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A Great Lake Spills into Mississippi River – Anno.Domini.144K

JULY 21, 2021 7:54 PM ANNO.DOMINI.144K

July 19, 2018

In a dream vision, the Lord had me watch from a position high in the air what appeared to be one of the Great Lakes breaking its boundaries. “There it goes,” I heard a voice say. The lake drained in a high wall of water southward to eventually join the Mississippi River. The eastern United States was SEPARATED from the central and western United States by a wide body of water.

In another dream vision, the Spirit of the Lord showed me U.S. INTERSTATE HIGHWAY 55, which courses from Illinois and the Great Lakes south to the Gulf of Mexico. This was to be THE PATH OF MUCH DESTRUCTION BY EARTHQUAKE AND WATER.

444News Note:

There are MANY articles on this topic on 444 News in the archives. I could link them here but I’d rather tell you my story of how I learned about this future event.

Years ago I had the opportunity to work in Cleveland, OH and I asked the locals what is your worse case senerio. They told me “earthquake”. Why I asked. Answer: UNDER Lake Erie is one of the world’s largest salt mines. Which now I know is the cause of the how the great lake drain into Mississippi River to the gulf salting the land as it goes and over salting the ocean and killing all life in the ocean. Upon deeper research there is a second Salt mine UNDER Lake Huron

Below is a facebook link to a collection of usa flooded maps

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