down kingdoms and bind kings with chains and fetters at the moment of your release, (that is Psalm 149, which speaks about the two-edged sword and the high praises of God in our mouths). Remember decrees of the high praises of God are also warfare weapons, because you are decreeing in the face of the dragon who the one true God and Lord of Heaven and Earth is. Your hitting the mark is definite and sure, because it is His eye that aims, His hand that moves you and releases you.

So, first there's the washing with the waters of transforming; the enlightening words of

His mouth, washed and applied by the Spirit of Elijah. And then the time of change is

upon you! The assignment is unleashed. And you, the manchild company, become His

weapon of war. In Revelation 12, it speaks about the dragon releasing a flood from his

mouth to try and destroy the woman fleeing to the wilderness. Now, how do you come

to the rescue of the woman, earthen vessels? By opening your mouth and swallowing

up the flood of death with the opposing frequency of heavenly sound. One sound can

drown out another sound. Death can be swallowed by Life. The light shines on in the

darkness and the darkness has never overcome it. As the army of the Lord go to war,

releasing these heavenly sounds, the uttered frequency of the eternal Word of God,

they are a frequency weapon in His hand, a D. E. W. directed at the feet of the statue,

directing the power of the sound and the frequency of the Eternal Word at the feet of

iron and clay. And it is already written in Daniel too, that victory is certain. You can read,

as I said in the scripture I gave you, in Daniel 7:26 and 27, that the victory and the

kingdom is given to the Saints. Hallelujah... And the beast is destroyed!

I want to remind you also of what the Lord said in a word called ‘Scrolls for My Jewels’

on October the 12th. He spoke about new blueprints and words of His lips that are

falling like dew for each of us. And He said, “These scrolls are a Warrior Word and a

Warrior Way”. And He also said, “These new scrolls, the Warrior Scrolls, are about

kingly anointing. It is the kings who go to war and there is kingly authority

coming for kingly battle in these new scrolls”. And now we've just seen with the

vision of the sling that the impartation of that power and kingly anointing takes place

during the movement of the sling. When there is disorientation, there is also incredible

impartation of energy and power and anointing and authority. It is not visible yet, but it is contained within and will be seen when unleashed. So, rest in that place and receive. It doesn't matter that you can't find true north. He's imparting to you by the movement of His hand.

So, as I've shared these many images that were all downloaded in a split second into

my spirit as I knelt before the throne, I pray that the Spirit would clarify and impart

courage, energy, enlightenment, but any fear that's left remaining in your heart would be driven out of doors as you understand that it has already been written. The script has already been written. And He is a Man of War - and WE are His weapons of war (Those of us who offer ourselves willingly in the day of his power). Hallelujah.

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