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AMAZING DREAM From The Lord To Jennifer on our team!!



Scene 1 I saw much information just scrolling upward before my eyes as if it were a computer screen, with many, many web sites scrolling up faster than I could keep up. I was able to recall a few things...






Many more web sites scrolled up before her, but just too many to be able to catch and remember them all.



Now, of course none of us on the team are scientists or anything, but The Lord has repeated certain puzzle pieces in recent months that seem to keep popping up and confirming each other. So not sure how this relates to why The Lord highlighted PHI for Jennifer, Allyson did remember (from other puzzle pieces we've gotten) that PHI connects to the Golden Ratio, and found this:

Allyson also found this video that AMAZINGLY explains this WOW!!! :

Ok so Jennifer also found this:

"Phi (uppercase Φ, lowercase φ) is the 21st letter of the Modern Greek alphabet. In the Greek number system, it was taken as the symbol of 500. In math A to B equals PHI and PHI means this do you get anything from the 21 and 500 numbers connected to PHI"

Jennifer & Allyson then remembered that, recently, Jennifer had a dream with a countdown from 60 that she only remembers hearing it countdown to somewhere in the 50s, but no less than 50 -- could mean 10? Maybe 10 days? Allyson & Jennifer both asked " are we in the countdown process now?"

COUNTDOWN HAS BEEN CONFIRMED PRACTICALLY SIMULTANEOUSLY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD by another sister from New Zealand who emailed us the night after Jennifer had these dreams!! HERE is what she wrote to us:

At approximately 0735am I awoke to hear the words "The Timelines Have Converged". I then went back to sleep and awoke again at approximately 1230pm. (I hadn't gone to bed till 5am this morning hence the late awaking). I heard clearly in my Spirit the words "Countdown Has Begun". I looked at the clock and it was 12:36pm. I pondered before the Lord what kind of countdown and He reminded me of the rocket countdown 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 blast off. I checked the calendar and counted 10 days including 06March which came to 15March! I was so excited as last week I had said to the Lord I wanted to go home now as I had no one left here that hadn't taken the mark of the beast. The Lord impressed on my heart that I would see my mother on her birthday. She had past away in early 2015 and had given her heart to Jesus only a few years before (like Hezekiah given more time). Get ready for this...Her birthday is 15March! I also saw the timelines have converged word ties in with the black hole funnel "singularity point" (CONFIRMED from Step-Up's video we put on our Brighteon Channel a few days ago!!).

Allyson also says :

Jennifer, we have both gotten April 29th... so is something significant going to change with man (6A) to man (6B) around 4/29...? Jennifer suggested maybe the antiChrist is revealed?

Jennifer also remembers that the number "21" was in another dream she had and has come up several times with Allyson and Jennifer found this:

500 antíxristos (from 473 /antí, "opposite to, in place of" and 5547 /Xristós, "Christ") – properly, opposite to Christ; someone acting in place of (against) Christ; "Antichrist." The 500 meaning in PHI and there was also, 666 in vertical placement of numbers in other dream. So, 6 was the number for man and PHI is the golden Ratio. 21 in relation to PHI means in greek the golden ratio but in strongs concordance it means in greek: concordancd 21 agalliáō (from agan, "much, very" and 242 /hállomai, "jump, leap") – properly, getting so glad one jumps in celebration; to exult (boast) because so experientially joyful.


We are pretty sure this means a HUGE event about to go down. You only see AT&T ALERTS for emergencies - and we are on the verge of America getting a nuclear attack from Russia, if not full on invasion - a RED DAWN - from Russia AND China! So we know something VERY big is about to go down.


As we all know, the Lampstand represents God's true children, shining His Light in this dark evil world, to be an example of Jesus Christ. We believe, specifically, this could be pointing to the Transfiguration of the Bride being IMMINENT. And - yet again - that would be confirmed in the comment above from the sister in New Zealand.


In searching for these letters on the internet, Jennifer found this site:

It says it is a prefix for the name of a place in ancient Media/Persia (Today's Iran) called "Achmetha", it was the capital of Media, used as a summer residence for Persian kings....SPEAKING OF PERSIAN our research, Jennifer and I found something that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!! GLORY TO GOD!!

So we found out where ancient Achmetha was -- and THEN, immediately, The Lord reminded me that Esther & Mordecai's grave (which has come up several times in the past 2 years in our research) is located in Iran! So I thought - hmmmm - I looked it up and it is located in Hamadan, Iran...WELL, WELL, WELL...TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!! UNFATHOMABLE!!! You can NOT make this stuff up!!! ACHMETHA IS RIGHT IN THE SAME SPOT IN IRAN WHERE ESTHER & MORDECAI'S GRAVE IS!!! *DROP THE MIC*!!! PURIM GUYS!!! PURIM!!! THE LORD IS TALKING TO US!! HALLELUJAAAAH!!!