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A CALL TO ARMS – Heaven’s Shofar


Tuesday afternoon (10-19-21) around lunch time, I was given an extremely brief message from the Lord. It was only 7 short words, and I didn’t share them at the time b/c I was waiting to receive confirmation. Today, I received confirmation from a fellow watchwoman (Eaglesnest140), who also received an almost identical message followed by an open eyed 3-D vision which I have included below…

The words spoken to me (Heaven’s Shofar) were… “A CALL TO ARMS…STAND BATTLE READY”!!

Eaglesnest140 received her message (below) today 10-21-2021 @ 11:11am

I am an Ambassador for Christ sounding the alarm for the Lord!

CALL TO ARMS!! STAND!! Pray and fight in the Spirit NOW!! Pray against the assault about to happen to God’s elect, children, and His Church. Pray in your heavenly language -EVERY DAY – AGAINST THIS ONSLAUGHT OF EVIL ABOUT TO BE RELEASED!!!


Here is the 3-D vision received:

I saw a muscular strong warrior with black hair, striking, and he looked very serious. He was right before me, and was standing on a wall (large rock wall with bolder size rocks, like the walls in Jerusalem), the wall was partially fallen (breeched), he was at the top of this wall and looked directly at me for a long time. He had a large shield and looked like a gladiator (he wore one of those ancient warrior garments like in Roman days). I saw a battle going on behind him, and looking down, I saw many warriors RUNNING, NOT WALKING, into battle!!! He kept looking at them as well, then he shouted and yelled over at me, “COME ON!”. He said this over and over and over, and then he reached for my hand to join the Battle that was raging. He kept gesturing with his hand, Come On! Come On! Come On! For us to join the Battle! I saw other warriors running into the battle below him. He was a fierce warrior for the Lord! Picture a gladiator with this kind of “Fierceness” NO SMILES and just ready to tear the enemy to shreds, but needs our help in the intense battle that was raging…

Pray, brothers and sisters!!! It’s time to answer the “CALL TO ARMS” AND JOIN THE FIGHT!!! This was the Heavenly Army commanding us to start battling the enemy and join in the warfare NOW! Start praying immediately and releasing help from the heavenly hosts. Pray and fight in the spirit!! Our Commander and Chief is calling us into battle!!

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