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Amazing Revelations On Ezekiel 1! The Corporate Body of The Two Witnesses & The 288,000 Firstfruits!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

(NOTE: In the above picture, of course this isn't near everyone coming to help, although, YES these are specific names we were given!! And obviously its not what they actually look like lol but it just gives us an idea and gets us SUPER EXCITED for everything we're about to see!! HALLELUJAAAAAH!!!)




We could note be more EXCITED & THRILLED to tell you the latest clarification and revelation The Lord has give us!! glory to God!!!

This is such an amazing picture. It is more amazing than any of us could have ever even begun to imagine! It gives a whole new meaning to 1 Corinthians 2:9 “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Over the millenia leading up until these last moments, so many have put there guesses out there on who they believe the Two Witnesses of Revelation chapter 11 might be. Even we here on this team, in our own family of God, we did understand in the last 4 years, that the first fruits were the two witnesses, however we had no idea how much more exciting, wonderful, and unfathomably beautiful it would actually be!!

In, especially, the last few weeks, the revelations have been beyond amazing! The Lord has had many clarifications, and puzzle piece adjustments, to bring His beautiful picture into focus for all of us!! So as we've known for a while now, the Firstfruits are absolutely part of the Two Witnesses…however the picture is so much bigger! The Father's army is mighty! It will not only be the Firstfruits, the two groups of 288,000, but as well...John, Lazarus, and their group, who have been alive on this earth since the days our Lord Jesus walked the face of the earth, will also be joining us! And if that is not over the top amazing enough for you, God also has a POWERFUL army of brothers and sisters, and STRONG leaders in heaven, both from the Old Testament and the New Testament, that He will ALSO send here -- (in "spirit" NOT in "physical bodies"...that were specifically chosen. Of course they will not receive their physical body until Jesus' Final Return -- The Lord also revealed they will be able to take different forms as He did when Mary Magdalene mistook Him for a gardner in John 20:14, Jesus comfirmed to us that He actually DID take the form of a different man, which is why Mary mistook Him.)-- and they will be part of His mighty army in these last moments of history as we know it now! Altogether, we will be the CORPORATE BODY OF THE TWO WITNESSES from Revelation Chapter 11 verses 1-13. (Keep in mind both groups of 144,000 within the 288,000, who will be changing at the same time, along with the removal of "the innocents" from the earth by The Lord. Then, the formation of the Two Witnesses will occur, and the John & Lazarus group here on earth, along with the heavenly group will all gather together with the 288,000, and prepare to head out into the Harvest together. Please click on this link for more information on that part of the whole process: )

Now, The Lord has given us a short list of names of some who will join us from heaven, just to give us an idea of who he is sending! Some of those names are above in this picture. We do have more, but I'm sure that you can imagine some of the ones included in the list…and then some! He will also have certain saints who have already died in Christ and are in heaven, who have asked to be part of this amazing and mighty army!

You may be asking why does He call it the “Two” Witnesses if there's many people that are part of this group? This is because, as we've said many times, the written word of God is spiritually discerned, and there is very little in the Book of Revelation that is not symbolic, and needing a lot of prayer, discernment, and research into the languages and translations, to understand what it all really means. As we always say, we can’t read the Bible like a book, and take everything it says at face value…’in the natural’, it must be understood by The Spirit of God.

In Revelation 11, we really have to read between the lines, and we have to look up each of the words in the original Greek, and even the Aramaic, to really be able to get the full picture of what the Lord is explaining. The oil, the two olive trees, the two lampstands, all of this is in reference to the Holy Spirit, and the fact that we are all, Jew & Gentile, male and female, true followers of Jesus Christ, we are all grafted together into the Vine of Jesus Christ. (Galatians 3:28 & Romans 11:11-24) Once we really understand these scriptures, and we understand how they connect with Revelation Chapter 11, we'll really begin to get a much bigger picture of who the Two Witnesses really are.

Let's remember, the rest of the body of Christ who will be here during the harvest, during the worst of the tribulation hours, they will be spread out all over the earth. The father needs a whole army of his servants to be able to work together, in perfect unity, in one accord, to be able to cover the whole earth, and make sure we get to every last believer that either needs to come fully to Jesus Christ, or needs to go through and complete their sanctification process so they can skip death and go outside of time to be with Jesus at the Final Rapture.

Now, keeping in mind, that even with this army of saints who make up the corporate body of the two witnesses, the number is still very small as compared to the number of believers, within the multitude too large to number, that we will need to minister to in the Harvest. The Father LOVES these kinds of odds, because he always gets the most glory! Hallelujah!

As we've mentioned in other videos in the past week, the confirmation of the 288,000 is in 1 Chronicles 27:1, as well as 1 Chronicles 25:7. David had 288,000 men in his regular army, as well as 288 members of his choir. And as we all know, David won many, many battles for the Lord, giving God glory, as well, he was a man after God's own heart! (Acts 13:22)

If you read through the book of Judges chapter 7, you will read about Gideon, a believer in The Lord God, who lived his life in obedience to the Him. The Lord had Gideon and his army come against very, very large armies, to overtake them. However, when it came to the battle against the Midianites & Amalekites, The Lord wanted to make a show of HIS force through Gideon and his soldiers, so that ONLY God would get the glory and no other in Israel. With very specific testing, The Lord whittled down Gideon’s army to just 300 men…when the Midianites and the Amalekites in the valley, were as numerous as locusts…as the sand by the seashore! But The Lord sent Gideon in with just 300 men, and gave him the victory over the enemy, giving God ALL the glory! HALLELUJAH!!

This is the same picture that we are about to see in the Harvest with the Corporate Body of The Two Witnesses. This same type and shadow of David & Gideon’s armies, is about be sent out to come against the enemy, satan and his antichrist Beast System, as well as ministering to the rest of the body of Christ in great End Time Harvest of the rest of the body of Christ. It will be the greatest ministry and warfare in all of history. It won't just be against “thousands of men”, it will literally be against the enemy, satan himself, and his many, many…many minions! But we all know the ending of this story! JESUS ALREADY WON!! ALL Glory to God!! HALLELUJAH!!!

So as you can see, what the Lord has shown us, in the truth of what is really about to occur, is very different than “mainstream worldy churchland”, who “think” they understand what's to come. Too many in the true body of Christ have believed misinterpretations of scripture, and wrong teachings that have led people to understand incorrectly, how Tribulation events will unfold. And way too many missed the mark... And I mean that in every way! They missed it when the mark of the beast was revealed and implemented. The first shot of the CV vax/the mark of the beast has been out for 3 1/2 years now, and the world has already walked through the door of the beginning of the Great Tribulation hours. Judgments are about to fall on the earth that have never been seen since the beginning of time. The time has come for the world as we know it to end, and The Lord’s Kingdom to take over, and reign in its place.

As a side note: The Lord has also revealed to us that each of the leaders and officers within the Firstfruits 288,000, will be assigned to certain biblical saints, within the Corporate Body of The Two Witnesses, according to each officer's particular call and mantle. The Lord would have me suggest to anyone who knows they are called as a Firstfruits to take this all into prayer and seek His face, and ask The Lord for confirmation in your own hearts. Then pray and ask Him if He is ready to reveal if you are an officer, and what your rank is, as well as who you will be assigned to. It is so exciting that we have each been chosen by God to live at this time in history! GLORY TO GOD!!!

All of this said and explained, now I will explain to you the meaning The Lord gave us for Ezekiel chapter 1 in regard to Ezekiel’s wheels:

(**Below this explanation I will post the video that I recorded (7/24/23) from livestream, because it will have the scriptures and the words in Greek that confirm everything I am about to explain to you)


First, we would like to note, that the picture of Ezekiel's wheels (above) is the picture that the Lord has always referred us to anytime he has giving us any understanding about Ezekiel’s wheels through these scriptures. The Holy Spirit confirmed to us that the picture above was indeed inspired by Him, and is very, very close to what Ezekiel actually saw in his vision.

So starting with verse 4, Speaking of the whirlwind (wind/Ruach) coming out of the north, and the great cloud (Cloud IS: the transfigured first group of the 288,000 in their glorified bodies, along with the chosen saints from heaven) with raging fire engulfing itself, and brightness was all around it and radiating out of its midst like the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire. This verse is referring to the power, authority, and glory of God coming out of the throne (pictured above) and down to the earth, through his Corporate Body of the Two Witnesses as they work the Harvest here on earth.

The four living creatures, with the four faces, represent the entire Corporate Body of the Two Witnesses. The wheels with the eyes on them that are next to them, represent, specifically, the Firstfruits 288,000. All of the eyes on the wheels is yet another reference, of course, to all of the people within of the 288,000, that will move to and fro all over the earth during the Harvest. In relation to the calves feet, the Lord referred Jennifer to Malachi 4 (verse 2 specifically), but verses 1-3 refer to the tribulation hours, and the harvest workers…The Corporate Body of The Two Witnesses.

Each of the faces, have the following meaning, as the Lord has reveal to us:

“Face of a man” -- Of course because the entire Corporate Body were and are men and women as God created them.

“Face of a Lion -- Because of representing Jesus who is the Lion of Judah, And because they are His Body, they are His hands and feet, they represent Him, they have Christ In them, and He will use them for His Work on the earth in the Final Harvest. And The Lord will send them with His Power and Authority to the earth to finish His Work.

“Face of an Ox” -- Because they will be sent with His Strength and His Might, to accomplish His mission

“Face of an Eagle” – Because the Corporate Body of the Two Witnesses they'll have His perfect sight, Wisdom, Knowledge, and they will “lead the flock” of the rest of the body of Christ

The Lord spoke to Jennifer the meaning of the four wings on each of the four living creatures:

He explained that the four wings represent 4 quadrants. The Lord will divide the entire Corporate Body of The Two Witnesses into four quadrants to cover all four corners of the earth throughout the Harvest. Of course the entire multitude too large to number, the rest of the body of Christ who will be in the Tribulation, will be spread out over the whole earth. And so the Lord will send out his quadrants to the areas that He designates. The wings touch, because even though he has separated us into these quadrants, we all have perfect unity together as one, in Jesus.

On a beautiful side note: The Lord gave brother, Luke an AMAZING confirmation on the 4 Living Creatures, the 4 Wings, the 4 Corners of the earth, and 4 CHAMBERS OF THE HEART!! So Jesus is sending out His Corporate Body of Two Witnesses FROM HIS OWN HEART!!! PRAISE JESUS!! And The Lord gave us yet ANOTHER confirmation of the number 4 -- Allyson said that the 4th letter in the Hebrew Alphabet is "Dallet" with is "DOOR"... and of course JESUS IS THE DOOR (John 10:9 & Revelation 3:20)!! So JESUS IS THE GATEWAY for ALL who will gathered in the Harvest!!


BONUS CONFIRMATIONS FROM THE LORD!!! GLORY TO GOD!!! So right after I finished typing the above confirmations...The Lord says to me (Kathy), "Why don't you go ahead and divide 288 by 4". So I grabbed my calculator, and the answer was 72.

**Now, of course, first thing, 72 is the number of each quadrant that goes out with the whole Corporate Body of The Two Witnesses!

**But I also asked Allyson if there was any important meaning with the number 72. She replies, "Well there is the scripture in Luke 10:1 that talks about how 72 were sent out two by two (also 4), to spread the Gospel!" (Even though most of the English Translations say it was "70"...The Lord completely double confirmed it WAS acually "72"...NOT 70!! (Just another spot in scripture translations where the enemy caused man to misinterpret scripture to hide something important for his purposes.) Now, 72 being "sent out" is EXACTLY what the Two Witnesses will do in the Harvest!! Allyson also pointed out that this particular scripture where he says how many were sent is ONLY in Luke - ONE OF THE 4 GOSPELS!! So 1/4 OF THE GOSPELS!! I MEAN - COMPLETELY AMAZING!! Let's just say there were "socks off across the board"!! PRAISE JESUS!!

**And if THAT wasn't enough...The Lord led Luke to look up the number 72 in strongs concordance, and in Greek it means, "carrying away, leading, guiding"!! Even in Hebrew it means, "stone of the help"!!! And not only is the Greek, yet again, EXACTLY what the Corporate Body Of The Two Witnesses will be doing in the Harvest, but the Hebrew is what we ALL ARE!! We are the "lively stones" of 1 Peter 2:5...of course we are of THE CORNERSTONE...Jesus Christ (Psalm 118:22)!! GLORY TO GOD!! HALLELUJAH!! We couldn't even BEGIN to try to make any of this up! ALL PRAISE, GLORY, AND HONOR TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!


As well, the Lord also revealed to Kathy another layer of understanding about each set of the two wings…yet again, in regard to the two groups of 144,000 within the 288,000 Firstfruits. One set of wings pointing up, meaning the first group representing Jesus being fully God, and one set of wings pointing down, meaning The second group representing Jesus being fully Man.

Verses 13 and 14, talking about the living creatures having an appearance like burning coals of fire, like torches, with bright fire, and out of the fire went lightning, and the living creatures running back and forth with an appearance like a flash of lightning. This all describes the light of Jesus Christ and the power of God working through the entire Corporate Body of the Two Witnesses as they do the work of the Lord in the Harvest.

So these are the new revelations the Lord wanted us to share with all of you, and we couldn't be more excited and ready for everything to begin!! If anyone has any questions, or if you get confirmation from The Lord, we would love to hear from you! Please pop us over an e-mail at!!



BRAND NEW AMAZING REVELATIONS!! "The Corporate Body Of The Two Witnesses" & The Full Breakdown of Revelatory meaning Of Ezekiels Wheels in Ezekiel Chapter 1...SO GLORIOUS!!

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