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On Thursday, November 9th, 2023, I had a dream. Kathy and Dan were in it, and there were some other people in the dream, and I knew I knew them, I don't remember if I knew their names. But I knew in the dream that I knew them. There was probably eight or nine of us at the most. We were in a rather large house, and i had a knowing that we were setting up a safe haven. I knew that my job was to pick out a new refrigerator, and I was going through some swatches to choose a color. Did we want black? Did we want red? Did we want a Christmas green? But then there was a color like a 2-tone sage green. I thought right away how pretty and different this color was. There happened to be two options for this sage green refrigerator. I carry them over to where Dan and Kathy were. Dan and Kathy were setting up a large platform bed in the middle of the living room. It had a mattress on it, however they were not planning to use it for a bed, they were planning to use it more like a sort of great big square couch in the middle of the livingroom where everyone would be able to sit around it. And what surprised me, is Kathy was taking some fabric with this same sage green color That I picked out For the refrigerator! She cut it into strips, Some of the fabric was still whole and larger, but she was using the strips that she had cut to design this bed to be a sofa.

I don't know what the rest of the people were doing in the dream. But Dan and Kathy’s job were to get this bed couch put together and completed. I was truly amazed that we had both picked exactly the same color! And I observed that Kathy was very serious and “all business” saying…”we gotta get this done.”


(When Jeannie gave us this dream, she explained that Kathy’s demeanor was that of a leader, making sure everything is getting done efficiently and on time.)

KATHY’S NOTE: And I told her that I got in the spirit right away that us picking up the same color, of course, was representative that we are Perfectly in one accord, as we will be, of course, in our glorified bodies. Just like in Joel 2:7-8 “Every one marches in formation, and they do not break ranks. They do not push one another; every one marches in his own column.”

This dream was so exciting to me, and it actually reminded me of a dream that I had in August of 2019!




This dream was so strong and so clear to me, that I never ever forgot it, and I would talk often about it with brothers and sisters in the Lord. But, because some of this dream was more personal, I was never led to share it until now.

The dream started out with Dan and I standing in the middle of an open combination dining room and family room. I had a knowing that it was an L-shaped ranch style house. I also had an immediate knowing that it was a safe haven, and Dan and I were in charge. We were walking through the house together to see how everything was going, make sure things were running smoothly. As we observed, to one side of us was two bedrooms off of the family room and dining room area, and to the right was the kitchen. There was then a hallway that led out into the main living room.

In the two bedrooms off the family room and dining room area, they were being used as teaching and training rooms. They'd been emptied out of any bedroom furniture, and there was just a table in each room with chairs, and papers and things for training. There was probably four or five people in one of the training rooms, and I had a knowing there was about 8 or so people in the second training room.

Suddenly my cell phone rang. I recognized the voice, but I couldn't place it right away. Once he started talking, and asked me what our address was because he had something to deliver, I realized that it was my spiritual son who I hadn't spoken to in a while! I was so excited! I have to say I did think it was a little interesting that he was calling my cell phone, and its safe haven, but of course at this point I knew that we were transfigured and God was working everything out so I didn't really think anything of it.

The last time I had spoken to him, there was some things that had happened that I knew I had to just release him to the Lord for a while and let Jesus work on his heart. So after he called, and I hung up the phone, I had a knowing that the Lord wanted me to take it slow, and he would let me know when the right time to approach him would be. So I saw the trucks pull up, he was actually a foreman for a fleet of five delivery trucks for the Lord's safe havens. I knew those trucks were full of all different types of supplies, and he was sent to deliver some to this safe haven. I knew that the Lord wanted me to wait, so we didn't walk outside to talk to him, they all parked their trucks, my son had a clipboard, and he was discussing the plan with the Other delivery drivers that were with him.

We continued with what we needed to get done in the house, we walked over in the main living room and saw that there was probably five or six people sitting on the furniture, and I had a knowing that there was another bedroom off to the right where there was people as well. Everything seemed to be in order, and because my son had not come in the house yet to visit, Dan and I figured it was getting close to bedtime and we thought we'd get a little sleep. It wasn't a minute or two that my head hit the pillow that the Lord said...”NOW.” (Meaning it was time to go talk to our son) I immediately jumped right out and headed to the front door, Dan was right behind me, and another brother in the Lord, who is a good friend of ours, also a good friend of our son, joined us by the spirit to my right as we were walking out the door. This would be our moment to reconnect and reconcile with our son.

When we walked out, our son was standing there holding his clipboard, and the three of us stood there waiting for him to say something. I was giving him the loving motherly glare wondering why he hasn't said hello yet. And so he said...”I know...I know. I just thought the way I acted when we said goodbye the last time, I didn't think you'd want to talk to me again.” Now of course, at this point we we're in our glorified bodies, so clearly everything was fine, we had actually forgiven him right after it happened. So I just said to him...and this is just my personality lol...”Really?? Seriously??” I said it that way, because he knew me too well, he knew we loved him and that nothing would stop that, and he knew that we had forgiven him.

So he took a few steps as he was thinking about it, turned away from us for a minute and then turned back around, and he suddenly held his arms straight out both sides and said “OK!” And I knew what he meant he wanted me to come and give him a hug and I did! It was such a wonderful Jesus hug in every way!


There's much more detail about the background of the situation with our son, but that's enough for you to understand that the Lord was showing me that not only where we going to be leaders in the harvest and running safe havens, but that he was going to reconcile us to our spiritual son! Thank you Jesus!!!


***We have actually had multiple dreams in the last couple years about different safe havens, and what we'll be doing in the harvest as the Firstfruits, and it's also very exciting! So just know everybody, we are so close we can almost touch it! Stay excited! Stay encouraged! JESUS IS COMIN!!!

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