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Are You Able?- Christine Beadsworth

Christine Beadsworth


Are You Able?

Hi, precious Saints.

I know that I said to you that I would be releasing another message on the Abrahamic Worship Centre, which I will still do. But this morning the Lord instructed me to share with you what He shared with me yesterday. So, as I was sitting with Him, first of all, I heard a phrase ‘Something wicked this way comes’ and, on looking it up, found it is a Shakespearean quote from Macbeth, Act 4, and it is quoted by one of the three witchesreferring to Macbeth, who has descended into a state of supreme evil and wickedness. So, it's talking about a person who was once ordinary, but has now allowed evil and wickedness to completely fill and take him over. And, later on in the play, Macbeth becomes extremely murderous and ruthless. So, I did sense that it was a reference to the coming antichrist, who will be Satan embodied, as Judas was - completely taken over by Satan at a particular point in his journey.

Then the Lord said to me, "Are you able to hear what I want to tell you? Are you able to stand what is to come? Are you able? Are you equipped? Are you prepared for the day that burns like an oven? For it comes suddenly without warning upon the unprepared and the slumbering and all the earth will shake and every heart will quake”.

And at that moment, I saw a vision of a huge planet very close on the horizon. It filled almost the whole sky - and yet only half of it was visible. It seemed to be hovering, observing what was going on, on the earth. And in the section that I was seeing, which was a neighborhood of a town, people were scurrying about, doing what they always do - fetching kids from school, going to the supermarket, going to work... Completely oblivious to the fact that this giant planet was looming on the horizon. And then I saw. Long lines of traffic jammed up, cars bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see, as people tried to flee a city, and I heard the words, “The Destroyer is here”. (He didn’t say it was coming. He said it is here! For further information, see the Youtube Channel ‘The Final Days’) And then the Lord continued speaking: “The things that man can make to destroy are nothing compared to My Destroyer”. I felt that He was referring to the shot in the arm; the various bits of nanotechnology, the circuitry that's been built in those who have subjected themselves to the snake venom. And He said ‘the things

that man can make are nothing compared to My Destroyer’. And I felt that the giant planet that was looming on the horizon was what He was referring to.

“They pit themselves against Me - these wicked ones, thinking that they have the upper hand with their schemes and their satanic sacrifices. They assume their goals are sure. They scoff and swagger on the stages of men, making sweeping decrees and plotting to subjugate My creation to their wicked will. Do they think I sleep? Am I a God carved by the hand of a man, with eyes that cannot see andhands that cannot move? Am I a puppet pulled by their strings? NO! I Am comes swiftly to wage war against the kings of the earth, and none can stand against the sword of My righteous judgments. Write My words of warning. Write My words of woe, for the Day of the Lord is darkness and not light, and few they are that shall stand in that day. Flee to the shelter of My wings, My children. Take refuge in Me, for the stoutest of hearts shall quake in the Day that approaches, but in Me is found safety. In Me is found peace!"

“Be found upon your knees, My remnant. Set your face like a flint to face My throne and anchor your heart here with Me, for the storm that is about to break upon the heads of all humanity will sweep away many in the strength of its raging might. I Am your Refuge and Strength; a very present help in the time of trouble. Therefore, do not fear, even though the earth will shake and the mountains fall to the midst of the sea. It is written and it must come - but I Am an eternal Rock, a safe Shelter for all who flee to Me for deliverance.”

Then I saw a vision of people running to and fro aimlessly with panic on their faces, not knowing where to go or what to do. They looked like ants. There was so many of them running about in the streets of a city, and here and there, I saw one standing still, unmoved. As I first saw them, it was almost as if they were statues on street corners because they stuck out so distinctly from the milling mass of confused and terrified humanity. And I saw the panicked ones pause and ask these ones who were standing still, “Why are you not afraid? Why do you stand still in the day of terror?” And I saw the faces of these ones who were standing still, were filled with light and peace. And they opened their mouths and began to tell of the One who is a strong Refuge, the God who is unshakable. And they told of His Son and the price paid to purchase this Refuge in the day of trouble. And some of those listening began to weep and ask to know this God. Others just turned away in disgust and continued running about aimlessly, but there were a few who listened and whose hearts were touched. And I saw prayers of repentance offered on street corners, at bus stops, in supermarket aisles, wherever God had positioned His unshakable ones. And all around them, the chaos and panic continued, but where they stood with heads bowed before Heaven, there was supernatural peace and light.

Then I saw another quick vision of a stalk of wheat harvested and added to a sheaf....and then another ...and another ...and another. And the Lord said, “Reap, My daughter. Stand where I tell you, with your scythe at the ready and reap the souls I bring your way”.

Now, I just want to add a comment that, concerning those who are unshakable, it is because God has already allowed them to go through a season of being shaken in their own personal wilderness preparation - being shaken until only that which is unshakable in them remains. That is the kingdom of God and the knowledge of the eternal Truth of God and the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. When God said, “I Am your Refuge and Strength, a very present help in the day of trouble”, He was quoting Psalm 46. I want to remind you about something, I have spoken about this a couple of years ago now, in another message. But I want to remind you about it. When the terrible earthquake took place in Haiti some years ago, there was so much destruction that what they were doing in the end was bulldozing the demolished buildings into great pits with the dead people still in them. And some people never found their children, because the children had been in those demolished buildings and they didn't have a way to reclaim their bodies and they went into those mass graves.

Then I saw some of the survivors being ushered onto busses to be taken to a place where they would be helped, and there was one woman who had only the clothes on her back and her Bible - she had lost two children in one of those demolished buildings, never to see them again - knowing that they were dead under the rubble in the mass grave. One of the reporters asked her, “How do you survive something like that? That the terrible trauma that you've just gone through of losing both your children and everything that you own in this terrible earthquake that has happened - how can you just be so full of peace in the midst of this horror?” And she looked at him with an unearthly light upon her face, and she said, “God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear, though the oceans roar and the mountains fall in the midst of the sea.” She quoted Psalm 46, because it was written upon her heart. She had a Bible in her hand, but she did not open it and read it. She had the word of God laid down in the fibres of her heart, and that was what gave her the strength and the power to hold herself calm in the day of adversity, loss and trouble.

So those ones that I saw standing still and unmoved on the street corners while the others ran around like ants, they too, were filled with the word of God and the peace of God, having been shaken and tried and tested in the furnaces of affliction in the preparation season - in order to prepare them to stand as lighthouses in the day of trouble.

I also want to remind you of another message. I can't remember if it was a dream or a vision that I had, but it was a very, very dark scene. There was a rocky shore coming to a peninsular point, and it was a very stormy sea. There were a lot of little boats valiantly trying to row to shore. The sky was black and stormy and there was a lighthouse on the point and it was shining out, showing the little boats where the rocks were. And there was a man standing on that rocky peninsula with a megaphone to his mouth, and he was shouting to the little boats, tossing on the sea. What he was saying was this: “Flee to the name of Jesus, there's no other Name under Heaven by which men might be saved. Flee to the name of Jesus, there's no other Name under Heaven by which men might be saved”. After I had seen that scene, the Spirit said to me, “This will be the message of the end time church”. Back to the simplicity of the gospel. In a day of storms, in the Day of trouble, in a day when the Lord Almighty described yesterday morning, ‘the stoutest of hearts will quake in the Day that approaches...” but in that day, this is our message:

Flee to the name of Jesus.

There is no other Name under Heaven

by which men might be saved.


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