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Christ the King, receiving the well prepared, fully equipped and well trained sons and daughters who are brought to maturity through resurrection power into His own realm of rulership, constitutes; THE RELEASE AND THE MANIFESTATION OF THE GLORIFIED SONS OF GOD Revelation 3 21 To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame, and sat down with My Father in His throne. I WAS SPIRITUALLY CAUGHT INTO THE SEAT OF THE OVERCOMER YEARS AGO, TO REVEAL TO ME WHAT THIS MEANS. I FOUND MYSELF SITTING NEXT TO JESUS AND HE TURNED TOWARDS ME, WITH THAT DIVINE SWEET LOVING FACE AND SMILE AND DECLARED - "do you see? Satan does not have a gun that can shoot this high." I remember giggling, thinking "He's got an odd sense of humor God allowed this encounter also because at that time He mentored me for 9 years, through the revelations He have to Smith Wigglesworth, to confirm that I saw right and heard right. Smith Wigglesworth declared - "THERE'S A PLACE IN GOD, WHERE SATAN CANNOT COME!" This journey of growth into the mountain of God is beautifully described in Psalm 15, Psalm 24, Psalm 91, Isaiah 57:15, Philippians 2, Philippians 3, Hebrews 12, Isaiah 62, 1 Peter 2, and 1 Corinthians 9:24-27. A TIME OF PREPARATION The Spirit spoke the following through J Leland Earls "Prepare , prepare , says the Lord, for it is the day of the Lord's preparation. For I would have My people prepare themselves for that which is coming, says the Lord. For does a man go into battle without preparation? Does an athlete engage in a contest without training? I say to you, if you do not let Me prepare you for that which is com­ing you will surely not be able to stand. But how shall we be prepared you ask? Let Me do a work in your life which has never been done before, for I am able says God, to take you to Myself and prepare you as a vessel which shall be used of Me and which shall show forth My glory. But first you must be willing. You must be willing to submit yourselves to Me in everything, yes, in every detail of your life. For I will take you and re­mold you and make you a fit vessel to contain that which is necessary to withstand in this evil day all of the onslaughts of the enemy. Therefore My people, let Me prepare you says the Lord. And now to be more specific. Within each one who has been born of My Spirit, is the potential to become a fully matured son of God. For I have planted My Seed within you, and that seed has the complete potential of the One from whom it was taken. For even as I did regenerate you within, I did plant within you the very seed of the Holy One of God ... even the Savior of the world. (I Peter 1:23). And this seed contains a Divine vortex which is capable of re­structuring your entire soul to where it reverberates the vibrational pitch of the One from whom it was taken. I say, without the implantation of that seed as a vortex of Divine power there would be no possibility of any change in your life. For the key is the implantation of the Divine Seed and from this seed there unfolds the very divine life of the Son of God. But certain conditions must obtain for that seed to fully unfold its divine life and potential within thee. As any seed it must have the right environmental conditions for growth; even so do I show you now that which is necessary. First there must be an absolute separation from those things which would keep the living seed from shooting forth its divine life potential, and filling thy life with the fruit of its divine attributes. And this requires a complete separation from the things of the world which choke the good soil of your heart, and cause the living seed to be staid in its growth potential. Even so do the things of the world hinder the work of preparation that I would do within you. For you do become burdened with the cares and concerns of this life; the burdens of this world press down on you, and the delusive lights of this world blind you and begin to take over and crowd out the divine life potential which I have placed within you. You must, I say, separate yourselves from the corrupting influences of this world; separate your­selves from all persons and things which tend to have a defil­ing influence on your life. For I say, the seed must have good soil to grow in, unhampered by the choking and the suppressing effects of worldly cares and desires. Secondly, you must be willing to spend much time with Me alone every day; this is an absolute essential. And I say to you, If you will eliminate from your life most of the concerns and activities which are purely in and of this world, you will find that you will have much time that is released to be given to Me, that I may draw you to Myself and minister to you in the secret place. I say to you, spend much time with Me seeking My face, praising and worship­ping Me with all of your heart, and listening for My voice that I may speak to you, says the Lord. And then thirdly, you must take My Word and live in it, absorb it, eat it, take it into your innermost being, and hide it in your heart. Study daily several chapters of My Word, and this takes time; thus you will have to keep other activities which involve your time to a bare minimum. But I say, will you gain that deliverance and that power to stand in the day of battle just ahead? Then you must count as no­thing the things of this life, and spend your spare time study­ing My Word, and thinking of My ways for you. Otherwise you will be caught short in the coming days and you will not be able to stand true in the ways of testing just ahead when all men shall be tried as never before, says the Lord. And then in the fourth place, you must fellowship with My people. For I have ordained such fellowship for your mu­tual edification and building up in the body of Christ. For none of you is complete in himself; yes, truly you need one another. You must spend as much time as possible in mutual fellowship and study together that I May minister to you through one another. For I say to you, I will cause My people to be joined together in this day as never before They shall be bound and knit together for their own good and for their own protection, says the Lord. For who can stand alone, says God? Who can say that he needs no one? I say, you will need one another in the days ahead. For in times of great stress I will cause you to speak one to another, and encourage one another, and strengthen one another; even as the parts of the body uphold and strengthen one another as they are knit and joined together, says the Lord. Therefore, you must let Me join you together now as members of one body in the Lord. Again let Me speak to you concerning your welfare in keeping yourself from false teachers, and false prophets in this day. For verily they shall fill the land as a mighty flood, and My people must let Me prepare them so they will not be deceived in that day. For verily is it not written that the very elect would be in danger of being deceived, if not pre­pared by their God. (Matt. 24:24). But I say, I will prepare you to discern that which is true and that which is false. And if your heart is set on Me to do My will, I cer­tainly will teach you My ways, says the Lord. But there must be no mixture in your life, says the Lord; for if your heart is not set on Me to know My truth, and to do My will, you truly shall be deceived. For none shall be able to stand in this day, except those I have especially prepared. So prepare My people; I say again prepare! Cast all other things aside as nothing in comparison with the one supreme goal of seeking your God, and separating yourself to Him ... for if you will not do this you will not be able to stand, says the Lord." (End of prophecy)

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