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2 Dreams & A Vision - Revelatory & End Times Scenes & Symbolism All With Misty Vapor/Clouds


So We decided to share all three with you, and you can take it to The Lord in prayer!



Waking vision: "I see swirling clouds MISTY looking and actively rolling . There is open dark center but dim lights in darkness. clouds are moving and rolling in on each other. I see an "A" form . I see the clouds continue to swirl counter clockwise, but they always go back to the black center. I then see the word "Ox" , then I see the numbers 19 and 18 right after each other, I see more swirling now I am seeing in the center smaller swirling vapor like clouds full of gold light much brighter than the other clouds. I then see the number 21, and the clouds continue to go through the same motions. I then see the word "AX", and last thing I see is the number 50."



"I’m writing down all the Hebrew letters that correspond with the numbers etc....and - amazingly - all of the numbers add up to 108!!! H108 IS Mist, Vapor and only used twice in scripture!!! WOW!!

I then was led to these scriptures:

Job 36:27-33 (with Strongs Numbers)

Job 36:27 For H3588  he maketh small H1639  the drops H5198  of water: H4325  they pour down H2212  rain H4306  according to the vapour H108  thereof:

Job 36:28 Which H834  the clouds H7834  do drop H5140  and distil H7491  upon H5921  man H120  abundantly. H7227 

Job 36:29 Also H637 H518  can any understand H995  the spreadings H4666  of the clouds, H5645  or the noise H8663  of his tabernacle? H5521 

Job 36:30 Behold, H2005  he spreadeth H6566  his light H216  upon H5921  it, and covereth H3680  the bottom H8328  of the sea. H3220 

Job 36:31 For H3588  by them judgeth H1777  he the people; H5971  he giveth H5414  meat H400  in abundance. H4342 

Job 36:32 With H5921  clouds H3709  he covereth H3680  the light; H216  and commandeth H6680  it not to shine by H5921  the cloud that cometh betwixt. H6293 

Job 36:33 The noise H7452  thereof sheweth H5046  concerning H5921  it, the cattle H4735  also H637  concerning H5921  the vapour. H5927


VS 27 vapour H108 is fog or mist.

VS 33 vapour H5927 is Hebrew Word alah and means to ascend

The ancient Hebrew letter for Aleph is an Ox. I think it was an A first then Ox 19, 18, 21, Ax, 50…


Like Dan's word and then dream from 7.9.22!!!! That was 5 days ago! Come on Jesus!


Susan's Dream

Summer 2021

I heard an emergency alarm at the grocery store. Then I saw people being rounded up into a corner. They were sitting in a corner just outside the store in the mall. Then the mist fell on them.


We believe her dream represents 2nd rounders being prepared to be taken to a FEMA camp. She had a very evil feeling about the white MIST that fell over them - they didnt fight, and it was as if they got caught up in the illusion.




Just had this dream. I was at a rock quarry and had found gold. The gold piece I had was about a soccer ball sized piece. I had put it in the car after stopping at a local park to go to the restroom and then started driving home. As I was driving I noticed a plane that was in trouble. It looked like it was trying to restart its engines. Maybe a Cesna sized plane. It started coming towards me as i watched it I thought it was actually going to hit me, but it flew over the car and was starting to dive and i could see from the road i was on next to the park that there was a lake up ahead. The plane slowly crashed nose first into the water from what I could tell, almost like the pilot knew where to put the plane. Rescue crews were already there as if he had been in communication with them and had told them where he was going to put down the plane. Ahead of me people started to stop because the emergency crews were stopping traffic from what I could see. I was stuck on a hill behind a lot of cars when this happened. Waiting......and all of a sudden the car shut off and began to roll forward. The man in front of me was just standing outside of his car when this happened with his door opened in amazement at what was going on. So I didn't want to hit his car or he would have been hurt. All of the cars in front of me and behind me I could tell where shutting down too. No ones car was working.

I remember that I turned into a lawn because I knew someone might hit other cars coming down that hill if their cars weren't working as well....and my car stopped in the lawn at a safe place where if there were a pileup to happen, I would be safe from getting squashed. I put on my emergency break getting out of the car for my safety and was watching them trying to get to this plane in the water. I turned and was looking at the sky because it looked funny, like there was a MIST in the sky (Best I can describe) falling but there were no clouds out. Then after a few minutes it started to clear up. And peoples cars started to run again....and traffic began to move. So I got back into my car and began to move slowly off the grass to get back onto the road. Kathy was not with me so I called her and told her what had happened when cell phones began to work again. Then the dream ended.

We just had an M-Class flare from the sun yesterday into today and there were a lot of earthquakes today. Maybe somethings coming that will be EMP like that will shut down air traffic for a time and transportation? Sure hope I find that gold nugget that was soccer ball sized. I can help a lot of people with that! Going back to bed.

TRICIA: Dan’s 7.9.22 Dream Interpretation:

1. Dan goes to God, the rock quarry, where he finds the greatest treasure which is the peace of the gospel.

Rock Quarry: Isaiah 51:1 “Listen to Me, you who follow after righteousness, You who seek the LORD: Look to the rock from which you were hewn, And to the hole of the pit from which you were dug.

Gold – greatest treasure – that is from heaven (Matthew 6:20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal)

Soccer ball sized piece – soccer ball a “foot” ball;“piece” is a play on words or homophone for “peace. Ephesians 6:15, feet shod with the gospel of preparation of peace.

2. Dan is driving down the road (of life) on his way home (to heaven) in his ministry (car) and along the way he spends much time at rest and in prayer/abides in Jesus (local =Jesus is “near” to Dan) and goes through sanctification (uses restroom).

3. The followers of God that fly high in the spirit are having some engine trouble (need heart healing and deliverance). (Note: A cesna sized plane points to a small group so I think this may be the second group of 144k that still need to go through heart healing and deliverance but are otherwise flying high in spirit)

4. Dan is wide awake to their need for heart healing and deliverance (sees the plane falling towards him). Those who are second 144k definitely hear from God, but because they haven’t gotten the heart healing and deliverance yet, they can still have some mixture of the enemy, which can hit us in spiritual warfare (which is why Dan says he thought the plane was going to hit him), but Dan’s discernment and obedience to God’s warnings have kept him safe (plane flew over car instead).

5. The second group of 144k is steered into the Word of God/Jesus (lake) with the discernment (nose of plane) of Godly leaders (pilot knew to land in water).

6. Rescue crews – Heart healing and deliverance ministries working with Jesus are at the ready to help.

7. Dan is waiting on the Psalm 24 hill with other first group 144k ministries that are ready

Psalm 24:3-4 Who may ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or who may stand in His holy place? 4 He who has clean hands and a pure heart, Who has not lifted up his soul to an idol, Nor sworn deceitfully.)

8. Time is no more for everyone (all cars/traffic are stopped). Dan’s resurrection process has begun (cars “roll” forward like the stone of the tomb is rolled away for Lazarus and Jesus when they are resurrected!. God has temporarily steered his ministry (car) to a safe place on the lawn while he waits to be unleashed fully (I think that’s this team of people 😊 because grass in the bible is people and we keep each other safe from being “squashed” by all of the deception and spiritual warfare at this late hour).

(Note: Dan’s note about EMP attack may be a parallel symbolism too, because an EMP attack on earth that stops vehicles may happen, either by the enemy’s weapons or by God’s solar flares, at the same time we go outside of time and tribulation starts)

9. But then Dan and other first round 144k who are standing on the Psalm 24 hill will go outside of time (get out of their cars) and get their glorified bodies (once car has finished rolling down hill, i.e. the stone is completely rolled away, he will emerge resurrected).

10. The mist is like the vapor described in Acts 2:19-20, representing the visible signs just before the end (this will only last a “few minutes” in God’s time):

Acts 2:19-20 I will show wonders in heaven above And signs in the earth beneath: Blood and fire and vapor of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD.

11. Once Dan is back inside time for the harvest (gets back in car), then his ministry will be up and running again (cars start working), Kathy wasn’t with him in the car because everyone has to go through the sanctification, resurrection, glorification process on their own, but then when he is through that he will connect with Kathy, his partner in life and ministry to get to work in the harvest! Glory to God!

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